Fatal Erection

From the department of books that probably will never be penned…

People were talking already. Mrs Williams held court in the foodcourt, shovelling french fries into her rubber lipped mouth. “Did you see what Karen and Michael were doing in the park?” She nodded with satisfaction whilst maintaining a sneer of disgust. “It was huge… and so thick. You could barely wrap your hands around it.”

Michael and Karen are your average everyday couple. They pay their taxes, take their pet poodle to the groomers and show up to work on time. But on the weekends they enter a darker world. A world where the lights go off and their cute suburbanite clothes are swapped for rougher material that chafes in all the right places.

Like many other middle American couples hiding their real selves from the world, Michael and Karen belong to a largely misunderstood and thrilling subculture that places rigorous demands on their bodies and minds. Michael and Karen are secretly Amish and they’re ready to raise barns and break all the rules – the zoning rules, that is.

What these two amateurs don’t know is that they’re playing a dangerous game. There’s a new building inspector in town and he don’t take kindly to unplanned erections on his watch.

Will Michael and Karen capitulate to his demands for documentation? Or will one thrilling afternoon in the council planning department change all of their lives forever?



Well, I would buy this. Maybe I’m board as well? Amish?
I’m picturing Hermes Conrad in the role of the building inspector already.


You might be so secretly Amish you don’t know it yourself as yet.


I will embrace my amishness when I figure it out. Always out and proud. ALWAYS!!


*g* You’re truly looney sometimes. It’s quite appealing. :)


Why thank you Alyx, so very kind :)


Good one, DD! Inspector Number 5 is alive! Sweet Kahuna of LaGuna!


Lol. But I actually had to google that. It’s been a while since I watched Futurama and I watched it dubbed, that too. I think I will rewatch.
But I think those two amishes will stand a chance if they pretend they are flawed robot beings. Then Konrad will let them live and raise barns.