I Spank You

You’ve been naughty and you know it.

I warned you over and over again. I’m not the person you want to push. I’m not the one you want to brat. But you didn’t believe me and now here we are, you’re stammering apologies as usual and I’m coming to a decision that I should have come to a long time ago.

I hold you on my lap and let you squirm. I can feel the moisture seeping through your panties. You’re wet. You’re wet because you’re a naughty little brat with a pussy that needs to be taught a lesson like the rest of you. I take hold of the front of your panties and tug them up, making them sit snugly over your clit and lips. The additional pressure is pleasant and you wriggle all the more for it.

“Are you going to spank me?” You ask the question playfully, coquettishly. You’re not taking this seriously, not yet. The tingle in your little clit is distracting you from what’s really happening here.

“I’m going to spank you very hard,” I tell you. “I’m going to spank your bottom ’till you cry.”

Resigned to your fate yet hardly believing me, you settle yourself over my lap and I tug your panties up from the back, nestling them between your cheeks. Your bottom is bared, but not in the way you had planned. Instead of being free to squirm your bare pussy over my lap your nether regions are covered and your cheeks are pressed apart by wadded cotton. It’s a little bit embarrassing, a little bit awkward, but it means those panties are drawn tight over your pussy again. I rub my palm over your bottom and for a brief moment my fingers make contact with your panty clad mons. I hear your little gasp and see the way you arch your back and smile to myself. You’re such a naughty girl.

“Lift your bottom up,” I command.

You obey, arching your bottom up so it’s in the best position to be spanked. I love the way your cheeks quiver when I tap the back of the thick round hairbrush against them. I love your squeal of shock when the brush leaves your backside and returns with a stinging slap all the more.

Soon the room is full of the sounds of the brush whacking your bare bum as I slowly work it over and around the flesh of your cheeks. It hurts, I know it hurts. When the pain starts getting too much and you’re wriggling more than is good for you I wrap my arm around your waist and apply the most intense swats to your lower cheeks, either side of the wet spot on your panties.

“It hurts, please no more,” you beg.

“I know. It’s supposed to hurt.” There is something a little sadistic in my voice. My affection for you does not prevent me from spanking you very soundly. You whimper and you squirm and you beg, but your bottom is being spanked the whole while. I’m thoroughly enjoying the sounds you make whilst your rear turns a bright cherry red.

I pause for a moment and slip your panties down. You whimper softly as the fabric slides over your hot little bottom and I make a tutting sound as your pussy comes into view. You are very wet indeed and the glistening slickness has spread to your inner thighs. I can see your lips pouting, puffy with arousal. Your pussy wants attention, but I’m not done with your naughty rear yet.

You feel my hand on your bottom and you think perhaps the spanking is over, perhaps I am going to rub it better, but I am parting your cheeks so that I can apply the brush to the inner parts of your bottom. I slap the wood down across the flesh usually kept safe in your crevice, peppering your bottom with swift, sharp spanks. Your wail of dismay is music to my ears. You’ll feel this when you sit down, when you walk, when you move in any way.

I bring the spanking to a crescendo, letting your cheeks spring together as I apply the back of the brush very soundly to your rear. The tears I promised you are coming now, urged by thwarted desire, embarrassment and pain. The bulk of the slaps meet the underside of your cheeks, that sweet sit spot. I’m determined to make sure you will remember this for quite some time.

Then it is over. You’re sniffling over my thighs quite prettily. Now the round, smooth handle of the hairbrush comes into its own as I press the tapered round tip against the entrance of your pussy and slide it inside. I fuck you gently whilst you cry from your spanking, loving the way your sniffling sobs are mixed with little moans of arousal as the same instrument that spanked you so soundly now pleasures your pussy.

“Fuck this for me baby,” I urge you. You obey, working your hips and pressing your hot little cunt back onto the shaft of the brush. You look gorgeous like this, your bottom bright red, your cheeks stained with tears and your pussy filled with something nice and hard.

I slip my hand between your thighs and lightly pinch your clit, stroking it as you fuck the brush more urgently. The brat has become a wanton little slut in my arms, wanting only pleasure as you grind your pussy against my hand and fuck yourself on the brush I used to spank your bottom. There’s no pouting now, no smart ass remarks, no attitude. There’s just your need to cum at the hands of the woman who spanks you.

Remember this little brat, remember this next time you decided to misbehave. The brush is always waiting, and so am I.