Doctor Knows Best, Medical Spanking Erotica

Laura was beginning to lose her temper. Doctors were so arrogant, acting as if their grand diagnosis took precedence over everything else in the world. Dr Steven Foster was particularly offensive in that respect, standing there all tall and handsome with his slashing brows and his high cheekbones which suggested some form of Slavic descent. A medical Viking, Laura thought in a burst of rare fancy. Must be the medication they were pumping into her.

“Do I get my phone back? I promise I’ll be good.” She spoke in a tone of unmistakeable sarcasm.

One of those impossibly dark and well formed brows rose in her direction. “I’m not sure you know what good is. But I’m going to trust that you won’t use this again,” he said as he handed it back. “If I catch you, you’re in for a spanking.”

Laura looked from her phone to his face, ready to laugh, but there was no humor in his expression. Maybe it was just a deadpan joke. Probably. That didn’t stop little tendrils of excitement from zipping around her nether regions. He couldn’t possibly have predicted the effect his words would have on her, but he’d managed to inadvertently press one of her deepest, darkest little buttons.

“Blip beep.” The machine to her left made a little sound.

“What’s that?”

“It’s just an indication that your heart rate rose,” Dr Foster said. Now he looked somewhat amused. Slow horror sank in as Laura realized she was, for all intents and purposes, hooked up to a lie detector.

“Can we take these sensors and whatnot off?” She frowned. “It’s pretty clear I’m not in any imminent danger.”

“Not yet,” the doctor said. “Seems you still have some irregularities in your heart rate.”

“That wasn’t an irregularity,” Laura said. “That was… never mind. I don’t want these things on me.” She plucked one from her chest and removed it. They were not hard to take off, just a bit of sticky circular plastic. The machine let out an annoyed tone and the doctor reached over plucked it from her fingers and put it back in place, massaging the sticky circle back against her skin so close to her breast that the palm of his hand brushed it accidentally. Her pulse spiked once more, prompting the machine to blip and beep all over again.

“Stop that!” Laura swatted at his hand.

Dr Foster frowned at her. “I see you’re planning on being difficult,” he observed. “Well, Ms Lewis. You’re not the first recalcitrant patient I’ve had to deal with and you won’t be the last…”

She rolled her eyes. More lecturing.

“… but you might be the first one I take over my knee if you keep giving me that attitude.”

Her heart skipped a beat, the traitorous monitor beeped again and heat suffused her face. Dear god. He was looking at her with just a hint of a smile, though his eyes were still serious. Before that gaze, Laura was laid bare. He knew.


All hours are working hours for Laura Lewis, the youngest CFO in her company’s history, and she certainly isn’t going to let some chest pains and a stay in the hospital slow her down. Unfortunately, her overbearing and irritatingly handsome physician, Dr. Steven Foster, has other ideas. He confiscates her precious phone and threatens her with a spanking if he catches her working from her bed again. Intrigued, Laura tests him and quickly discovers that Steven is a man of his word. Her bare bottom is set stinging and a thorough scolding leaves her ego bruised and her heart aflutter.

When it comes time for Laura to be released, Steven orders her to take several weeks off work. Knowing his feisty patient is unlikely to follow her doctor’s orders, he also provides his phone number and promises to check up on her. It isn’t long before he learns that she has ignored virtually every instruction he gave her, and upon returning to her apartment after lunch together, he puts her over his lap and gives her the spanking she’s been needing her whole life.

Afterwards, Steven gives Laura a choice: she can go back to pretending to be an independent woman who doesn’t need any man, or she can give herself to him and explore the submissive desires she has hidden for so long, the ones that so often resulted in her locking her office door, raising her skirt, and playing out her private fantasies during working hours.

Laura agrees to put herself under the Steven’s care once more, and she soon finds that he is just as skilled a dominant as he is a physician. Work can’t wait forever though, and Laura and Steven find their world turned inside out when her company is accused of major financial crimes and she is set up to take the fall for the misdeeds of others. Will a jail sentence tear her away from her newfound love forever? And just how far will Steven prove willing to go to protect Laura and clear her name?

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