Hot Medieval Menage Romance!

Featuring not one dominant royal lover, but two, my latest spanking menage romance Claimed by the Kings combines the allure of two alpha males, one rough and instinctive with a barbarian’s appeal, the other a wiser, more wily king with an inventive streak which is bought to bear in the discipline and training of their captive princess. As Ragnar the Barbarian and King Milo Lionheart forge their delicate alliance, Elizabeth, Princess of Ammerdale sets out to make their lives difficult. An empire will rise from the loins of these three lovers – but the conquest of a kingdom is no challenge at all compared to the task of taming a spirited princess.

The next thing Milo was aware of was waking up to the morning light with Elizabeth laying atop him, her slim fingers playing over the muscles of his chest. There was a look in her eye which Milo did not quite trust. His instinct was proved correct when she opened her mouth.

“You know he’s going to kill you.”

“Is that so?” Milo responded to the comment without fear. His cock was stiffening between his thighs again. He slid it casually between her pussy lips, sinking himself deep inside her naughty little cunt. If he was going to listen to her plot against the alliance, he may as well sate himself.

She let out a little gasp as she was penetrated yet again, almost distracted enough to stop talking as he held her buttocks and rocked his hips up and down to sluice his cock in and out of her tight, wet slit.

It felt so good to fuck her, even though she was a mischievous little wench who was certainly going to be a great deal of trouble. It was as if the silken glove of her sex was made just for him. The slow pace of his lovemaking meant that she was able to keep talking, albeit with a few gasps and moans along the way.

“It is common knowledge that there can only be one king,” Elizabeth said, her lips curling in a defiant smile even as his cock bottomed out deep inside her. “You have guards, but you will soon grow tired of sleeping with one eye open lest the barbarian’s axe cleaves your skull.”

“Hardly,” Milo drawled, picking up the pace so she bucked against him with every stroke of his hips. “If either one of us were to betray the other, there would be an army waiting to avenge his death. Our men are loyal enough to mount a resistance. And if that were to happen, the East and West kingdoms would assuredly take advantage of that moment of weakness and stage their own invasions.”

He trailed his fingers gently through her hair and took hold of a thick bunch of it as his cum roiled in his balls. Ordinarily, he would have made sure the sex was as pleasurable for her as it was for him, but she was misbehaving and she did not deserve to find climax, so he kept one hand in her hair and put the other on her hip, locking her nubile form atop him as he began hammering toward his climax.

Elizabeth stopped talking then and let out a long and continuous moan as he made hard, fast work of her tender pussy, ravaging her soft, wet lips with hard and ever faster strokes of his cock until he hauled her hard down against his body and locked her in place as a second dose of his seed soaked her vulnerable womb.

He did not let her go as he finished his thought, his lips moving against hers as he explained her mistake to her. “You see, Elizabeth, our pact is built on the strongest bond two men can share: a healthy respect for the ability of each to destroy the other.”

Her green eyes narrowed as she realized her arguments were not having the desired effect upon him. Her seduction and reasoning were failing and she did not like it one little bit. “You assume the barbarian is intelligent enough to realize these things or care about them. You assume his love for brutality will not win out over his limited mental powers.”

“And you assume that he is not standing directly behind you,” Milo chuckled, easing Elizabeth up and off his cock. He rather enjoyed the way her face went pale moments before she was swept up into Ragnar’s arms and turned over his lap. Ragnar had been standing in the doorway for quite some time, listening to Elizabeth do her very best to rid herself of him.

“This is for trying to plot against me, princess,” Ragnar growled as his heavy palm began to beat what was starting to become a familiar tattoo against her bare bottom. “What a little traitor.”

“I would have to have pledged my loyalty to you to be a traitor, idiot!”

Milo let out a low whistle. Elizabeth would surely regret that insult. Ragnar paused for a moment, both thick brows raised at the bold and rebellious princess. Of course her insolence would be punished, but Milo rather admired her spirit, as did Ragnar. His hand hovered in the air for a moment before clapping down against her round bottom in a hard slap that bought a pink print of his hand flashing across her skin.


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