The Warlord’s Pet, Hot *NEW* Sci-Fi Pet Play Spanking Romance

He was saying filthy, carnal things and as much as Celeste wanted to rage at every word that came out of his mouth, her traitorous pussy was lubricating in response to his threats and the hot tingling of her ass.

She had come to his territory as one of the highest status women in the system, and now she was being treated just like the other women who had become spoils of war and paraded around Vector Prime in their collars and their nudity. Pet. Even thinking the word made a tremor run through her stomach.

Fear and arousal seemed to be entwined as she bucked and squirmed over his muscular thighs, his palm punishing her with hard, repetitive slaps that showed no signs of slowing or softening.

She hated Alistair with every fiber of her being, and that hatred filled and excited her. She was surprised to find that there was a freedom in that hatred, a freedom to be whatever she wished to be. For years she had been forced to be appropriate and polite and appear in ways which advantaged her father and furthered his goals. No matter how uncomfortable or angry she’d been, she’d put on a smiling face and made polite conversation.

The time for polite conversation was long over. It did not matter what Alistair thought of her. He was the enemy. The enemy whose hard, unyielding palm was still slapping her bottom so fast she barely registered each slap as a separate thing.

She was free to curse his name, free to swear that she would do everything she could to bring death to him. She did both amply, saying words which had never been permitted to pass over her tongue before.

“I hope you die being eaten ass first by a bear!”

The barrage of slaps stopped for a moment, just long enough for Alistair to emit a hearty laugh, before they began again.

“Vicious little thing,” he said. “I would never have thought the governor’s pretty daughter was capable of such malevolence.”

His palm caught the underside of her cheeks, jolting her forward on his lap. The movement made her bare mound grind repeatedly against the hard surface of his armored trousers and made her clit pulse erotically. Somehow, in spite of the fact she had every reason to be terrified, or angry, Celeste was starting to enjoy her painful predicament.

She knew it could have been a lot worse. She had tried to end his life. He would have been legally justified in ending hers, but that did not seem to be Alistair’s style. He did not have a reputation for cruelty or unnecessary taking of life – she was fortunate there. Many of the other generals would have been much more brutal than this one. Alistair was more dangerous though, his handling of her would be calculated to extract the ultimate embarrassment, she was sure of that.

He continued to spank her, his palm branding her bottom over and over again, making her hips buck and her clit grind against the fiber of his armored pants. He stoked sensation inside her until she could stand it no more and the quivering of her arousal began to course through her body and become a quake which shook the muscles in her thighs and her stomach.

She was going to orgasm. There was no stopping it, even as his palm thundered harder against her bottom and made her skin so hot and sore she could hardly stand it. The pain intensified her pleasure, until finally her hips bucked forward and she ground herself against his thigh with desperate humping motions.

“Good pet,” he purred, keeping his palm in motion throughout the orgasm, aiming slaps and swats lower and lower until his fingertips made contact with her wet, swollen lower lips. She had thought she was at the peak of pleasure – but the moment he touched her there she felt a fresh bolt of pure ecstasy flash through her. The thick, hot tips of two of his fingers found the shamefully wet opening of her body and pressed forward, sliding inside her with a dominant, possessive touch.

Eighteen-year-old Celeste Casperia is accustomed to the privileged status which accompanies her position as the daughter of the governor of several star systems, but after her father provokes a conflict during a meeting with a powerful rogue general and then flees for his life, she suddenly finds herself held captive by a man with no concern whatsoever for her dignity.

When the daughter of his arrogant but cowardly rival ends up as his prisoner, General Alistair Clark sets out to teach the proud, defiant girl a lesson in humility. He informs Celeste that from now on she will be his pet, and as such she will learn to kneel at his feet, eat from his hand, wear his leash and collar, and obey his every command if she wishes to avoid his firm chastisement.

Celeste is left blushing crimson as she is stripped bare and put on display, and her attempts to resist her shameful ordeal merely earn her a deeply humiliating bare-bottom spanking. Yet in spite of her circumstances, she cannot deny her body’s response to the general’s dominance, and soon enough she is begging for him to take her hard and thoroughly. But when her father seeks vengeance against Alistair and his entire world, will she come to the aid of her new master?

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