Thank You, Reviewers!

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed any of my books, but especially those who have reviewed The Dragon’s Pet and given such positive feedback on the general lengthiness and depthitude of the story. The Dragon’s Pet is about 50% longer than most of my titles, which is something that, on reflection, people have been asking for for quite some time. However, I (and my readers) were trapped in a bit of a this situation:

I really appreciate the feedback that comes through reviews, even though sometimes it takes a bit to get the concept of ‘a bigger spoon’ through my head. So many of my readers have brilliantly played spoon buyer to my spoon seller, with encouragement, expressions of appreciation and hints for what might constitute even better books. I am always trying to improve with every title, and that often means trying out something new in terms of content, or length, or style, or you know, something else related to the practice of stringing words into a narrative, and it feels really good when people let me know that it has worked for them.

So this is a huge thank you, both to the reviewers, and to everyone who buys my books. It’s a pleasure creating them for you and I’m excited about what’s to come (and yes, though it won’t be the next book out, there is going to be another dragon one set in the same world as The Dragon’s Pet, so stay tuned!)