A Skittish Spankee

An excerpt from, yes, Corporate Discipline.

Matters came to a head when Ryan visited the bathroom and discovered two other employees, Melissa and Cecilia, already present. That in itself was not particularly odd or disturbing. But the fact that Melissa had her skirt raised to her waist and Cecilia was gawking at her bare bottom was quite disconcerting. Ryan gasped when she saw the state of the displayed bottom. There were bright red stripes laid across the middle of the young woman’s cheeks, and the entirety of her backside was cherry toned.

“What happened to you?”

“Benedict happened,” Melissa said ruefully. “I was late with the quarterlies.”

“How… what did he do?”

“Those are cane lines,” Cecilia informed her with the tone of one who has known such treatment before.

“He caned you? Where are we? Singapore?” Ryan did not attempt to hide her outrage. “That man has to be stopped.”

“It was only three strokes,” Cecilia pointed out. “Hardly anything really.”

“Her ass looks like a tram line,” Ryan disagreed.

Melissa shrugged her skirt back down over her hips. She had clearly forgone the luxury of panties. “He was lovely about it,” she said in distant, dreamy tones. “He’s so nice.”

“Nice?!” Ryan didn’t know what Mr Benedict had done to Melissa. More than caned her, he must have brainwashed her completely. She was blushing and giggling like a school girl, and Cecilia was joining in.

Scowling, Ryan left the bathroom. When she returned to her desk, there was an email requesting her presence in Mr Benedict’s office early that afternoon. She was glad to receive the missive. She was relishing the prospect of telling him exactly what she thought of his barbaric methods. A sense of outrage often overrides common sense, and Ryan was wearing hers like a suit of armor.

When the time came for her to see Mr Benedict she strode into his presence, her head held high, her eyes blazing with conviction. “I saw what you did to Melissa,” she said. “And you had better get yourself a lawyer if you even think of doing something like it to me.”

“Well hello to you too, Miss Rees,” Mr Benedict said mildly. “Do close the door behind you, would you?”

Ryan pushed the door closed and turned back to face her smack-happy foe. “What do you have to say for yourself? How can you possibly defend what you did to her?”

Mr Benedict’s brow rose. “Miss Babbage was caned for repeated tardiness in the submission of her reports. Another company might have written her up and fired her. Do you think that would be better?”

“I think you should stop hitting people.”

“Oh hush, Miss Rees,” Mr Benedict replied. “You are not at all concerned about Ms Babbage’s bottom, or anyone else’s besides your own. When the time comes, you will submit to your spanking, so I suggest you stop protesting.”

“I will certainly not.”

“I know you will.”

“You cannot know that.”

“I know that you have not given notice, as you threatened to do. If you truly wanted to avoid a spanking, you would never have taken this job. I know that you have enjoyed defying me these past three years and I know that in all that time you have secretly yearned to be caught.” He paused and gave her what seemed to be a sympathetic look. “If you weren’t so skittish, the matter could have been attended to long before this point.”

Skittish. Ryan did not like the description. Horses were skittish. She was not. She folded her arms across her chest and gave Mr Benedict her fiercest look. “I resent that remark.”

Mr Benedict stood up. She took three steps back towards the door. “That is what I mean,” he said gently. “You all but run from me, Miss Rees.”

“I’m not running,” she said, retreating step for step as he advanced.

“Then stand still,” he said, his voice calm and soft.

She stopped moving as he came toward her, holding her ground until he was almost within arm’s length. Then she felt a tremor start as sensations somewhere between fear and excitement zipped through her body. She’d never been so close to him before, so close she could faintly smell his cologne.

“Well aren’t you being a brave girl,” he purred. From anyone else it would have sounded patronizing. It sounded patronizing from him. A brief concern flashed through her mind, the fear that he might reach out and start spanking her, but his hands were in his pockets and he did not move them as he stopped and stood in front of her.

She lifted her head so that she could look him in the eye. “I am not afraid of you.”

“Good, I wouldn’t want you to be. Fear is not the goal, Miss Rees. Nor is pain, as it happens.”

Ryan’s lip curled in a sneer. She was not buying that line. “What you did to Melissa had to hurt.”

“I have no doubt,” he agreed. “But it was not the point of the exercise.”

“Oh, it was just an unfortunate by-product, was it? Like nuclear waste?”

“You’re being flippant, Miss Rees,” he observed without the slightest trace of humor. His expression grew stern, the last traces of amusement faded from his ice blue gaze, and she was once again struck by the force of his personality. It reminded her that this was not a social interaction, it was disciplinary. She was in trouble, trouble with him. It was an uncomfortable realization.

“I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Are you trying to convince me of that, or yourself?”

Frustration flowed through her. There was a disconnect between what her mind was telling her, and what her body was making her feel. Intellectually, she didn’t think she’d done anything wrong. She’d done her job to the best of her ability. That was it. But when he looked at her with that piercing gaze, his brows drawn, she felt incredibly guilty.

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