Saturday Spankings: Receiving Corporate Discipline

My first Saturday Spankings post comes from my new spanking story, Corporate Discipline :)

All ladies need a good spanking.”

Ryan Rees is the third best broker at Associated Synergy Syndicates, a company listed on the NASDAQ as ASS. ASS is no typical brokerage. It is run by a singular man, Mr Charles Benedict, a man who puts his success in the corporate world down to employee discipline. This discipline takes many forms, but in the case of female associates is usually given in the form of spankings, typically delivered over the CEO’s knee.

Ryan doesn’t understand why Mr Benedict insists on spanking his employees and for the past three years she’s gone out of her way to avoid his disciplinary attentions – but her luck is about to run out.

Corporate Discipline is available here!


“You didn’t go to bed when I told you to, did you?”

“I tried,” she said. “But I couldn’t sleep.” She squirmed where she stood, loathe to meet his gaze. She’d not felt so guilty or naughty in a very long time. His silence made it worse.

“It’s hard to be angry at a girl in teddy bear pajamas,” he said finally.

“Oh god,” Ryan groaned. “Give me a minute, I’ll get changed.”

“No.” It was definitely an order. “Keep them on for the moment. They’ll be coming down soon enough.”

Ryan’s mouth opened in an ‘O’ of dismay. “But it was an accident.”

“You’re long overdue for a spanking, Miss Rees,” Mr Benedict said, seating himself on the couch. “And this display of sluggishness only serves to prove just how badly you need one. Now come here.”

She went.



Kathryn R. Blake

Ooh, Loki, I really like the premise of this book. I love politically incorrect stories of the workplace. I’m going to have to check out Corporate Discipline. And welcome to Saturday Spankings.


Thanks for the welcome, Kathryn! I am still figuring out my way around #SatSpanks, but I think I am getting there, and yes, this is a very politically incorrect tale ;)

Renee Rose

Oh I just love boss spankings!!


Me too :) Thanks for stopping by, Renee!

Natasha Knight

I’d like to work for this company please…


You can fill out an application on the paddle shaped clip-boards, without the clips. Oh, who am I kidding? They’re paddles ;)

Emily Tilton

Lovely! “They’ll be coming down soon enough” is sheer, hot perfection.


Thanks, Emily!

Cara Bristol

Love boss/employee stories. One of my favorite tropes. Love that she’s been trying to avoid discipline.


It’s ever so much more satisfying having someone spanked that really deserves it ;)

Alice Dark

I think every good office needs a disciplinarian, and I’ll happily volunteer for that position. I like the premise of the story, and the direction it’s headed. Very good and delightful.


So kind of you to volunteer, Alice! I’m sure you’d keep all the employees in line.

Joelle Casteel

Love the PJs! :D what a way to keep a business successful


In these economic times, everyone does what they need to do ;). Spankings are essential to good corporate health, you know.

Celeste Jones

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! This is one hot snippet. Plus I love the teddy bear pajamas. Nice job!


Thank you very much for the welcome, Celeste! I am glad you liked the snippet.

LA Cloutier

I Love the name of the company.
Wow! She’s avoid a spanking for 3 years?
I wonder how she’s going to react to being punished by the boss after avoiding it for so long.


Some girls take longer than others, but they all get spanked in the end. Heh. Or on the end.

Abbie Adams

Well you had me hooked at “a girl in teddy bear pajamas”.

I have to know more- buying right now.


That’s so sweet, I hope you enjoy the story!

Sue Lyndon

Pajama spankings are so hot. Enjoyed this snippet.


I couldn’t agree more :) (With the pajama spankings being hot, not saying, I too, totally enjoyed this snippet ;)


Oh my, this sounds hot! Nice job. Love stern men in suits:)


It’s just not fair how effective a suit is on a man, is it!

Constance Masters

LOved Ryan’s shock “But it was an accident.” Hope we get to see the spanking :)