Rock the Bodyguard, Superstar Spanking

As an ex-military man, Miles Rock isn’t fond of modern youth culture. He certainly doesn’t hold with young ladies shaking their “assets” and crooning crude lyrics by way of entertainment. Hypersexed superstarlet ‘Ca$h’ Raine has built a career on doing all of that and more. And now she needs a bodyguard.

Miles would rather sit in a desert and take heavy fire, but he agrees to meet Cash as a favor to an old friend. He expects to meet a spoiled brat with an attitude problem and morals like a sieve. Instead he finds a beautiful, sweet, talented young woman caught in an industry all too ready to chew her up and spit her out.

Cash is a good girl, but even good girls need discipline – and Miles is the man to give it, whether she thinks she needs it or not.Of course, nothing is simple in Miles’ world. Cash’s European tour is about to kick off, bringing with it more trouble in the form of a truly bratty support act named Stabby Longstockings, and an old colleague struggling with PTSD.

As romance blossoms between Miles and Cash, danger begins to lurk in the wings. Can Miles keep Cash safe? Or are the ghosts of the past too powerful to allow the star-fated pair to find love?

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