The Doctor’s Command *NEW* Spanking Doctor Romance

Twenty-one-year-old actress Chloe Smyth was well on her way to being America’s next sweetheart, but then a very public, very drunk rant about some of the most important people in Hollywood left her reputation in shambles and her star power all but gone.

Desperate to get her career back on track, Chloe accepts a role in a ground-breaking film chronicling the heroics of Paul Reynolds, a stern, handsome military doctor who kept a young nurse safe while caught behind enemy lines, but it isn’t long before she regrets her failure to read the script–or even the contract itself–before she signs on to the project.

To her shock, Chloe quickly discovers that she will be required to live as her character did for several weeks of realistic training, including sleeping in a tent at night and hiking long distances each day. Most out of the ordinary of all, though, is her co-star. Rather than a pampered actor playing the male lead, it will be Paul himself, the very man who inspired the film, and he will demand the same absolute obedience from her that he did from the real-life woman he rescued.

Chloe soon learns that Paul is not a man to be trifled with, and when she whines about the harsh training and fails to do as she is told he does not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her thoroughly. More embarrassing still, he tells her in no uncertain terms that she is in desperate need of a dominant man to take control of her life. As the days pass, Paul proves more than ready to be that man, and his firm-handed discipline and masterful lovemaking leave her feeling safe and satisfied in a way she never has before, but will he still be there for her after the credits roll?

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