Spanked To Orgasm | Alien Alphas

An excerpt from my Alien Alphas exclusive story, Doubly Dominant:

“Stay still.”

She ignored his order outright and a second later she was deprived of both his cock and his tongue. She felt his grip slide down her body, then let out a squeal as she was flipped over onto her back. He handled her with such total ease and she truly was like a toy to him, smaller, weaker, malleable, controllable. Her flesh was his and he clearly intended to drive that point home as he pinned her down, his hand on her belly, her legs spread wide.

“When I give you an order, you will obey it,” he informed her a moment before his open hand came down across her pussy with a hard slap which made her yowl.

“Aw, does your poor little pussy hurt?” He made a sympathetic sound before slapping her again, bringing a swelling and a blush to her lower lips. “Does my naughty girl not like how it feels to have her cunt punished?”

His fingers returned to her pussy, using the juices which had gathered during his more gentle teasing to torment her with the most delicate of touches just barely circling her clit. She bucked her hips up toward him, earning herself another sharp swat across her pussy.

“Stay still,” he reminded her as his fingers returned to their teasing torment, touching her so gently she didn’t know if she wanted this or the pussy spanking. She squirmed again and his fingers returned in another of those harsh slaps which made her sensitive lower lips blush. Her hips bucked once more as her wail rose.

“I told you to stay still,” he growled, his eyes catching hers. “Now stay.”

She couldn’t have moved if she’d wanted to. He had her now, trapped in his gaze and as his fingers roamed her sore little pussy, alternately spanking and teasing her glistening slit, she felt herself consumed with erotic sensations.

There was a cruelty about him, but it was calculated to precision effect. Had he wanted to hurt her, he could have. He was infinitely more powerful than she was. Instead, he was making her feel that power imbalance, showing her just how tender and helpless she was against him.

“You really don’t follow orders well at all,” he murmured. “Disobedient little thing. You are going to take a lot of work.”

She let out an unapologetic moan. His fingers were toying her toward climax, playing perfectly over her outer lips, then her inner folds, pinching her clit then sliding away entirely and returning to circle so very lightly over it. Never staying in one place long enough for her to actually cum, but drawing her closer and closer to the point where she was sure she would die if she didn’t orgasm… and still he didn’t allow it.

“Please…” she found her voice.

“You want something, my little criminal?”

“Let me c… let me cum…” she was trembling, her inner thighs quivering as he teased her to the point of climax, a point she normally would never have been able to hold back from, but something in his gaze was suppressing her orgasm.

“You’ll cum when it pleases me.”

Her moan rose to a whine of complaint. Her desire was being turned against her, her orgasm denied. He pinched her clit and slapped her pussy once more and the next sounds coming from her mouth were not whimpers or pleas, they were outright curses. She swore at him with all the frustration her situation created, her words muddled but her meaning clear.

“You are in no place to make demands,” he reminded her, drawing his hand away from her pussy completely, only to return a moment later with a hard swat which stung her lips and her clit and made her hips buck against his hand as it pulled away, then returned once more with another swift slap.

He was punishing her, but the punishment was not having the intended effect. Far from driving her away from orgasm, the sharp taps and slaps drew her closer, so much so that she spread her legs and welcomed his punishing hand.

“Naughty little toy,” he growled, whipping her pussy with his fingers. “How dare you cum while being punished.”

Trissa let out a cry of triumph as she came, the sensation of spanking pushing her through that final barrier and into orgasmic stratosphere.

It was not over. Kero spanked her through the orgasm, whipping her soft lips hard enough to make her squeal and writhe beneath his hand. She had come against his orders, but she could not escape the consequences. He held her down and made her take every bit of the punishment that was due to her, until finally she wailed for clemency.

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His Pet Tries To Run Away

Maxim awoke in the middle of the night to an insistent vibration and Isri’s dulcet tones growing ever louder as he slept through her initial warnings.

“What is it, Isri?”

“Sir, your pet is attempting to leave via the front door. Should I allow her access?”

“No,” Maxim growled. “Absolutely not.”

Sabine really hadn’t gotten the message, apparently. He found her at the door, desperately trying to turn the handle, even though she must have known it wasn’t actually possible to get out. She had both her hands on the handle and was wrenching it hard enough to break something.

“Stop that!” He walked toward her and slapped her hand. Hard.

She gasped and yanked her hand back away from the door.

“Get back to bed. Now!” He thundered the instruction at her. It was not difficult to inject bass into his voice. This girl was trying his very last nerve.
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He Puts His Pet On Her Knees… #WIP

This is a WIP excerpt from my upcoming dark pet play romance…

“You think I need to be a pet?”

His green gaze captured hers with dominant intensity. “I think you need to be kept.”

She found her breath coming in shallow little gasps. He was literally making it harder to breathe. Suddenly the whole world was him. She was lost in the gaze of this man who was so familiar, and yet a total stranger at the same time.

“I don’t know what that means,” she whimpered.

“I know,” he said. “Let me show you, Ellie.”


“On your knees,” he said, pointing to the floor.

“I don’t… what?” She squinted at him in confusion. “You can’t be serious, Mav.”

His hand slid around her neck, his fingers grasped a thick wad of her hair, and he pulled her from the couch, sinking with her until she was kneeling on the floor and he was crouched in front of her on one knee, his grip formidable as she attempted to squirm free.

“You’re going to need a lot of training,” he rumbled. “But this is your first position, Ellie. This is where you’re going to find yourself a great deal of the time as you start to learn what it means to be my pet.”

“Maven…” she whined his name, and he shook his head firmly.

“Sir,” he said. “You’ll call me sir.”


“Because Maven is what you call me when you’re being a haughty brat, and Mav is what you call me when you’re being flippant. You will call me sir, and I will call you pet.”

She made a grumbling sound which was cut off abruptly when he gave her hair a little tug. “Shh, pet,” he censured.

Thoroughly embarased and utterly uncomfortable being so humbled, she couldn’t help but squirm and complain.

“Let me up, Mav.”

“No, pet,” he said firmly, keeping her in place easily. He had her head and with it, control of her entire body. He wasn’t exerting practically anything in the way of force, but she was utterly stuck, there in front of him, her skirt riding up. It hadn’t been designed for crawling around on the floor. As far as she was concerned, she hadn’t been designed for it either. The longer he kept her in the position the more she whimpered and squirmed to no effect whatsoever.

“Maven, come on, this is silly, let me up…”

He didn’t dignify her rule breaking words with an reply. He quirked one thick brow at her and tightened his fingers just a little, so she felt his strength and her own weakness even more keenly.


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His Pet Princess *NEW Spanking Pet Play Romance*

When twenty-year-old Princess Sabine discovers that her father plans to marry her off to a cruel, heartless general, she flees through the world gate, and what she discovers on the other side is unlike anything she has ever seen. But Sabine is an outsider in this land of towering buildings, advanced technology, and vast multitudes of people, and she soon finds herself in grave danger.

As the guardian of the gate, Maxim’s orders are simple. He must track down the princess and bring her home. But then the ancient portal is suddenly destroyed, leaving Maxim and Sabine trapped on the other side, and he quickly realizes that if he is going to keep the beautiful, headstrong princess safe, he is going to have to take her firmly in hand and teach her to obey.

Sabine is shocked to learn that under the laws of this realm, she will not be a free woman. She will be a pet, the property of her owner, and that owner will be Maxim. Soon enough, she is wearing nothing but a collar and tail as she kneels at her master’s feet with her cheeks blushing and her well-punished bottom sore both inside and out. But when the gate is repaired and opened once more, will Maxim and Sabine end up at the center of a war between two worlds?


He led her into a room marked “PRIVATE” and closed the door behind them. It looked like a bedroom, freshly made up. She did not understand the purpose of it. Were they going to sleep here?

“I thought we were going to new territory?”

“We are,” he said, shrugging off his coat to reveal a torso clad in tight silver fabric. He was dressed very strangely, but not unattractively. She could already see how strong and muscular he was, built for battle as the best Ere warriors were.

“What are you doing?”

He walked over to her and started undressing her, removing all the clothing she had basically just put on in Times Square. She squirmed in his grasp, shocked by how free he was with her body.

“You can’t touch me like this! I’m a princess!”

“You’re nothing at all besides my property,” he replied. “If you’re scanned and found to be a virgin, we’re going to have a lot of explaining to do. Centillion is adult only territory. All citizens are over eighteen and none of them are virgins. Owners are expected to fuck their property. So I’m going to have to fuck you before we go in. Nothing personal, princess.”

Nothing personal! How could sex not be personal?

“Are you… you can’t mean that…” she stammered, blushing as his green eyes met hers with serious intention. “We can’t… do that…”

“We can and we have to,” he said. “There’s no other territory to go to, thanks to your decision to rush through that gate. It didn’t stand up to being used three times in quick succession, which means we’re stuck here. You wanted to come to this world, you’re going to have to play by its rules.”

His strong hands were now removing the last scraps of clothing, leaving her utterly naked.

“But… I’ve never… I’m scared…”

She lowered her head, but he put his fingers underneath her chin and raised her eyes to his. “Don’t be scared, princess,” he said as his other hand caressed up and down the side of her body, finding the curve of her rear and paying special attention to it. “This was always going to happen one day, and it was never going to be with a man of your choosing.”

He was right on that account. Had she not rushed through the portal, it would have been with General Isodor. The very thought of him made her shiver again. At least this man was handsome, and though he had snapped at her and ordered her about, he did not have the stench of cruelty which followed Isodor.

She looked up into his green gaze with a growing curiosity as his hands roamed her body, caressing every bit of her skin. He clearly knew how to touch a woman. There was no hesitation in the way his palms and fingers moved across her flesh, cupping her breasts, stroking her nipples with the pads of his thumbs until she let out a moan and leaned in closer.


Maxim was about to deflower the princess of Ere.

His cock was rampant beneath his clothing, had been from the moment he started to peel the layers of clothing from the royal princess. Her body was quite something to behold, all soft curves which responded immediately to his touch. She was entirely virginal, had been kept that way by design, and her body was unblemished and untouched. It was said that the princess was bathed daily and massaged with special oils to keep her body perfect for her future king. Whatever had been done, whether it was nature’s fresh bloom alone, or the product of careful preparation, she was as stunning a young woman as he had ever laid eyes on.

She was also a disobedient little brat, and he would have been lying to himself if he didn’t admit that the prospect of fucking her nice and hard was appealing. Soon he would sink his cock deep between her once chaste lower lips and find the core of not just her being, but the entire realm.

He began to kiss her, capturing her mouth and letting his tongue lash hers in a new way as he devoured this tender royal morsel, his hand snaking around to cup her rear and slide between her cheeks, where the downy lips of her cunt protected the final seal.

She tasted like innocence. He could feel her uncertainty in the kiss, her tongue a little awkward, not knowing what was expected of her. He began to teach her by slow degrees, his tongue and lips teasing her into kissing him back as her body began to sink against his all the more. She was not resisting him, not even a little bit. He started to stroke her pussy, his long fingers teasing her outer lips, petting her gently as he held her in that kiss.

His mouth left hers and he looked down at her to see her face flushed with desire. Her eyes were glossy with lust and need, her hips grinding in the way nature ordained. There was no need to wait any longer, or sense in doing so. This was treason, but it had to be done. Maxim pulled his clothing off, paying little attention to where it went as long as it was no longer between them.

“Oh by the gods!” Her gasp as his cock came into view was charming.

She stared at his rod, the thick pillar of flesh hard against his belly, the head already slick with precum at the prospect of taking the princess.

“That cannot possibly…” she shook her head, blushing profusely. “Sir Maxim, nothing of that size could ever…”

“You’d be surprised, princess,” he drawled, taking her in his arms and drawing her down onto the bed. She was light and easy to maneuver. She would be a fun little fuck toy, of that he was certain. He swept her around atop his body and positioned her virginal royal slit along the length of his shaft, her legs straddling him as he held her by the hips and drew her back and forth along the length of his cock, using the growing evidence of her wet desire to lubricate his rod…

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