Reviewing Corporate Discipline

Devlin wrote this very telling, but not at all  spoilering, review of my latest ebook, Corporate Discipline. It is a lovely review. Lovely!

None of Loki Renard’s heroines want to be spanked. Most of mine don’t either, come to that, but Renard’s are even more adamant about the issue than most. This episode by Renard is one of the longest lead ups to a spanking I remember reading of hers, though quite worth the journey. Ryan Reese, the ever so reluctant recipient of the inevitable comeuppance, does everything she can think of to avoid having her bottom spanked – except quit her job. Yes, everyone needs a job nowadays, more than ever, but Renard brings us right into Ryan’s head and shows us, in great and sometimes harrowing detail, the turmoil, the upheaval, the angst that the girl goes through in fighting off the inevitable. She does not literally fight, however, as some of Renard’s heroines do – tooth and nail and cheap shots to the goodies included – but those are different people.

Ryan is a girl who wears flannel jammies with teddy bears on them, and knickers decorated with cupcakes. How long can a girl like that stand up to a kindly but powerful boss who is determined to have those knickers down and sort the girl out, the way he does every other female in his brokerage firm? Long enough for readers to get a very good insight into the workings of both these characters’ minds, I will say, thanks to Renard’s deft pen.

Thanks, Loki. Well done, indeed.

Thank you, Mr O’Neill.