The Hard Handed Sheriff, Now On Blushing Books!

Redwood is a dangerous place for a sheriff, the sleepy little town has managed to lose every law man that’s dared set foot on its soil in the past ten years.

Shep Benedict is Redwood’s newest sheriff and he’s keen to solve the mystery of the missing law men so that he doesn’t become one of them. All signs point to resident town terror Delilah Blackheart being behind the disappearances and suspected murders, but Shep’s not keen to send the pretty orphan to the gallows without making darn sure she’s the guilty party first.

He soon finds that he has a soft spot for the gun toting, hard drinking little lady, but before they can live happily ever after a spree of dangerous arson attempts bring both Delilah and Shep to the very limits of their mortality in this wild western tale of suspense and spankings.

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