Vampire’s Little Pet | Paranormal Erotic Spanking

“You’re mine.”

Words borne on cold breath sent a chill down my spine. Black leather wrapped around my wrists, thick bands of restraint which left me in no doubt as to who owned me.

I was doubly reflected in a gilt-edged mirror which faced another, creating an infinite series of he and I. My green eyes were wide with lust and perhaps a little bit of fear, partially obscured by long curling blonde locks. My pale body looked fragile under the strong hand of the vampire who held me in his sway. I was small compared to his muscled bulk, my mature curves accentuated by the hard lines of his frame.

“You’re mine and you’re going to feel it in every part of you,” he growled, slapping my bare bottom. His hand left a blooming red print in the shape of his fingers and palm, marking me. I cried out and his eyes flashed with victory.


Annie is a pretty girl, a brave girl and a very, very naughty girl. Her poor life choices have managed to land her behind bars with the rest of Small City’s female miscreants – but she has not been forsaken. Kaine Scoresby, fledgling vampire and heir to an ancient vampire lord intends on taking her and making her his own.

Annie and Kaine are betrothed, or at least, they were once. But vampires cannot legally marry humans, and even if they could, vampires don’t see humans as equals. A human can be only one thing to a vampire: a pet. Kaine has no difficulty with that idea. Annie was always destined to be his, how she becomes his is a matter of semantics and spankings.

There’s only one problem. Annie. She’s never been obedient, let alone submissive, and behaving herself has never been her forte. But obedience has become more than a matter of pleasing Kaine, it has become necessary for her very survival. The worst place in the world for a bratty slayer with a penchant for staking vampires is the private home of a vampire clan where danger lurks around every corner, and perilous secrets abound – but that’s where she has to live.

If she’s to stay safe, Miss Annie Ring is going to to have to learn her lesson and learn it well, whether it be over Kaine’s knee, under the vampire’s lash, or ultimately at the hands of the powerful lord who rules them all.

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