Medical Experiments and an Intimate Inspection…

Abducted, kidnapped and subsequently probed by what might very well might be the last man in existence, young Lyra is in trouble in The Rebel’s Mate

Things were strained on the ship and they did not improve. Over the following days and weeks they were pursued hotly by the Vonyak. There was no opportunity to dock anywhere. As soon as they slowed to a reasonable speed, the Vonyak would appear within hours and chase them on again.

“This is… isn’t right,” Rake said, frustrated. He hadn’t slept properly in days and he was starting to look much worse for wear. His face was drawn, his hair was a mess, and he was visibly concerned. “We should have lost them by now.”

“I thought you said they could follow trails,” Lyra said. “Maybe they’re just following whatever is left behind when we move.”

“I’ve pulled every trick I know,” Rake said. “We’ve coasted for a day with no propulsion at all. We should have lost them. But they found us. Again and again and again.”

Lyra sat nervously next to him, chewing her thumbnail.

“They’re going to catch us, aren’t they?”

“Not if I can help it, but we can’t keep this up. We’re running out of fuel. We need to restock somewhere, and we can’t do that with the Vonyak on our tails. They’re running us down like a pack of wolves on a deer.”

There was silence for long moments as they looked at one another, each feeling the hopelessness of the situation.

“How the heck are they… There’s something I’m missing…” Rake murmured, still looking at her. As he looked, his expression changed. “You!” He said the word suddenly. “It’s been you all along!”

Lyra shook her head furiously. “Me? I haven’t told them anything. I’m not sending them messages. I wouldn’t even know how. I don’t even know where I am!”

“Not on purpose, Lyra. Tell me, when they took you, did they do anything to you, surgically?”

She looked at him and shrugged. “They did a lot. I don’t even really remember what happened when they first took me… I slept a lot. I think I might have been drugged.”

Rake stood up and pointed at her. “Strip.”

“What?” Lyra wrapped her arms around herself protectively.

“I said strip. Now. Everything.”


“Lyra, I’m pretty sure that they planted a tracker in you. We have to find it before they come for us again. I’m not asking you. I’m telling you. Strip.”

She shook her head. He made an impatient sound, grabbed her up from the chair, and began disrobing her with no ceremony at all. Lyra squealed and tried to hit him, but he managed to put a stop to that by pulling her sweater and shirt up over her head, keeping her hands out of the way as he pushed her pants down her thighs and let them fall. It took less than ten seconds to strip her completely, and then he was touching her, running his hands over every single inch of her body, his expression fixed in concentration as his palms passed over her curves.

“Stop pawing me,” Lyra complained. He ignored her. There was nothing sensual or sexual about his touch. He may as well have been inspecting a machine for anomalies for all the apparently impartial attention he paid to her bare breasts, erect nipples, and exposed pussy. His fingers traveled between her thighs, brushing over her labia with a firm, precise touch that made her let out a scandalized little gasp.

“Sorry,” he said. “It could be anywhere.”

“Not there!”

He took a longer moment to assure himself that there were no foreign objects in her vaginal region, long enough to make Lyra’s knees buckle. Rake certainly knew his way around the female form. His fingers roamed in a way that caused her pussy lips to swell with lust.

“I don’t know,” he said in a sexy purr, grazing his fingers over the entrance of her body where wetness was welling. “I think it might be in here…”

“I thought we were in a hurry,” Lyra moaned softly. “I thought there were aliens chasing us from one end of the universe to the other.”

“There are,” he agreed, “but we can’t let them suck all the fun out of life, can we?” The tip of his finger slid inside her and began to swirl slowly, teasing her into a higher state of arousal.

“This isn’t fair,” Lyra moaned. “You’re not going to follow through on this… you’re not… mmmnnnggg…” Her complaints faded as his thumb pressed against her clit and his fingers probed deeper, filling her little by little.

“Rake…” She slid her fingers through his hair and scrunched her hand up hard, looking down at him over the bare rise of her breasts. “Don’t play with me.”

He flashed one of his sexy irrepressible grins at her. “I enjoy playing with you. You’re a fun little toy. But you’re right. We’ve got to find that tracker.”

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