Spanked By The Boss

“Come here.”

The words were almost whispered, but they were effective. Jerry’s feet were instantly in motion toward Lara’s desk. She was standing next to Lara’s thick leather chair before she realized what had happened.

“No,” she said. “I’m not falling for this… no…mmmphhh…”

Lara had reached up, taken her by the collar of her shirt and drawn her down into a lip lock that chased all sensible thought from her head.

“You shouldn’t stamp and pout,” Lara said, releasing her from the kiss. “Unless you want a spanking. Is that what you need, Jerry? A sore bottom to remind you who is in charge here?” She kept a grip on the collar, making Jerry bend at the waist in a position that exposed her buttocks in a very suggestive way.

“I don’t…OW!”

Jerry didn’t get the chance to tell Lara she didn’t want a spanking, for she had already been drawn forward over Lara’s thighs and her superior’s hand was clapping against her cheeks in a quick, swift motion that stung even through her cargo pants.

“You come in here and tell me what decisions I should make? Oh no, baby, that’s not going to happen,” Lara said, increasing the intensity of the swats until Jerry had to bite her lower lip to stop from crying out.

From Cuffs