Spanked By A Stern Woman, Starstrike Lesbian Sci-Fi Erotica

With a brisk knock, Helen Twice is back. It’s after curfew, so she knows I’ll be in my room. I’m updating my log when she enters unannounced clutching that damn paddle in her right hand.

“You ready for your punishment?”

“Nope.” I smirk at her. She can take it back up the chain if she likes. I’m not worried.

Sarge steps into the room behind her. Suddenly I am worried. She looks hot as hell, wearing her uniform slacks and a black vest which emphasizes the curve of her bust and the hard line of her abdomen. It also leaves her toned arms free to flex and distract with their deliciousness. Her eyes draw me in, those dark orbs full of mystery. I forget about Twice entirely as I stare at Sarge, just awestruck by the woman. She has a presence I find hard to describe, it’s sort of like having a bunch of fizzing powder dumped down my throat. I’m excited, so much so that I’m breaking out into a light sweat just looking at her.

“We talked about this, Ray.” Twice speaks, killing the moment.

“We did.” I’m in my pajamas. Not ideal clothing for mounting any real kind of resistance. I look from Sarge to Twice and back to Sarge again. “What kind of disciplinary action takes two people?”

“I’m here to supervise,” Sarge says. “Don’t mind me.”

I’m not worried about Twice. She’s a non-issue. But Sarge is another matter. Sarge is going to have my ass if she hears me talk to Twice the way I want to.

“On your stomach, Ray. And take those pants down.” It’s Twice who gives the order. She’s being more aggressive than usual because she doesn’t want to look weak in front of Sarge.

There’s just no way this is happening. I stay exactly where I am, sitting cross-legged on my bed with my log book in front of me.

“Don’t give her time to stall.” Sarge speaks up. She takes two long steps into the room. They bring her beside my bed where she grabs me by the arm and tugs me over so I’m face down. Her speed slows my reaction time by a good couple of seconds in which she’s already smacked my pajama clad ass twice with the flat of her hand. I emit a squeal which has nothing to do with pain and everything to do with shock.

“You knew coming in she wasn’t going to do as she was told, so you have to take charge otherwise you end up getting her into even bigger trouble by letting her dig a hole of insubordination,” Sarge explains to Twice. She smacks my butt again and I squeak again. “See?”

“Yes ma’am,” Officer Twice says. “Of course, we’re not all as physically gifted as you.”

Twice has a point. I’m bigger than her and she has about as much chance of wrangling me as she does riding an asteroid into the nearest sun. I’d never let Helen Twice spank me. She’s pretty, and she’s talented but she’s not half as determined as Sarge.

Held against my bed with Sarge’s hand on my ass, I’m thoroughly distracted. Her fingers are spread across my left cheek, the tips dipping into the crevice between my buttocks. With every little squirm they sink a bit deeper until they’re so close to the unmentionable parts of my unmentionables that I almost stop breathing for being unable to believe that she’s touching me with a level of intimacy that practically makes us lovers apart from the fact that we aren’t.

“Halo’s going to be good for you now,” Sarge tells Twice. “Because if she isn’t, she’s going to have to answer to me. Isn’t that right, Halo?”

The question is growled in my ear in resonant feminine tones. She punctuates it with a squeeze which makes the tip of her ring finger brush ever so lightly over very sensitive flesh untouched by anyone ever, sending tremors coursing through every part of my completely trapped, totally thrilled body.


It’s not easy being a low ranked officer on a space ship with an all-female crew. Halo Ray has it tough keeping the spirited young women under her command in line whilst trying not to come to the attention of her superiors for her own illicit antics. Setting a good example isn’t exactly Halo’s strong suit, and though she makes sure her subordinates are somewhat well behaved, she herself is getting more and more out of control by the day.

With no respect for protocol, orders, or even clearly marked instructions, it seems as though nothing and no-one can stop her. That is, until she comes up against Sarge, a heavenly butch with a firm hand capable of a gentle touch. Unlike other superior officers who pawn her off on one another in an endless round, Sarge brings Halo to world-shattering, knee-trembling, that’s-going-to-leave-a-mark justice again and again.

Temporarily subdued to the useful and the good, Halo tries to settle down. But the secret she’s been carrying since she came aboard has a disruptive power which threatens to tear her relationship apart and destroy any chance at redemption she might have. If she’s going to make it, Halo needs to learn to trust again before her self-destructive tear ends up hurting not just her, but those who depend on her for their survival.

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She Can’t Escape A Well Deserved Spanking…

It’s natural for a naughty brat to want to avoid a spanking, but Alyssa soon discovers she can’t escape her hot-bottomed fate when Chase is in charge….


“You can’t run from consequences, Alyssa,” he said, palming her bottom. “And you can’t hide from them either. If you want to spend the day playing games to try to get out of the trouble you know you’re in, you’re going to find yourself very sore.”

Before she could answer, he laid the first slap across her skirt clad bottom. The firm swat sent a jolt through her body and made her blush. It didn’t hurt, not yet anyway. But it reminded her beyond any reasonable doubt that he was in control of the situation. In control of her, too.

“This,” he said, punctuating each word with a fresh swat, “is what you get for disobeying me this morning.” He spanked her rhythmically, going from cheek to cheek, his palm bounding off her rear with alacrity then returning for another stinging blow.

“I had to go to work!”

“You weren’t going to be late for work,” he said, spanking her harder. “You knew you were in trouble. I haven’t seen a brat look as guilty as you did this morning in a long time.”
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She Gets Her Temperature Taken…

“I’ve been here for almost two hours,” Alyssa said, ignoring his question. “All I need is a stitch or two and for some reason, you people seem to think that everyone else’s world stops the moment they walk through the doors of this place. Well, newsflash, it doesn’t! I have work to do, and unlike you lot, I actually intend on doing it.”

She had not intended to unload on the handsome doctor in quite so spectacular a fashion, but a certain amount of drama came naturally to Alyssa, and her frustration levels had reached an all-time high. It didn’t help that she was hungry and hurt.

Dr. Wright put his hand on her shoulder, and for a moment she thought he was actually going to treat her. Instead, he bought his other hand down in a sweeping swat that culminated in a harsh connection with her rear.

“Ow!” She squealed in outrage, surprise, and discomfort. “What the hell was that?”

She put her hand to her bottom and glared at him, entirely outraged by his nerve. He’d slapped her backside as if she were… well, she didn’t know what she would had to have been to make that okay. His possession in some age long past, perhaps. Certainly not a modern woman who expected to be treated like an equal. Certainly not a patient.

“Spread your legs a little.”

The order was gruff, almost sexual.


“I need to take your temperature.” He put his hand on the back of her shoulders and gently pressed her face and upper body toward the bed. She felt him tug her panties down to her thighs and a second later she was left with her bare bottom exposed to the stern doctor who seemed to have no qualms about treating her like a naughty girl.
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A Difficult Patient: Medical Spanking Erotica

“Call Dr Wright. Code OTK.”

OTK. Alyssa wondered what that meant. Hopefully it meant they were hurrying things up to get her out of there. At least a doctor had finally been called, someone who might have the authority and expertise to get her Frankensteined back together. The cut was probably going to scar, knowing her luck.

Sitting on the bed, she looked morosely at the curtain, willing the doctor to get there already. A second later, her prayer was answered. The curtain twitched open and a tall man in his mid-forties with dark hair graying at the temples and looks more appropriate to your average movie star, or at least day time TV star came striding in.

He was good looking, and not in a ‘oh he’s a doctor’ way which made every man in a white coat more attractive, but on his own, would have looked good in a seedy alley handsome. He had strong features, wide intelligent eyes set above a long, straight nose. His mouth was also wide, but his lips were thinned from being pressed together. His cheekbones were high and his chin was narrow, giving him a somewhat hawkish appearance. Alyssa got the feeling that Dr Wright didn’t miss much, his stare was so penetrating that it threw her off for a minute, made her forget her impatience.

“What’s the problem here?” His tone strongly suggested that he wasn’t going to tolerate the problem, whatever it was.

“The problem is there’s a hole in my leg and they keep messing with other parts of me,” Alyssa said. “I just want the leg fixed. You got a sewing kit or something? I’ll do it myself.”

He gave her a long look. The longest anyone had given her since coming in. Everyone else had been too busy to give her much more than a cursory glance. Now she thought about it, it wasn’t really a look so much, as a withering stare.


“Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph,” Alyssa snapped. “My name is Alyssa. I’m not Ma’am or any other generic term you people use when you’re trying to shove patients through in a production line. My name is Alyssa,” she repeated, speaking slowly as if he were a simpleton. “There’s a hole in my leg, and if you won’t stitch it up, then I’ll leave and find someone else who will.”

“Mhm.” Dr Wright’s look had not lost any of its intensity. He probably wasn’t used to patients laying down the law. Most women probably swooned at his chiseled good looks and the way that dark lock of hair nearly fell into his eye, like a lop sided Superman. “Slide down off the bed for me, please, then turn around and put your hands on the mattress.”

Alyssa gave him a suspicious look before complying, but she did as he’d asked. Once in position, he lifted the hem of her hospital gown slightly, pulled back the tape and gauze covering the cut and nodded. “Three or four stitches, likely. You’ll be given them after the nurse takes your blood pressure, gets a sample of blood and gives you a tetanus shot.”

“Like hell!”


It was the first time he’d used her name. His deep baritone sent shivers through her belly, made her feel as though there were some personal connection between them even though they’d only just met.

“… you need to settle down and do as you’re told.”

The sentence simultaneously excited and annoyed her. Who was he to tell her to do as she was told?

“This is a hospital,” she informed the doctor, “and whether you like it or not, you’re in the service industry. So you might want to dial back the unwanted medical procedures and try following my instructions.”

Doctor Wright looked down at her, unmoved and thoroughly unimpressed. Alyssa did not have time for the battle of wills they were engaging in. The day was slipping through her fingers.

“Is this how you normally speak to people from whom you need help?”

“Oh for god’s sake, you probably deal with junkies and gang members half the time,” Alyssa snapped. “I’m sure you’ve heard worse than a reminder that the patient is in control.”

His lip twitched. “You’re in control, are you?”

“I’ve been here for almost two hours,” Alyssa said, ignoring his question. “All I need is a stitch or two and for some reason, you people seem to think that everyone else’s world stops the moment they walk through the doors of this place, well, newsflash, it doesn’t! I have work to do, and unlike you lot, I actually intend on doing it.”

She did not intend to unload on the handsome doctor in quite so spectacular a fashion, but a certain amount of drama came naturally to Alyssa, and her frustration levels had reached an all time high. It didn’t help that she was hungry and hurt.

Dr Wright put his hand on her shoulder, and for a moment she thought he was actually going to treat her. Instead, he bought his other hand down in a sweeping swat which culminated in a harsh connection with her rear.

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Upon arriving at Memorial General Hospital for treatment following a minor bicycle accident, twenty-six-year-old lawyer Alyssa Winters quickly becomes frustrated at wasting so many billable hours. Ignoring her complaints, Dr. Chase Wright—without a doubt the most handsome doctor Alyssa has ever seen—informs her that he will be personally seeing to her care and he expects her to do as she is told.

Chase asserts his authority immediately and Alyssa is soon blushing red as her temperature is taken the old-fashioned way. More shameful still, when she disobeys his instructions she finds herself over his knee for a sound spanking. Worst of all, after he learns that she’s never visited a gynecologist in her life, his subsequent examination results in the most embarrassing display of arousal she has ever experienced.

Even after leaving the hospital, Alyssa discovers that her ordeal isn’t over. Her firm has assigned her a new client, and that client is none other than Dr. Chase Wright. But how can she work with a gorgeous man who seems to fully understand that underneath her abrasive exterior, she just wants him to take control, spank her bare bottom when she gets out of hand, and then have her any way he wants her?

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Spanked by a cop…

“Off to the cells with you, my girl,” he said, giving her a little nudge forward.

“Good,” she replied. “I needed a break from this place anyway.”

“Oh really?” His reply was as calm and falsely cheerful as her statement. “Well, we have a range of fine penal institutions spread across the country. I can arrange a stay for you in any one of them.”

“Penal institutions are probably the closest you get to anything penile,” Lily muttered under her breath.

“I heard that,” he said, sounding almost amused. “That sort of talk will get your butt tanned before we get to the station.”

“Because putting innocent people in cuffs isn’t enough humiliation for you,” she argued over her shoulder.

“You’re not innocent,” he reminded her, giving her a swat. “Get moving.”

The sting in her butt sparked her temper and made her do the worst thing anyone in handcuffs can ever do—she kicked the officer holding her. Immediately braced for retaliation, Lily waited for the beating to start. It didn’t. Instead she was swept off her feet entirely and only came down once the cop sat down on her sofa and put her over his thigh. Without any further discussion, he started spanking her bottom hard and fast. It sounded like a thunderstorm in her apartment, slaps falling like torrential rain. The cuffs kept her from protecting her bottom, so she was completely helpless as his palm punished her.

“You’ve been getting away with being on the wrong side of the law for a long time, but that run is over, young lady,” he lectured. “I’m taking you in, and no tantrum is going to stop me.”

Lily’s reply was caustic and filled with curse words which didn’t rise to the level of sense. She was outraged in the extreme. How dare he! “You’re not allowed to hit people!” She screeched the objection at the top of her lungs. “You’re breaking the law too!”

“There’s no law against giving a girl a spanking when she needs one.”

“Yes, there fucking is!”

“Not in my book,” he replied, whacking her bottom with resounding slaps. “And that’s the only one that matters right now, wouldn’t you say?”

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