The Biting Brat

“Oh that’s what you want to do?” Lara purred the question. “You want to bite?”

Jerry nodded, pearly white teeth held fast to Lara’s hand. Her eyes were dancing with mischief, caramel brown pupils ringed with golden halos. She was no angel. Never had been. Certainly wasn’t now with her pussy grinding against her girlfriend’s leg, seeping wetness against dark leather.

A hissing breath was sucked between Lara’s teeth. “Let go, puppy,” she crooned, leaning closer so her lips were next to Jerry’s ear. “Or you won’t like the consequences.”

Jerry said something, but it was muffled against Lara’s flesh. Probably for the best, knowing Jerry.

The long fingers of Lara’s free hand slid softly over Jerry’s cheek. Her jaw was clenched with the bite, making her cheek puff out slightly. Soft, round, like another part of her anatomy Lara loved.

“Last warning.”

Jerry held on tighter, corner of her lip lifting in a little snarl. She was in one of those moods where she just had to push the boundaries, see if they were still in place.

Lara’s fingers traced the lines of Jerry’s cheek, moved away for a moment, then returned in a soft slap just barely harder than a tap. The touch elicited a reduction in the pressure of Jerry’s teeth, but she did not quite release Lara’s hand. A sound escaped her lips, somewhere between a growl and a playful giggle.

“Naughty,” Lara murmured, bringing her fingers back across Jerry’s cheek. This time the slap was a little harder, packing a little more sting. A fresh light pink bloomed across the skin. A thrill ran through the shorter woman, from the hot patch on her cheek to the place where her thighs split around the fulcrum of her lover’s thigh. She rode her hips forward, grinding her clit against Lara’s leg and she let go, leaving a red ring of teeth marks across the lower part of Lara’s palm.

Lara inspected the damage with a raised brow. “Oh you are such a naughty girl.”

Catching her own lower lip between wayward teeth, Jerry grinned.

“What have I told you about biting?” A slightly stern note came into Lara’s voice.

“Not to do it?” The response was husky and quiet. That was Jerry all over. Quiet, unassuming, slinking by under the radar and misbehaving every chance she got.

“That’s right,” Lara tenderly stroked the pink spot on Jerry’s cheek. “But you did it anyway, didn’t you?”

“Mhm.” Dark lashes closed over golden eyes as Jerry smirked.

“Brat.” Lara claimed the mouth that had been feasting on her hand. There was a faint taste of her buttermilk hand lotion in the kiss, but it faded as their tongues met.

Jerry Schwartz is an undercover, plain clothes, and just plain trouble police officer. Part of the vice squad, she’s always been happy slumming it in the underworld – until a routine traffic stop puts her at odds with a beautiful woman who turns out to be her new boss.

Lara Ashcroft is a British expat with a talent for firm, but fair leadership. Brought in to whip the Belfort vice unit into shape, she expects resistance from much of the squad – but she doesn’t expect to fall in love with its most difficult member on her very first day.

Accustomed to running rings around an indifferent chain of command, Jerry has some adjusting to do when it comes to Lara’s strict new regime. And Lara? Well Lara might just have met her match.

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