Hot Military Erotica: The Ranger and the Runaway

When eighteen-year-old Sandy returns to her hometown for the first time since running away from her horrible foster family, she doesn’t expect to find herself cornered and accosted by lowlifes outside a seedy bar. A burly, handsome Army Ranger coming to her aid is an even bigger shock, especially when he calmly informs her that she ought to be spanked for being in that part of town, then slips away into the night. Determined to see her rescuer again, Sandy gathers her courage and sneaks onto a nearby military base hoping to find him.

Protecting a woman in need is one thing, but Travis certainly can’t put up with a silly civilian girl trespassing on an army base just to see him. He starts to send her home with a stern lecture, but when she slaps him across the face and then makes a run for it, he decides it is time to teach this feisty girl a lesson she’ll never forget.

Within moments after he catches up with her, Sandy’s bottom is bare and she is getting the spanking of her life, a punishment which leaves her cheeks blushing, her bottom burning, and her body quivering with desire. Travis doesn’t hesitate to give her exactly what she needs, and she soon learns what it means to be taken hard, long, and very thoroughly by a dominant man.

Despite his better judgment, Travis cannot help falling for Sandy just as she has fallen for him, and before long their lust for each other is coupled with a passionate love. But when Sandy is kidnapped by a man set on using her to get to him, will Travis defy his commanding officer and take it upon himself to track her down and bring his girl home safe?

Author’s note: This book is published under my Ginger Darcy pen name, which means that the heat level in this book is a solid 11 out of 10. It contains frequent high intensity BDSM scenes, sexual discipline, spankings, and anal play.

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Coming Soon… The Handler *Cover Reveal*

The only thing more formidable than an advanced super soldier is the man who tames her. Jax is a handler, a man tasked with the most dangerous job in the world – keeping genetically engineered ultra soldiers under control. He does his job very, very well through a combination of natural strength, some synthetic implants, and an iron hard approach to discipline.

Sonya is an ultra soldier, a talented young woman with a bratty streak a mile wide. Unfortunately for Sonya, her old handler just died and she doesn’t like the new one very much at all. Jax is a strong believer in long hard spankings as a consequence for bad behavior, and Sonya is a believer in getting away with damn near everything.

The grieving young woman and her new master clash in a series of erotically charged confrontations during which Jax makes it abundantly clear that she is his in every way possible. He takes her pride, her arrogance and even her virginity.

But an ultra soldier is made for war, and when Sonya is called to the front, she goes gladly, having no idea that she is being sent on a suicide mission.

Jax knows better, but is powerless to save her from her fate – or is he?

For Jax to save Sonya, he will have to go to the ends of the earth and the gates of hell. And for Sonya to survive, she’s going to have to learn that there’s more to life than rebellion and war.

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Seeking Mary Holmes (Victorian Spanking Romance)

This is the second of four excerpts I plan to post of my current WIP, The Good Doctor. The complete book is currently running as a series on Bethany’s Woodshed. The first of these excerpts is available here.

The journey from Thistleborne to Baker Street was fairly extensive, but he made it with the knowledge that he would be suitably compensated. Tending to the cosseted daughters of the wealthy was rewarding in more ways than one, a fortunate thing for him as he was without any other source of income.

Upon arrival at the Holmes residence he rapped upon the door, waited a moment or two, then knocked again. There was no response. He checked his pocket watch and knocked yet again. This time there was a shuffling and then a slow creaking as the door was drawn open slowly to reveal the somewhat shrunken apparition of what he assumed was a butler.

“My name is Doctor Watson,” John said. “And I am here to see Mary Holmes.”

“I am Hudson,” the old man replied. “And Mary Holmes isn’t here.” He made to shut the door again, but John put his shined boot in the door jamb, preventing its closure.

“I am the doctor,” John repeated. “I was called to see Mary Holmes.”

Hudson shook himself like an old dog and tried to explain more thoroughly. “Mary Holmes is gone, sir. Ain’t here sir. She’s somewhere else, sir.”
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An Elementary Spanking, Dear Watson…

This is the first of four excerpts I plan to post of my current WIP, The Good Doctor .  The complete book is currently running as a series on Bethany’s Woodshed

“Stop! Doctor Watson! My bottom! No!”

With a flailing, nearly nude young aristocrat in his grasp, Doctor John Watson was not inclined to acquiesce to the request for several reasons. First among them was the simple fact that he was not done spanking the young lady. Her bottom was pink, but it would become much, much redder before her lesson was learned.

In spite of his patient’s vigorous struggles, she was not likely to escape before he was done with her. He was tall, with a flashing dark eye and well formed features which spoke to good breeding. His teeth were white and his back was strong and his physique was one equally suited to dancing, combat, swimming or thoroughly thrashing a deserving minx such as the one now putting her hand back to cover her cheeks. It was a futile effort, owing to the delicacy of her hand and the relative girth of her rear. He swatted her hand away, and gave her a very firm slap to discourage any further attempts at avoiding punishment.
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A Mature Woman Is Spanked…

“Naughty girl.”

Playfully chastising words were growled huskily into the delicate ear of a curvaceous woman on the receiving end of a vigorous erotic strumming, strands of dark hair falling into her panting mouth as she thrust her hips up against the body of her lover, an older woman with intense eyes and agile fingers.

Monica’s rear was painted red with the aftermath of a previous interlude, her cheeks blushing hot as Erin’s fingers plunged inside her time and time again, urging her toward a panting, screaming, hair flailing climax which shook her to her core. Milky breasts heaved as Monica gasped for air, flat on her back, pink nipples rampant as the last quivering tremors passed through her generous abdomen and thighs.

“I need to misbehave more often,” she said, her lips parting in a broad smile.

Erin slid over Monica’s prone body, her taut frame all lithe lines and ripples. “You misbehave quite enough,” she said, lifting her finger to tap Monica’s nose. “I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

Monica smiled, cat like, her lashes closing slowly over a devilish expression. “Never.”

Erin reached down where Monica’s bent knee left her butt exposed and slapped Monica’s generous rear with a firm hand. “Never?”
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Defying the Doctor… Katie Is Spanked

Jason knew he was wasting his breath. She wasn’t ready to hear the truth, not yet. She needed a damn good spanking and then a hard session to teach her a lesson. They might not be lovers anymore, hell, she might hate him, but he was her master and she was going to learn that one way or another.

“Finish stripping,” he ordered as he let her go. “Skirt and panties off. Now.”


“I’m getting really tired of hearing that word,” he growled. It was not difficult for him to seem menacing as he loomed over her, his eyes lit with a rage that she could not know did not come from her behavior, but his anger at himself for letting things get so far and go so badly.

“Last warning, Katie.”

She looked him dead in the eye and mimicked his words back at him. “Last warning, Katie,” she sneered mockingly.

For a second, Jason couldn’t quite believe her nerve. He almost laughed from the shock of it, but managed to keep his composure. She was going to pay for that attitude.

He sat down and hauled her half-naked body over his lap. She didn’t resist at first, was too busy being defiant and trying to stare him down over her shoulder. The skirt he flipped up, the panties he hauled down, baring her smart ass to his gaze.

Jason started spanking her bottom without another word. Clearly warnings didn’t work for her, and lecturing was probably going to be wasted on her as well. A sore, hot bottom was going to be much harder to ignore. He swatted her round cheeks hard and fast, making them go from pale pink to bright red inside two minutes.

Katie was trying to pretend that she wasn’t affected by the spanking. As far as pain went, she probably wasn’t. Katie’s pain threshold had always been high, but Jason knew a spanking was far more than the infliction of pain. She might have been able to ignore some of the sting, but she couldn’t ignore the fact that she was across his lap being punished like a naughty little girl. This wasn’t how respected agents were treated. This was how impudent little brats were treated, and seeing that’s how she had behaved, the punishment certainly fit.

Dozens upon dozens of slaps landed on her cheeks before she started to let out little gasps of discomfort. The heat was building and her skin was going to stay tender for quite some time, but that alone wasn’t enough. Jason wanted to reinforce her juvenile helplessness. He did so by making sure that his palm never strayed near her pussy. Each slap landed in the middle of her cheeks where it would not directly stimulate her and allow her to become distracted.

“Bad little girl,” he chastised her. “Mouthing off like that, how does your bottom feel now, Katie? Do you feel like being a brat now?”

He followed the question with a barrage of swats to the very center of her cheeks. “I’m waiting for an answer,” he informed her. “The spanking doesn’t stop until you say you’re sorry, young lady.”

“I’m not sorry!” Katie spat the words, still so defiant. Jason let out a sigh and turned his attentions from her bottom to her upper thighs, swatting the back of her legs. That made Katie squeal and buck immediately, cursing like a sailor.

“The spanking ends when you behave yourself and apologize,” he informed her, going between her bottom and her thighs, painting her skin bright red with each hard swat. This was an important battle of wills, one he absolutely intended to win.

Katie must have sensed that. Her squirming was becoming more urgent, and the bright red hue of her bottom and thighs spoke to an intense burn that he knew would not be comfortable.

“Tell me you’re sorry, Katie,” he said in encouraging tones even as his palm landed harder and faster, taking the spanking to a crescendo that made her bottom jiggle and her toes kick against the floor. Keep reading…