Medical Maintenance and a Naughty Super Soldier

“You’ve never had a hug before, huh?”

Sonya shook her head.

“Well you’re going to get a lot of them with me,” Jax said. “I’m not heavy on protocol. I am heavy on discipline though. Let’s get the rest of this medical done.”

“Huh? What do you mean? I got my dose.”

“You haven’t been looking after yourself,” he said. “I want a full physical. I want to know precisely what your status is.”


“I wasn’t asking.” He pressed her gently back against the chair and held her in place, one hand right in the center of her chest.

“What are you doing?” Sonya was confused, he seemed to think that if he just put her somewhere, she’d stay there.

“I trained seven years as a medic before becoming a handler,” Jax informed her. “I don’t need a doctor to perform your exam. And I don’t need you strapped down to do it either, unless you decide to be a very bad girl.”

“I don’t want an exam.”

“I’m sure you don’t,” he said. “But if you behave yourself, it won’t be too unpleasant.” He turned away to don some gloves. And that was when instinct and training kicked in. Without really thinking about it Sonya leaped out of the chair and wrapped her arm around his neck, her hand on his chin, her other on his shoulder. Poised to snap his neck, she paused for a moment as warring parts of her mind screamed at her to stop. The moment was all it took for Jax to take hold of her wrist, bend down and flip her over his head.

Sonya cartwheeled through the air, propelled by Jax’s strength and her own vicious momentum. The landing knocked the breath out of her, and a split-second later Jax was on top of her.

“Easy girl,” he said, pinning her to the ground, his hand at the base of her throat. “You know I’m not going to tolerate attacks, don’t you.”

Sonya bared her teeth at him, silently daring him to do something about it.

“You’re in enough trouble without adding that kind of thing to your record,” he said. “Now get up and get your butt in that chair.”

He should have been terrified. He’d just been attacked by an ultra. But he wasn’t even shaken. His voice was even, his breathing was unchanged and his pupils were undialated. He’d dealt with her leap of death as if it were nothing at all, as if she were no more dangerous than an angry kitten.

Again, Sonya was assailed by confusion. Her conditioning told her to obey him. Her emotions told her to defy him. Her rational mind was torn between the two and all she could do was stare at Jax, her lip still lifted in a remnant of a snarl.

“Okay,” he said. “I guess you’re going into that chair with a hot bottom.”

She didn’t know what that meant until he grabbed her up and dragged her back to the chair. This time though, he sat in it instead of her. He pushed the restraint arms away, leaving no obstacle to her going over his lap with one strong tug.

Sonya squirmed and resisted, pulling against his iron grasp, but he overpowered her with relative ease and hauled her over his thighs, pinning her in place over his lap, her arms behind her back, her wrists captured in his huge hand.

“This is what happens to naughty girls who don’t obey me,” he said mildly. “They have their bottoms spanked.”

Sonya growled and swore vengeance, but he ignored all her noise and pulled down her elasticated pants to reveal her bare bottom.

“It’s handy that ultras don’t wear underwear,” he mused before landing his palm against her cheeks in a hard slap.

Like the hug, this was also new. Sonya did not like it. The slap caused a burst of mild discomfort to travel across her cheeks, but more than that, it made a strange flushing sensation consume her body. She had not felt anything like it before, but it made her want to squirm and hide her face. It made her feel as though she was very, very naughty. Sonya had not felt that way before. She had felt as though she had annoyed someone, but that had not caused her much concern. Ultras were not designed to have a great deal of regard for the emotions of others. However, having her bottom slapped caused a tumult of emotions to race through her, confusing her with their intensity and un-nameability

As Jax spanked her, she went quite quiet, trying to understand precisely what was happening. She was being punished, yes. But the punishment was an odd one. It burned and it stung, but it did not cause great physical pain. It seemed to her that the main part of the punishment was actually the way it made her feel emotionally, the vulnerability it imparted. Her life had been predicated on strength. It was her sole purpose, her reason for being. But Jax was somehow able to subdue her entirely, and with stinging slaps, leave her completely compliant.

The slaps fell for a long time, until the skin of her bottom felt hot and blazed of its own accord and a certain ache established itself both in her buttocks and her loins. She had felt that sensation before. Lust. Lust was one emotional response not restricted from an ultra and Sonya responded to it immediately. The moment her clit began to tingle she parted her legs and began to grind.

“You shameless little…” Jax laughed, landing a swat not on her bottom, but directly between her thighs. His fingers landed against her pussy lips, catching the lightly furred mound with much less intensity than he had smacked her bottom with, but more effect.

Sonya let out a moan which was closer to a yowl and parted her legs still further. She had never been mated. Any stimulation she had received was self-stimulation and she now learned that touching herself did not begin to compare to being touched by a man. Jax let his fingers lay against her lips for a moment, no longer slapping but instead cupping as she ground against his thigh, the bud of her clit thoroughly excited. Every thrust of her hips made a glorious glow settle between her legs, making her lower lips lubricate themselves all the more.

“You really are almost entirely unhandled,” Jax murmured, more to himself than her. Sonya wasn’t paying all that much attention to him. Her lustful need was the driving force in that moment, a powerful impulse which compelled her to rut against his body, her nostrils flaring as she inhaled his scent deeply, her receptors taking stock of his biological masculine inventory.

Her body was making a myriad of decisions she was only partially aware of. She knew she was horny. She knew she was wet. She knew she wanted him. It was the rationale of a hundred thousand DNA clusters which predicated her actions, but that meant nothing to her as she displayed herself to Jax.

His fingertips slid over the wet petals of her pussy and began to flirt near the tight entrance of her body. Sonya let out an excited little trilling sound and tried to move back so she could feel him inside her, but the more greedily she moved, the lighter and more teasing his touch became until she finally let out a growl which earned her a hard smack to her bottom and no more nice touching.


You have been reading an except from The Handler, the latest Loki Renard erotic spanking romance. Click here for more!

The only thing more formidable than an advanced super soldier is the man who tames her. Jax is a handler, a man tasked with the most dangerous job in the world – keeping genetically engineered ultra soldiers under control. He does his job very, very well through a combination of natural strength, some synthetic implants, and an iron hard approach to discipline.

Sonya is an ultra soldier, a talented young woman with a bratty streak a mile wide. Unfortunately for Sonya, her old handler just died and she doesn’t like the new one very much at all. Jax is a strong believer in long hard spankings as a consequence for bad behavior, and Sonya is a believer in getting away with damn near everything.

The grieving young woman and her new master clash in a series of erotically charged confrontations during which Jax makes it abundantly clear that she is his in every way possible. He takes her pride, her arrogance and even her virginity.

But an ultra soldier is made for war, and when Sonya is called to the front, she goes gladly, having no idea that she is being sent on a suicide mission.

Jax knows better, but is powerless to save her from her fate – or is he?

For Jax to save Sonya, he will have to go to the ends of the earth and the gates of hell. And for Sonya to survive, she’s going to have to learn that there’s more to life than rebellion and war.

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