Hard Handed Success

Good news, everybody! The Hard Handed Sheriff has done very well! Shep Benedict and Delilah Blackheart propelled me to a spot in the top 5000 amazon authors in late April, and the book itself ranked in the top 50 Western Romances for a significant proportion of the month too.

It’s fascinating to me which books do well and which ones don’t. Hard Handed Sheriff was written about two years ago and contains no overt erotic content at all. There’s not a sex scene in sight and the hero never actually takes the heroine’s undergarments all the way down. (Such a thing wouldn’t be proper, after all, seeing as they barely know one another.)

What the book does contain is affectionate, firm and yes, loving spanking handed down from a fair minded top to a bottom who desperately needs it – even though she’d deny needing it until she’s blue in the face. Delilah is one of my typical heroines, feisty, brave and action oriented and Shep, well, Shep’s a problem solving sort of man who has the persistence to get beyond her prickly, gun toting exterior. It’s a very sweet, very gentle and clean-cut romance and I am glad that people enjoyed it!

A special thank you to those who left reviews on the book, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading them. It’s always a special thrill for me when I get to see how much someone enjoyed a book of mine.

If you’ve yet to pick up a copy, it’s just $2.99 on Amazon, or Blushing Books!