Two Dragons Take Her… *HOT* Excerpt

Brianna let out a gasping moan only to have it stifled by Valkimer’s hard rod as behind her, Chak started to take her pussy with long strokes. His cock was so hard, so thick that she was sure she was as stretched as it was possible to be, but every fresh stroke took him deeper and seemed to split her wider.

She should not be doing this. She should not be eagerly offering herself to two kidnappers, dragon men who were ravishing her so thoroughly common sense and her previous notions of what was possible flew away.

She could hear the voices of faceless judgmental people in her mind. Slut. Giving herself to two men at one time, two men who had undergone none of the usual rituals of courtship, who hadn’t even bought her a bouquet of gas station flowers.

Her lips were tight at both ends of her body, gripping their cocks with an eagerness that defied judgment. This felt so good, better than anything had ever felt before. This was true passion unleashed upon her by those who did not care for human customs, rules or laws. It turned out that she did not care for those things either, not as she was thoroughly fucked and claimed.

Before this moment, when she had been laying on the bed, waiting their return, she had not thought of escape. She had not thought of anything besides them, their bodies, what they might do to her – what was now unfolding inside her body. Her inner walls clenched Chak’s cock, drawing him ever deeper, her hips still performing that desperate grind as he fucked her.

Valkimer’s fingers curled in her hair and gave her head a light tug, lifting her eyes to his. She felt him pull out, then slowly push his cock deep into her mouth, his pale slitted eyes locked on hers as he made certain that she understood her place. She was theirs to be taken, to be fucked, to be used. This was how it was going to be.

Drawn back and forth between them, Brianna was a pleasure toy, a hot wet vessel for their desire. They growled and snarled with passion, their movements becoming even more demanding as they drew closer to the climax they were using her for. Chak’s hands tightened on her hips, pinning her in place as he pounded into her with relentless strokes, the wet sounds of her pussy being plundered almost as loud as her still muffled moans as Valkimer did much the same, holding her head in place and fucking her mouth just as if it were her cunt.

She should have felt degraded, but this was nothing like degradation. Degradation was having slurs and drinks thrown at her in the street. This was something else. This was desire. She could see and feel how much they wanted her, how hard it was for them not to simply unleash the full force of their lust on her. She could feel the control they were exerting over themselves even now as they reached their climax, taking her with them to a place of ecstasy beyond any she had ever known.

Valkimer came first, his seed splashing in thick streams over her tongue and down her throat. She felt his essence warming her all the way down to her belly as he fell back with a groan into a chair at the side of the bed, his thick rod still pulsing with little remnants of seed. Brianna found herself staring at him, licking her lips, her clit tingling as she moaned and cried out with the force of Chak’s ravaging strokes.

He pushed her down so she was laying on the bed, her hands out in front of her as he ploughed her from behind, his cock demanding every inch of her pussy be given to him, every quivering part of her sex sacrificed for his desire. Her clit ground against the sheets, her hands outstretched as she wailed with impending orgasm.

Suddenly, Valkimer reached out and took her by the hands, leaning forward to kiss her deeply, his dragon tongue claiming her cum filled mouth as she screamed with the force of the orgasm Chak unleashed throughout her body as he sank himself deep as possible and came, his cock swelling, his seed splashing against the tender, well fucked walls of her pussy.

“Oh god! Oh god! I can’t… oh… godddd!” She wailed against Valkimer’s lips as her orgasm crashed through her, making her feel as though a thousand fireworks had just been detonated inside her body and brain.

“Are you alright, pet?” Valkimer asked the question with a surprisingly tender growl as behind her, Chak slowly eased the thick rod of his cock from her now dripping sex.

“I… I think so,” she moaned softly, her hands still held by his until he released one to brush hair out of her eyes which had fallen there in the throes of climax.

She felt Chak’s strong hands slide along her back and lift her up and together they pulled her into the middle of the bed and lay down beside her, cradling her sex scented body between their powerful forms until she fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. They did not say anything. They did not need to. She understood.

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