Sarah’s First Spanking

Followed by Austin and Nunu, Sarah pushed her front door open, climbed over the vacuum cleaner, tip toed around a couple of trash bags which hadn’t quite made it outside, dodged some discarded pantyhose then tripped over several discarded wine bottles and ultimately landed on her large orange puffy couch, giggling amid squishy pink pillows.

“Sorry,” she said. “I haven’t cleaned up from last night yet.”

Nunu barked and jumped on top of her, putting his paws on her head and wagging his entire rear. He seemed to have already forgotten that he’d put his teeth on her.

Austin looked around the house with a perplexed expression. “This explains quite a lot.”

“It’s usually tidier than this,” she reassured him. It wasn’t entirely true, but he was looking rather concerned. His brow had furrowed and his mouth was set in a firm, hard line. One would have thought he had walked into a heinous crime scene, not a perfectly normal home.

“So what do I need to do?” Sarah turned over to lay on her back. Nunu climbed on her chest and licked her face. “Do I need to show him that I’m the alpha?”

“Dominance theory has been more or less disproved in domestic canines,” Austin said. “But it holds surprisingly true for people.”


“Nunu isn’t the problem. There’s a lack of discipline in this house, and you’re suffering more than he is for the want of it.”

“So what are you going to do?” Sarah said, her lip curled in a sneer. “Spank me until I’m good?”

“Nunu. Come.” Austin clicked his fingers. To Sarah’s surprise, Nunu actually obeyed Austin. She watched as Austin put Nunu out of the lounge and into the hall. He then turned toward her and nodded. “That’s exactly what I’m going to do.”


“The last three months you’ve done nothing but let him run wild, throw parties and generally make a nuisance of the pair of yourselves,” Austin said as he crossed the debris of the room. “Someone needs to take you in hand, and I guess I’m it.”

Sarah scrambled up so she was sitting on the back of the couch. “No! I’m not… you can’t… No!”

“Yes,” he said firmly, his eyes locked on her as he reached out and took her by the hand. Sarah felt herself go somehow limp as his strong fingers wrapped around her and eased her off the back of the couch and over his knee.

He did it so naturally, as if he’d done it hundreds of times before. Sarah was momentarily shocked into submission as she felt her soft belly and breasts pressing against his hard thighs. He was actually doing this. He was actually going to spank her!

“Austin!” She squealed his name in such a high pitched tone that Nunu was probably the only one who heard the tail end of it. “What are you doing?!”

“You know what I’m doing,” he said, wrapping his arm around her waist. “I’m giving you the spanking you’ve needed for a good long while.”

Cinched against his body, unable to go anywhere or do anything, Sarah’s head spun. She could not believe it was happening, not until his palm clapped against her cheeks with a hard swat and the physical burn jolted her into reality. This was happening, the arrogant marine from next door was spanking her. Hard.

His hand landed on her squirming cheeks a dozen times before he paused long enough for her to let out the string of swear words which had been building while she held her breath and tried to bear the pain stoically.

“What the hell, Austin! You’ve got no right! You can’t do this!”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” he growled. “I am doing it and I have every right, seeing as I’ve been putting up with your nonsense for the past three months. You may not care if you turn your dog into a dangerous biter, but I do.” With that, he resumed the spanking, his palm bounding off her bottom with swats hard enough to make her jolt against the unyielding ridges of his thighs time and time again.

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Artist Sarah Digby has always been a free spirit. Maybe the parties she throws get a little too loud and run a little too late, and maybe her little dog has become something of an unholy terror in the neighborhood, but that certainly doesn’t give anybody the right to march into her house and scold her like a naughty child.

But Sarah’s neighbor Austin Black isn’t just anybody, he is a Marine Corps sergeant used to giving orders and having them obeyed. When he finally has enough of her bratty behavior and sassy attitude and takes matters into his own hands, she soon finds herself bare-bottomed over his firm thighs, receiving the first spanking of her life. Afterwards, Austin informs Sarah that from now on he’ll be keeping her in line personally.

In spite of everything, Austin’s dominance leaves Sarah longing for more, and as her submission grows deeper she is surprised to notice that her art begins to flourish like never before. But when Austin makes it clear that he wants her not only as his lover but also as his pet—a pet he will cherish and care for but also train and punish when needed—Sarah is unsure if she is ready to belong to him so completely. Can a girl like her truly surrender her heart to a man who will expect her to kneel at his feet and come when she is called?

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