Get Over My Knee

In which the author gazes at her navel…

This might be a series of posts because I think I’ve accidentally stumbled onto something of a ‘deep’ topic. I recently released a book called ‘Over Loki’s Knee’. (This isn’t a book plug, seriously.) A reader asked why I’d called it that. Was it because I thought of my readers as being over my knee in some sense?

I replied vaguely, but mostly in the affirmative. After all, a book isn’t just some words on a page that people read and either find pleasing or displeasing – it is a means of connection. When you read these words, words that I have written, my voice speaks in your mind. If I write a top that makes you tingle or a brat that makes you want to giggle with glee, that is a collaboration between my mind and yours. The message and the reciever combine to create the experience. A reader coming to a story with a particular prejudice or interest is going to have a different experience from that of another reader with different interests and prejudices.

In spite of that, or perhaps because of that, there is an intimacy in all writing. Over the course of a story, a relationship between author and reader is formed. It can be distant and dysfunctional, it can be love / hate, it can be a great sweeping romance. After all, no matter how much we might try to separate the author from their story or the reader from their experience, the story is the expression of the author, interpreted through the mind of the reader.

There are many excellent writers of spanking fiction out there and each of them has their own style, or deeper than that, a feeling one gets when reading their works. Some feel like sensual liquid poetry, some feel like deep warmth and care, some are a tantalizing mixture of erotic tension and old fashioned propriety. I think readers get a very good and very real sense of authors through their works – because good writers are honest writers even when they’re concocting great and wonderful lies.

And in my writing? What is there for a reader to find? That’s not a question I can really answer, because it’s not precisely possibly to be both author and reader, not really. I do know that my stories are driven by brats who never back down, never surrender and can be tamed but for a moment. They are not interested in being pleasing or pleasant on purpose. There’s not a whole lot of security to be found in (some of) my stories, rather there’s a glee in all things chaotic and naughty. Likewise, many of the tops in my stories have their own agenda. Far from being knights in shining armor or the kinky equivalent of Mother Theresa, their desire to control the bottom arises out of a need to control them for one reason or other. Oftentimes these tops are also flawed, misusing their power or at the very least, doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, or sometimes the wrong thing for the right reasons. Why do I do this so consistently? Perhaps it’s because it amuses me to do so. Perhaps it is because a flawed top is more interesting than a perfectly consistent one. Or perhaps it is because, at my very core, I can’t quite bring myself to whole-heartedly recommend that anyone blindly obey authority whether it carries a paddle or not. Or behave themselves in general, in fact. Basically I want everyone to be very badly behaved indeed.



I passed out “get over your knee”. Is there a line? Do we take numbers?

Did you say something after that?


I passed out AT “get over…”

Hands shaking.


Is it really your hands that are shaking, hmm?


No my clit was shaking. Do you absolutely hav to make me say that?

I hav a brain. I am attracked to ur writing coz of ur joy & delight & ur love of the snark & the lark & ur love of kink.

Trying to write this on phone.

Hands shaking. Atracked? I give up


That was an even better response than I had hoped for :D Your brain is full of delights! And thank you for the kind words. :)


Yes, indeed! All the most interesting tops are flawed. The more seriously flawed, the more interesting they are. And every one of them could use a good rump roasting.

I also believe no brat is worth their salt who does not take rollicking glee in being naughty and creating chaos…especially if it riles up that flawed top.

And that is why I like your style!


I have a hunch, just a hunch – no more than that of course, that the naughtiest brats are the ones who enjoy my stories the most. If only there was some way of testing the theory. :)



grinning from ear to ear

I had a really great comment to make until I read the comment from Emen that made me laugh so hard it shook the comment right from my brain.

Darn that Emen, :))


Oi. Get back here and make your really great comment or there will be trouble.

grinning from ear to ear

leaving a reply now after the exchange between you and Emen lol would be… anti-climatic at best.

Your Oi is duly noted but I’m just guna have to kee ona grinnin :))) and grin :))) some more and enjoy others while they grin, bare it and tell all.

Right now I am just all grins ROFL


Your avoidance has been duly noted on your record, missy. Now on your way.


Loki, this was a wonderful post. I love how you expressed the connection between reader and writer. So true! Marvelously done.


Thank you Scarlet :)


Humour. That’s what I enjoy the most, and the whole let’s resist authority even if it proves useless, especially because it proves useless, and then let’s resist some more.
But really. The humour!! I just read The brats and it’s a really funny story.
And that humour balances the more heartwarming moments in your stories and viceversa.The stories are both sweet and snarky, and the characters too.
And I enjoy that brats are often right. It’s often not fair that they get spanked and that’s fine. At the same time, the tops, knights in sour armours and whatnot, are usually pretty likeable and come across as caring and all of that. They are jerks with a heart of gold except when they are jerk with a heart of jerks, but then here comes another top to save them. Cough Rigel cough.
And I have to say, I enjoy your blogging as well.
And ahem, shy as I am but I have to say it: I too was quite excited with your choice of words on the title.


I love the humor in The Brats of St Bestoras, which I hope isn’t weird to say having written it, but honestly I’d forgotten most of it and it was very amusing reading it again. Thanks to my rubbish memory, reading books a while after I write them is just like discovering them for the first time. Isogarde and Ace make a very naughty pair.

Not a fan of Rigel then? Rigel is naughty actually. In fact, Rigel deserves a hell of a spanking. I should really write her one, shouldn’t I? Courtesy of Tank of course.

I’m very gratified to discover that people liked the choice of words in the title. It gives me hope for commanding spankings in the future :D

Disney Dyke

I know this doesn’t hold up to the sophisticated discussions one can find in this blog, but I was wondering: does a blue butt redden? Or pale blue, but still. There. That’s my question.


The Brats of St Bestoras is my favorite of your books, and yes, the humor is wonderful, but there is humor to varying degrees in all of your stories. What I liked best was the fantasy. In fact I was composing an email on that very subject. Which I’d better get back to. *g* But great discussion, and great title for a book! :)


Wait…..Get over your knee?? errm…………now? well, ok….. ^_^

[Awesome post. Do you not rock? Yes, you do indeed.]


Thanks Dave :) So kind, so brave :D