Tex’s Revenge | Military Discipline Sequel Out Now!

Zora Matthews has been through a lot. Kidnapped by the military, forced to fight terrorists and now abandoned by the firm handed CO she’d come to love, Tex’s Revenge (Book Two of Military Discipline series) finds our inimitable heroine drunk and all but destitute in the little town of Iron Horse, where she figures she’ll eventually die of boredom.

If she weren’t quite so busy drowning her sorrows, she might have realized that all is not as quiet as it seems. There are still plenty of dangerous people looking for her – on both sides of the law. When a handsome stranger shows up in town asking all sorts of questions, Zora is immediately on the defensive. Unfortunately it’s a fairly sloppy defensive and before long she is once again in the clutches of an overbearingly dominant man who wants something from her. Caught by Tex and pursued by Savage, it isn’t long before Zora doesn’t know which way is up. As events play out, she finds herself in more hot-bottomed trouble as she tries to save the man she loves in a world where lies are as common as desert dust and everybody has an agenda.

This action-packed spanking romance has a little bit of everything, intrigue, drama, suspense and more than one well-deserved bottom warming.

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Devlin O’Neill Reviews Savage’s Recruit

Thanks Devlin :D

Here’s the review:

In Renard’s “Savage’s Recruit,” Captain Savage, employee of a well funded and deeply secretive branch of what may or may not be the U.S. military, does not so much recruit Zora Matthews, freelance mathematics genius and full-time drunk, as kidnap her. Zora knows very little about obedience to rules, though she tries to make a living of sorts, since, as she notes, drinks don’t buy themselves.

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Here There Be Dragon (Masters), Spanking Fantasy Novel Series by Nattie Jones

I’m still on holiday, but I’ve been meaning to review some spanking novels for some time now, so it’s a good time to start with The Land of Khys series by Nattie Jones, which is, without any exaggeration, one of the very best spanking novel series I’ve ever read.


Probably one of my favorite disciplinary fantasy world makers, Nattie Jones is a serious talent. Her Land of Khys books are rich and memorable, mostly because she manages to make fantasy elements seem gritty and oh so real. Lovers of ‘Alpha Males’ will adore the Dragon Masters, men who are masterful in and out of the bedroom. There are several female protagonists in the series, each of them with well developed characters and vivid personalities. My personal favorite comes in one of the later novels, but this is a series to be devoured from start to finish.

The Khys novels are spanking romances, but there is much more to the series than that. Khys is a world in which women subjugated by their very gender (girls are put on the ‘Choosing Block’ when they come of age, much like prime cattle) make their mark on the world in spite of their relative disadvantages. I love the way the author manages to create characters who can enjoy a certain level of submission (enforced by regular and very sound spankings) yet also act independently in ways that influence the course of the kingdom.

The phrase ‘strong alpha male’ is one bandied about a lot in romantic fiction and Nattie Jones has created heroines to match, strong, smart women who are worthy mates and adversaries. Anyone looking to immerse themselves in a world where a well spanked woman is the rule rather than the exception, where queens and urchins alike can find loving discipline at the hands of masterful men and where dragons soar should step into the Land of Khys.

If you want to dip your toe into the series without making too great a commitment, there is a 99 cent prequel, but anyone who loves M/F spanking romance is probably going to end up slam bang in the thick of the main books before you can say ‘spanked by a man who rides dragons’.

Spanked by the King

In case you wondered, yes, I’m still working on the Iskendar series :)

Iskendari Rebels

“You promised!” Kai growled with fury as Lucian wrapped his leather clad arm around her waist and hefted her up from the ground.

“I am the king. Your king,” he reminded her, his dark curtain of hair obscuring them both as Kai attempted to fight his will. It was a battle she was destined to fail as his gloved hand reached between her thighs, parting them so that she could be pinned between his legs more effectively, one leg trapped underneath his armored knee whist the other flailed uselessly.
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Two New Traditional Spanking Romances **Out Now!**

Two of my spanking romances which were exclusive to Spanking Romance are now available on Blushing Books.

Master of Thieves

Terminally misbehaved apprentice Rayna is the worst thief in the world. That won’t stop her trying to gain access to the notorious Thieves Guild though, even if she has to rob every vault in the city to do it.

If Rafe, the charismatic Master of Thieves, hadn’t noticed her before he certainly notices her once she executes a plan that throws the entire guild into pandemonium. If the attentions of a stern Master weren’t enough for one miscreant to deal with, there’s also Peta, the most powerful woman in the guild, and an authority that Rayna can’t seem to help crossing.

If she’s to survive the Thieves Guild, Rayna will have to have more than just a tough hide, she’ll need to find a way to make peace with those in power, a task that will push her feeble powers of obedience to the very limit.

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A Governess Named Trouble

A French governess employed to tame Cyril Hardy’s notoriously wild brood of sons, Francine Trouble (pronounced ‘Trublay’) soon proves to be more problematic than the boys themselves.

“But now, now I have plenty of time to tend to my wayward revolutionary,” he said, his voice thick not with censure, but with desire. He wanted her, Frankie knew that much, it was in his every breath.

“You need me to tend to you, don’t you Francine?” he murmured in her ear as he led her over to the chaise that sat against the wall of his office and drew her over his lap. Frankie went peacefully, only squirming as he rose her skirts up over her back.

“You taught my sons about that bloody revolution simply to tease me, did you not? To see what I might do if you teach the sons of an aristocrat that all aristocrats are tyrannical, hmmm? Shall I show you tyranny, my pretty little citoyenne?”

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Miss Munroe At The Kinky House

Serenity Everton, also on twitter as @asparkle2 has kindly written a very nice piece about my M/F spanking story, The Taming of Miss Munroe.  She also has a very on-point analysis of why Miss Munroe has a blighted one star rating, not the sort of thing authors generally like to mention in polite company. Fortunately I have very little shame in these matters, which is why I have not pulled my books off Amazon and retired to a hole to hang my head and eat mud.

Serenity writes:

As a case in point, The Taming of Miss Munroe by Loki Renard is a classic example. This well-written story is spanking fiction. Not erotica. Not precisely historical romance, either.  Sex does not take center stage, or left or right stage. And yet Amazon has unfortunately relegated it to these broadly defined categories, so that careless buyers who were expecting something more, um, explicit are disappointed. Likewise, readers expecting something more innocent are shocked.

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You Can’t Spank Me

This was supposed to be a tiny little couple hundred word mini-post thing, but it got out of control. Even the posts around here don’t behave themselves. Something ought to be done about that.


“You can’t spank me,” she says, her eyes flashing warning.

He is not listening. He is removing the cuff-links from his shirt sleeves, methodically placing one then the other on the coffee table. He has said that she is to be spanked. He has said it as if it is the most natural and necessary thing in the world.

“Don’t you dare.” She backs towards an exit, just in case the unthinkable happens and he does actually dare.

He looks at her mildly, his intention plain as he begins rolling his shirt sleeves up over his forearms, which now seem to her to be ridiculously overdeveloped. What has he been doing that the mucles flex visibly with even the smallest movement?

A curl of his salt and pepper has fallen into his eyes, he pushes it back then beckons to her. One finger crooked. Here. Now.

She shakes her head. “No!” Her voice cracks with outrage. “No we are not doing this!”

“Come here, young lady.” His voice is steady and low.

“No,” she insists. “No. No. No. No. No.” She shakes her head, lashing her pony tail from side to side.
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