Leashed By The Dragon

Kate was humiliated and so damn angry. She wished she was a hundred feet tall and she could squash Vilka like a bug. But she wasn’t. She was 5’4 and totally at the mercy of the commanding dragon. She couldn’t do anything about her predicament this time either. Being tied spreadeagled on the bed left her totally vulnerable and made it impossible to escape.

She did not know how long he left her there, but it was long enough for her body to calm itself and her tension and struggles against the binds, even the small ones, to cease. She was caught. Totally and utterly and she couldn’t do anything about it.

The door creaked as it opened and her mood lifted as Vilka entered the room. She didn’t want to be happy to see him, she just was. She couldn’t help it, even though it made her feel like a chained up puppy wagging its tail desperately upon her master’s return.

“You’re still here,” Vilka observed, wearing a triumphant smile. “Good. Simple ties can best your ability to disappear from a locked room. Fortunately for you, I have an alternative to having you tied to the bed for years.”

“I’m not feeling fortunate,” Kate said, squirming. She hated the way the position left her sex spread, the bright copper down covering her lips failing to hide the way her body responded to restraint. Just looking at him made her react, her clit tingling as she started to get wet. Her nipples were two taut little buds atop her breasts as well, her belly rising and falling with the faster breaths she couldn’t help but take in her aroused state.

His hands clasped behind his back, his body positioned so that he was facing her with every step, Vilka walked slowly around the bed, taking her in. He was wearing clothing for once, jet black leather armor constructed in heavy plates across his chest and torso and legs, curving over the broad lines of his shoulders and jointed with heavy studs at every point of articulation. She found her gaze drawn to the V shaped plate which covered his groin, and the thick, hard member which she knew lurked beneath. Her pussy quivered at the memory of him surging inside her, no small part of her wishing that he was not covered now. There was no denying that Vilka cut a much more intimidating figure clothed. It enhanced his size and made her feel much more vulnerable by comparison.

“This fortress is designed to deal with the most troublesome soldiers we have. Did you know that?”

She shook her head.

“I’ve had hundreds of soldiers under my command,” he said, speaking while walking in a semi-circle, back and forth, his eyes roaming her body in a way which made her almost feel as though she was being touched. He could make heat flash across her skin with a mere look. “I have men here who have been found guilty of every crime this realm has a name for. And not one of them has been as much trouble as you, Kate.”

She tried to stop a prideful little smile from rising to her lips, and failed.

“Oh, you like that fact, hmmm?”

“I didn’t come here to make your life easy,” she said. “And all I’m trying to do is get home. You’re making my life difficult, so I’m glad I’m doing the same to you. Makes this more fair.”

“Fair,” he said, raising a brow at her. “Fairness is a strange concept, isn’t it, Kate. It is always clung to so fiercely by people who have no ability to get what they want.”

He was toying with her, and there wasn’t anything she could do about it. She fell silent, waiting to see what he had in store for her. There was definitely something. She could feel it.

Vilka stepped to the foot of the bed and loosened the ties at her feet, then walked to her head and repeated the process. She sat up quickly, curling up on herself to hide some of her nude shame.

“I know you’re not going to tell me how you got out of my chambers…”

“Damn right I’m not,” she interrupted.

“That does not concern me,” Vilka said. “I do not know precisely how you opened a portal either, but I closed it anyway. I do not know how you escaped earlier, but I assure you that you will not have the same opportunity again. There are many ways of restraining a prisoner, ways I guarantee you will not find so easy to overcome.”

“I’m going to escape, no matter what you do,” Kate snarled. “There’s nothing that can stop me, no matter how long it takes.”

“I think differently,” Vilka said. “For starters, I have this, which will certainly pose more of a challenge than a locked door.” He took his hand from behind his back and revealed a slim round band of golden hued metal shaped in a collar, open at a hinge. Attached to the collar was a chain of similar hue, stark and probably strong. Likely not actually gold, Kate figured, too soft for the purpose it was clearly intended for – taking her as a slave.

Vilka reached for her, kneeling on the bed, his large body looming over her naked form as he snapped the collar around her neck and ran his fingers over the seam so that, like her clothing which had fizzled away beneath his touch, the metal sealed into one continuous ring.

“You’re really going to have to show me how to do that sometime,” she said, trying to keep her tone light. In spite of her sore rear and the frustration of being captive once more, she couldn’t help but be fascinated by the ancillary abilities dragons had in their human forms.

“The way you’ve been behaving, you will not be shown anything at all besides the rod, the lash, and my bed,” Vilka growled. “I will keep you locked to my bed, straining on my leash and I will take every one of your sins out on your flesh. You will beg for clemency, human, and unless your attitude changes, you will not receive it.”

His threats made her stomach flutter as he tugged at the chain connected to the collar. She felt her neck move, and the rest of her body with it. He now had almost total control of her with the smallest of motions on his part. Wherever he chose to move the chain, that is where she would be.

“This suits you,” he murmured, running his hand down the length of the chain and wrapping it about his palm. “Almost as if you were made to be captive, but you’re too free spirited and head strong to be domesticated or obedient, aren’t you, Kate.”

“Are you trying to threaten me, or compliment me?”

“Both,” he smiled, pulling her close and taking her mouth in a passionate kiss which consumed her senses as long as his tongue subjugated hers, his breath hot in her mouth as she sank against him, her erect nipples rubbing against the leather of his armor, her thighs spreading out of instinct, her sex pressing against the smooth, hard line of his thigh.

His free hand clasped her bottom, the touch of his skin making the welts from the switch sting again, but in a way which felt good. Kate moaned into his mouth as her hips began to grind, Vilka’s hand helping her, urging her on as she rutted herself against him.

“I should have fucked you in front of my men,” he growled against her lips. “That would teach you, wouldn’t it.”

Kate let out another embarrassed moan, her pussy squirming against his hard thigh, leaving a trail of wetness against his leg as she kept humping him. He was an unrepentant asshole, but he turned her on. Her appetite for sex suddenly seemed to be insatiable, perhaps because she had waited so long for it. Or perhaps because there were no cultural constraints anymore, even if there were physical restraints involved. Vilka was an erotic beast, and she was no longer a shy little virgin. With him, she was as wanton a woman as ever drew breath.

“If you attempt to interfere with my orders again, if you so much as think the word portal, I will do it, Kate. I will have you punished and fucked in front of every single man you’re putting at risk. You understand?”

She answered his question by nipping at his lip and shaking her head. She was close to cumming, her clit grinding hard against him in a way which made her lower tummy muscles clench all the harder the closer she got.

“Little wench!” Vilka let out a growl of arousal and pushed her back against the bed, her legs spreading as he rose over her, chain in hand as he pushed at the leather panel covering his groin. It slid to the side, allowing the thick rod of his cock to spring free.

This time there was no warm up, no tender oral ministrations. Vilka lined his cock up with her wet pussy and slid home in one long stroke, spreading her pussy around his hard flesh. He fucked her mercilessly, his cock plunging in and out of her pussy, the wet sounds of her cunt being plundered filling the room along with her cries of pleasure.

The rough thrusting sent them both over the edge of climax in very short order, orgasms ripping through their bodies as Vilka growled and Kate squealed. He soaked her clenching pussy with his seed as she shuddered with her own rough orgasm, and they fell back against the bed together, his hand still wrapped around the chain leading to the collar.


Graduate student Kate Ferrier has been obsessed with dragons for years, but when she manages to construct a portal and enter their realm she is promptly captured by Vilka, a powerful dragon lord who, like the rest of his kind, can also take the form of a huge, handsome man. Believing that she could not have reached his world without help and wanting to know who sent her, Vilka decides to interrogate Kate in the most intimate, humbling way imaginable.

Stripped bare, spanked thoroughly, and put on shameful display, Kate finds herself quivering with desperate desire as her naked, helpless body is tormented with pleasure more intense than she would have thought possible. Soon she is blushing crimson as she begs her stern, handsome captor to take her long and hard, and when Vilka claims her at last she is left utterly spent.

Though a part of her delights in wearing Vilka’s leash and collar, Kate is not ready to spend the rest of her life as his captive. Determined to get herself home, she sets about creating another portal, but to her horror her efforts inadvertently awaken an ancient beast of immense power. With everything they love in peril, Kate and Vilka are forced to work together, but can they stop the terrifying creature before it wreaks unimaginable destruction on both of their worlds?

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