Spanked To Orgasm | Alien Alphas

An excerpt from my Alien Alphas exclusive story, Doubly Dominant:

“Stay still.”

She ignored his order outright and a second later she was deprived of both his cock and his tongue. She felt his grip slide down her body, then let out a squeal as she was flipped over onto her back. He handled her with such total ease and she truly was like a toy to him, smaller, weaker, malleable, controllable. Her flesh was his and he clearly intended to drive that point home as he pinned her down, his hand on her belly, her legs spread wide.

“When I give you an order, you will obey it,” he informed her a moment before his open hand came down across her pussy with a hard slap which made her yowl.

“Aw, does your poor little pussy hurt?” He made a sympathetic sound before slapping her again, bringing a swelling and a blush to her lower lips. “Does my naughty girl not like how it feels to have her cunt punished?”

His fingers returned to her pussy, using the juices which had gathered during his more gentle teasing to torment her with the most delicate of touches just barely circling her clit. She bucked her hips up toward him, earning herself another sharp swat across her pussy.

“Stay still,” he reminded her as his fingers returned to their teasing torment, touching her so gently she didn’t know if she wanted this or the pussy spanking. She squirmed again and his fingers returned in another of those harsh slaps which made her sensitive lower lips blush. Her hips bucked once more as her wail rose.

“I told you to stay still,” he growled, his eyes catching hers. “Now stay.”

She couldn’t have moved if she’d wanted to. He had her now, trapped in his gaze and as his fingers roamed her sore little pussy, alternately spanking and teasing her glistening slit, she felt herself consumed with erotic sensations.

There was a cruelty about him, but it was calculated to precision effect. Had he wanted to hurt her, he could have. He was infinitely more powerful than she was. Instead, he was making her feel that power imbalance, showing her just how tender and helpless she was against him.

“You really don’t follow orders well at all,” he murmured. “Disobedient little thing. You are going to take a lot of work.”

She let out an unapologetic moan. His fingers were toying her toward climax, playing perfectly over her outer lips, then her inner folds, pinching her clit then sliding away entirely and returning to circle so very lightly over it. Never staying in one place long enough for her to actually cum, but drawing her closer and closer to the point where she was sure she would die if she didn’t orgasm… and still he didn’t allow it.

“Please…” she found her voice.

“You want something, my little criminal?”

“Let me c… let me cum…” she was trembling, her inner thighs quivering as he teased her to the point of climax, a point she normally would never have been able to hold back from, but something in his gaze was suppressing her orgasm.

“You’ll cum when it pleases me.”

Her moan rose to a whine of complaint. Her desire was being turned against her, her orgasm denied. He pinched her clit and slapped her pussy once more and the next sounds coming from her mouth were not whimpers or pleas, they were outright curses. She swore at him with all the frustration her situation created, her words muddled but her meaning clear.

“You are in no place to make demands,” he reminded her, drawing his hand away from her pussy completely, only to return a moment later with a hard swat which stung her lips and her clit and made her hips buck against his hand as it pulled away, then returned once more with another swift slap.

He was punishing her, but the punishment was not having the intended effect. Far from driving her away from orgasm, the sharp taps and slaps drew her closer, so much so that she spread her legs and welcomed his punishing hand.

“Naughty little toy,” he growled, whipping her pussy with his fingers. “How dare you cum while being punished.”

Trissa let out a cry of triumph as she came, the sensation of spanking pushing her through that final barrier and into orgasmic stratosphere.

It was not over. Kero spanked her through the orgasm, whipping her soft lips hard enough to make her squeal and writhe beneath his hand. She had come against his orders, but she could not escape the consequences. He held her down and made her take every bit of the punishment that was due to her, until finally she wailed for clemency.

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The Warlord’s Pet, Hot *NEW* Sci-Fi Pet Play Spanking Romance

He was saying filthy, carnal things and as much as Celeste wanted to rage at every word that came out of his mouth, her traitorous pussy was lubricating in response to his threats and the hot tingling of her ass.

She had come to his territory as one of the highest status women in the system, and now she was being treated just like the other women who had become spoils of war and paraded around Vector Prime in their collars and their nudity. Pet. Even thinking the word made a tremor run through her stomach.

Fear and arousal seemed to be entwined as she bucked and squirmed over his muscular thighs, his palm punishing her with hard, repetitive slaps that showed no signs of slowing or softening.

She hated Alistair with every fiber of her being, and that hatred filled and excited her. She was surprised to find that there was a freedom in that hatred, a freedom to be whatever she wished to be. For years she had been forced to be appropriate and polite and appear in ways which advantaged her father and furthered his goals. No matter how uncomfortable or angry she’d been, she’d put on a smiling face and made polite conversation.

The time for polite conversation was long over. It did not matter what Alistair thought of her. He was the enemy. The enemy whose hard, unyielding palm was still slapping her bottom so fast she barely registered each slap as a separate thing. Keep reading…

Humbling His Bride, Hot *NEW* Sci-Fi Spanking Romance

When the aristocracy which has long ruled her world is suddenly overthrown by soldiers loyal to rebel leader Tristan Kane, twenty-one-year-old Lydia Leon’s sheltered life is changed forever. As one of its first acts, the new regime orders that the adult daughters of the old nobility be trained in obedience and then given as brides to high-ranking military officers who supported the uprising, and before she knows it Lydia is standing naked before President Tristan Kane himself.

Tristan is impressed by Lydia’s elegance, and after observing her attempts to maintain her dignity during an intimate, embarrassing medical examination, he decides to claim her for his bride. He knows full well, however, that Lydia has never worked a day in her life, and the wife of the leader of the new regime cannot have the bearing of a pampered daughter of aristocrats.

He sets out to both humble his new bride and teach her to obey, and soon Lydia is writhing over Tristan’s lap as her bare bottom is thoroughly spanked and then quivering with helpless desire as he explores her beautiful body. Though she blushes crimson at the thought of yielding to his mastery so easily, it isn’t long before she is yearning for his skilled, dominant lovemaking.

Though Lydia’s passion for her new husband grows rapidly, she is horrified when he demands that she learn to keep house the old-fashioned way, without robots or servants. She demonstrates her displeasure by means of an ill-advised trip into the city, but after her foolish adventure ends up putting her life in grave danger can she count on Tristan to save her before it is too late?

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Corrective Treatment, An Erotic Medical Discipline Romance

“You are hereby found guilty! You will undergo corrective treatment until such time as you see the error of your ways and can be tolerated to once again join good society. Until then, I strip you of your rank and I declare you a convict.”

When nineteen-year-old Sophie Eins is charged with inciting revolution in the lower echelons of society, she quickly learns that her position as one of the high-born will not save her from the consequences of her defiance. She is sentenced to corrective treatment and taken into the custody of a stern yet handsome doctor named Richard who will carry out the order of the court.

Sophie is stripped bare for an intimate, embarrassing examination, and her body’s shameful response to this humiliating inspection makes it clear to Richard that his firm hand applied to her bare bottom will need to play a major role in her treatment. Sophie’s correction will involve much more than just a sore backside, however, and she soon discovers that being brought to one blushing climax after another can be a punishment as effective as any spanking.

Though he is expected to chastise her as thoroughly as is necessary to teach her obedience, Richard soon finds himself longing to take Sophie in his arms, and he does not need his medical training to see that she yearns for his touch as well. But if he dares to disregard the law and claim her as his own, can he find a way to keep them both safe from the tyrants who rule their city?

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The Alien’s Pet NEW Pet Play Spanking Erotica

When an injured stranger breaks into her small-town veterinary clinic late at night and demands that she assist in treating his wounds, Serena Spiers knows right away that something is amiss. Though he is undoubtedly handsome, the intruder’s oddly colored eyes and extraordinary height leave no doubt in her mind that he is not of this world.

Seeking to escape her predicament, she treats his wounds and then does her best to discretely sedate him, but a tranquilizer shot proves far less effective than she had hoped. Her captor is none too pleased by her attempt at subterfuge, and before she knows it Serena is blushing crimson as she is held firmly across his muscular thighs, completely naked, while her bare bottom is soundly spanked.

Serena’s ordeal is just beginning, however. It turns out that her alien visitor is a high-ranking commander among his people, and when he realizes that the discovery of her encounter with him could put Serena in grave danger, he takes it upon himself to ensure her safety by bringing her along as he leaves Earth behind. But his people have very specific rules about transporting primitive species aboard their ships, and she will not be treated as his guest or even as his prisoner, but as his pet.

She will be expected to submit to him completely, and any defiance will earn her a painful, humiliating punishment. Yet despite her fury at the indignity of it all, Serena cannot help reacting with shameful, helpless arousal as she is stripped bare, thoroughly examined, and then claimed in any way her new master pleases, sometimes in full view of the ship’s crew. Can she learn to yield to the pleasure that results from his conquest of her body, or will she spend the entire voyage with her bottom sore both inside and out?

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