Saturday Spankings: Receiving Corporate Discipline

My first Saturday Spankings post comes from my new spanking story, Corporate Discipline :)

All ladies need a good spanking.”

Ryan Rees is the third best broker at Associated Synergy Syndicates, a company listed on the NASDAQ as ASS. ASS is no typical brokerage. It is run by a singular man, Mr Charles Benedict, a man who puts his success in the corporate world down to employee discipline. This discipline takes many forms, but in the case of female associates is usually given in the form of spankings, typically delivered over the CEO’s knee.

Ryan doesn’t understand why Mr Benedict insists on spanking his employees and for the past three years she’s gone out of her way to avoid his disciplinary attentions – but her luck is about to run out.

Corporate Discipline is available here!


“You didn’t go to bed when I told you to, did you?”

“I tried,” she said. “But I couldn’t sleep.” She squirmed where she stood, loathe to meet his gaze. She’d not felt so guilty or naughty in a very long time. His silence made it worse.

“It’s hard to be angry at a girl in teddy bear pajamas,” he said finally.

“Oh god,” Ryan groaned. “Give me a minute, I’ll get changed.”

“No.” It was definitely an order. “Keep them on for the moment. They’ll be coming down soon enough.”

Ryan’s mouth opened in an ‘O’ of dismay. “But it was an accident.”

“You’re long overdue for a spanking, Miss Rees,” Mr Benedict said, seating himself on the couch. “And this display of sluggishness only serves to prove just how badly you need one. Now come here.”

She went.