She Can’t Escape A Well Deserved Spanking…

It’s natural for a naughty brat to want to avoid a spanking, but Alyssa soon discovers she can’t escape her hot-bottomed fate when Chase is in charge….


“You can’t run from consequences, Alyssa,” he said, palming her bottom. “And you can’t hide from them either. If you want to spend the day playing games to try to get out of the trouble you know you’re in, you’re going to find yourself very sore.”

Before she could answer, he laid the first slap across her skirt clad bottom. The firm swat sent a jolt through her body and made her blush. It didn’t hurt, not yet anyway. But it reminded her beyond any reasonable doubt that he was in control of the situation. In control of her, too.

“This,” he said, punctuating each word with a fresh swat, “is what you get for disobeying me this morning.” He spanked her rhythmically, going from cheek to cheek, his palm bounding off her rear with alacrity then returning for another stinging blow.

“I had to go to work!”

“You weren’t going to be late for work,” he said, spanking her harder. “You knew you were in trouble. I haven’t seen a brat look as guilty as you did this morning in a long time.”

He paused for a moment. She thought maybe it was a reprieve, but it was just him taking the opportunity to peel her skirt up over her bottom, baring her satin panty clad ass to his gaze. Her panties were sky blue with a pretty sheen – panties intended to be seen by a man.

“Very nice, Alyssa,” he said, acknowledging her undergarments. “They’ll look good bunched around your thighs too.”

His words made her tummy quiver, sparked arousal. He was going to bare her. She was going to be half naked over his strong thighs and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Chase started spanking her again. She realized just how much protection a skirt actually gave as his hard palm landed against her cheeks over and over, her panties offering little resistance. Things were beginning to heat up and burn, she was starting to get uncomfortable. Squirming over his thighs, she reached out toward the floor to try to steady herself. All she succeeded in doing was raising her bottom higher and giving him even more of a target.

“In future, when I tell you to stay, you stay,” he said firmly. “I will not chase you, Alyssa. When you know you’ve earned discipline, you will come and get it.”

In spite of her hot bottom and the stinging which was starting to feel like an onslaught of hornets had gone for her bottom, Alyssa let out a snort. Why on earth would she go and get discipline, especially given how damn uncomfortable it was. The first spanking he’d given her had resulted in orgasm, but she didn’t think this one was going that way. This one was too hard, too fast, too intended for pure discipline.

“And if you don’t,” he said, catching her little rebellious sound, “then you’ll find yourself being spanked both for your original offense, and running away. Is that what you want? Two spankings every time you get in trouble?”

“How…. what… I mean… it’s all one spanking, isn’t it? If it happens at one time?” She was arguing the technicalities more out of habit than any sense of self-preservation.”

“One spanking, twice as long, twice as hard, in that case, Miss Smart Mouth,” he said, intensifying the spanking yet again. He seemed to have untold reserves of strength in his arm, and truth be told she could tell that he was not using a fraction of the force truly available to him. He wasn’t slamming his hand up and down in some brutish beating. It seemed that most of the sting and the heat was being bought by wicked technique, the way his palm swept up and cracked across her bottom like the tail end of a whip. “I think it’s time your panties came down,” he informed her. “I’m not getting through to you yet.”

Complaint was futile, but Alyssa complained anyway, her voice sounding whiny to her own ears as he clamped her firmly in place with one arm and used his other hand to slowly peel her panties down over what felt like a swollen bottom. The fabric smoothed over her cheeks and was settled just below her pussy, low enough that she was sure he could see her privates in all their feminine glory.

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Upon arriving at Memorial General Hospital for treatment following a minor bicycle accident, twenty-six-year-old lawyer Alyssa Winters quickly becomes frustrated at wasting so many billable hours. Ignoring her complaints, Dr. Chase Wright—without a doubt the most handsome doctor Alyssa has ever seen—informs her that he will be personally seeing to her care and he expects her to do as she is told.

Chase asserts his authority immediately and Alyssa is soon blushing red as her temperature is taken the old-fashioned way. More shameful still, when she disobeys his instructions she finds herself over his knee for a sound spanking. Worst of all, after he learns that she’s never visited a gynecologist in her life, his subsequent examination results in the most embarrassing display of arousal she has ever experienced.

Even after leaving the hospital, Alyssa discovers that her ordeal isn’t over. Her firm has assigned her a new client, and that client is none other than Dr. Chase Wright. But how can she work with a gorgeous man who seems to fully understand that underneath her abrasive exterior, she just wants him to take control, spank her bare bottom when she gets out of hand, and then have her any way he wants her?

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