Romantic Good Girl Spanking…

He was glad he’d insisted on more modest clothing. If she’d been wearing that short skirt, he would have been able to see everything she had, or at least, the panties covering everything she had. As it was, he could feel the twin rounds of her bottom, pert cheeks squirming underneath his palm. She was in good shape. Athletic. He liked the way her her fell in auburn waves over her shoulders and neck, draping toward the floor where her palms were splayed.

“Have you been spanked before?”


“I find that hard to believe. You’re the mischievous type.” He patted her bottom lightly, trying to avoid the temptation to caress her cheeks – and failing.

“I am a good girl,” she said, her voice slightly muffled. “I study hard. I work hard. Only when I come here, to America am I bad. I break the rules. I leave the man I promise to marry. I steal food. I break into cars. I…”

“You did what you had to do to survive. You don’t have to do any of that anymore.” He slapped her bottom lightly. She didn’t yelp or growl or complain. She relaxed. He felt her settle over his lap and sigh softly, her thighs spreading a little as the tension drained from her body.

He began spanking her firmly, sound slaps landing against the lower curve of her cheeks, one to each side, back and forth in a disciplinary tattoo. He expected complaint as his palm grew warmer, but there was none. Glancing in the mirror across the room, Steven saw that her eyes were closed and there was a little smile on her face.


Sweetville is a traditional little town, a place where domestic discipline is as much a part of the social fabric as the church, the women’s society and apple pie. It’s about to gain a new citizen, one who may not be ready for Sweetville just as much as Sweetville may not be ready for her.

Soon after leaving her native Russia to marry an American, Annika discovers that her husband-to-be is a liar and a cheat. Rather than return home, she runs away and begins living on the streets. When she is caught by Pastor Steven Soames while breaking into his car looking for a place to sleep, she expects the worst—arrest and deportation—but instead the handsome preacher invites her to his house for a warm meal.

Annika finds trouble quickly and often, forcing Steven to chastise her ever more firmly, but the small-town preacher and the feisty Russian brat soon find themselves falling in love in spite of—or perhaps because of—her need to be taken in hand. But when Steven proposes, Annika cannot help but worry that he is only offering marriage out of pity in order to let her stay in America. Can she bring herself to put aside her fears and trust the man who has claimed her heart?

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