Taming the Wilde, Historical Spanking Romance

Beholde, ye of the spanking and romantic persuasions! Finally released as an ebook is my historical spanking romance novel, Taming the Wilde. Set during the days when the Brits got away with transporting their undesireables around the globe, Taming the Wilde follows the fortunes of one Jane Wilde – a spirited and tempestuous young woman who finds herself on the wrong side of the law.


Young Jane Wilde was once a noblewoman, but the coming of a dark plague and winds of ill fortune have led her to the streets of London where she survives on her wits alone, stealing enough food to eat, and fencing enough pretty jewelry to keep a roof over her head.

Unfortunately for the once Lady Wilde, the British empire is still in an expansive state and intends to settle the far off Australian continent not only as a penal colony, but as a lawful outpost of the empire. To that end they need women to sate the lusts of the criminal men already languishing in that desolate place. When Jane is caught stealing bread and put before a judge, her sentence is inevitable: deportation.

Once aboard the transportation ship Jane catches the eye of Master Roake, the man charged with overseeing discipline. Jane thinks him cruel and harsh, but her fear does not quell her natural defiance. Indeed, her rebellious nature sets her across his path many times – and equally many times across his knee.

Jane’s proud nature cannot bring her to submit to the man who wields leather as naturally as he breathes. As for Master Roake, he is not a man given easily to sentiment, nor his he accustomed to finding true ladies on his ship and under his lash. And yet, each time they meet in a clash of wills and reddened flesh, a fondness grows.

Soon they will make land. Jane will be forced to serve her sentence in one of the female factories and Master Roake will once more set sail for England. Love is no match for the mighty British Empire.

Or is it?

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Hard Handed Success

Good news, everybody! The Hard Handed Sheriff has done very well! Shep Benedict and Delilah Blackheart propelled me to a spot in the top 5000 amazon authors in late April, and the book itself ranked in the top 50 Western Romances for a significant proportion of the month too.

It’s fascinating to me which books do well and which ones don’t. Hard Handed Sheriff was written about two years ago and contains no overt erotic content at all. There’s not a sex scene in sight and the hero never actually takes the heroine’s undergarments all the way down. (Such a thing wouldn’t be proper, after all, seeing as they barely know one another.)

What the book does contain is affectionate, firm and yes, loving spanking handed down from a fair minded top to a bottom who desperately needs it – even though she’d deny needing it until she’s blue in the face. Delilah is one of my typical heroines, feisty, brave and action oriented and Shep, well, Shep’s a problem solving sort of man who has the persistence to get beyond her prickly, gun toting exterior. It’s a very sweet, very gentle and clean-cut romance and I am glad that people enjoyed it!

A special thank you to those who left reviews on the book, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading them. It’s always a special thrill for me when I get to see how much someone enjoyed a book of mine.

If you’ve yet to pick up a copy, it’s just $2.99 on Amazon, or Blushing Books!

The Hard Handed Sheriff, Now On Blushing Books!

Redwood is a dangerous place for a sheriff, the sleepy little town has managed to lose every law man that’s dared set foot on its soil in the past ten years.

Shep Benedict is Redwood’s newest sheriff and he’s keen to solve the mystery of the missing law men so that he doesn’t become one of them. All signs point to resident town terror Delilah Blackheart being behind the disappearances and suspected murders, but Shep’s not keen to send the pretty orphan to the gallows without making darn sure she’s the guilty party first.

He soon finds that he has a soft spot for the gun toting, hard drinking little lady, but before they can live happily ever after a spree of dangerous arson attempts bring both Delilah and Shep to the very limits of their mortality in this wild western tale of suspense and spankings.

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Wild West Spanking

I’ve got some new books coming out on Blushing Books in the next couple of months, one of them is called ‘The Hard Handed Sheriff’. I could go into all the whys and wherefores of it, but let me just say I wrote this a couple years ago and had sort of forgotten about it. Having re-read it, I’ve fallen in love with the protagonists all over again. Here’s a little excerpt that will give you a hint as to why that might be…

An Excerpt from The Hard Handed Sheriff:

“Evening, Sheriff.”

“Evenin’, Tomas,” Shep Benedict tipped his hat, keeping his flint blue eyes squarely on Miss Delilah Blackheart.

A murmur went around the saloon. Everybody sensed the coming showdown and unlike the previous altercation, the outcome of which had been obvious before it started, this one was uncertain. Sheriff Shep Benedict was still not real well known by the townsfolk. All they knew was that he’d been sent down from Springs Junction with nothing more than a horse, a gun and a badge. Oh, and a reputation for being one of the meanest sons of bitches that ever walked the West. He stopped a few paces away from Delilah and cleared his throat.

“Ladies aren’t allowed in the saloon.”

He was an undeniably imposing man. His face was all square jaw and high cheek bones and he was clean shaven, a rarity for Redwood. Standing there with his jaw clenched sternly he looked like he’d been carved right out of rock. A few lines around his eyes and mouth spoke to mature age and a good temperament, but he wasn’t looking good tempered at that moment. He was looking like the very incarnation of the law itself, harsh and unyielding. Keep reading…