Trinity in Trouble with Devlin O’Neill

I’ve been so lucky lately to have had people saying lovely things about my works.  It’s been very encouraging and inspiring and I can’t begin to say how appreciative I am of it all. The latest nice things come from Devlin O’Neill, who reviewed my F/F spanking romance, Trinity in Trouble.

Here’s a little snippet from his review, which is very insightful I feel:

 “Trinity” certainly has brats, several of them, but one in particular is an über brat if ever such existed. The title character is an out of control serial trouble maker who would make any Top’s hands itch to grab hold of her and sort her out, briskly, firmly, on her bare bottom, and for a very long time  which of course is what happens, although she never quite makes it all the way to contrition. Renard’s heroines seldom if ever get to that point, or at most briefly.

I very much like the point he makes about my heroines never really being truly contrite. It’s a valid point and I don’t personally consider it a weakness. Contrition isn’t what I’m going for with my brats, instead their spanking relationships tend to stabilize their chaotic tendencies and focus their energies on the useful and the good. They remain complete and unrepentant brats however, which is how I think it should be. (And often is, in real life.) Show me a brat who ever got spanked into being truly contrite for an extended period of time, and I’ll show you this flying piggywig I just added to my menagerie.

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EXACTLY, and that’s why I enjoy your stories so much! Brat power! Also, tops are not always right, so your heroines get to call them out and I love that too.
Also, may I share a song that I’m listening and feel like sharing?
And hello to all my family and friends!!*

*Like when people call to tv programs (or radio), sometimes they insist on saying hi to family and friends. And they go: ah, and hello to my Aunt María too, and to my Cousin Sofía and to my neighbours Rafael y Tomás, thank you for watering my plants… And when I say people I say me. No, not on tv, here. Okay, that’s all for today.


And I sort of think Trinity is very repentant. All things considered. I didn’t like the director very much, at least at first. The butch lady was another story but still… Jaily-spanky is different than just spanky-spanky.