Twilight Cowboy, Book Two: First lines.

Lord Sarthas was back. This time he’d bought cake.

So begins the continuing adventures of vampire slayer Annie and vampire sheriff Kaine, neither of whom are actually vampires. Vampires don’t need to put the word vampire in their title.

Also, spanking.

Just throwing that out there, a not entirely unconnected topic, given this excerpt from Twilight Cowboy, Book One:

“Annie. Come here. Now.”

I didn’t go there, so he reached out and grabbed me. I found myself being pulled over his lap in a way that was frankly uncomfortable. I had not had much experience with men up to that point. Being pressed against his thighs answered several questions that had been floating around in my mind. It turned out that a man’s body was quite hard all the way down. There was none of the softness of my own feminine frame. The ridge of his thigh was like steel beneath my hip. His arm wasn’t any more forgiving as it snaked around my waist.

My observations stopped abruptly when his hand clapped against the seat of my pants, jolting my body across his lap.

“Kaine! Stop!”

“Not yet,” he said, repeating the treatment. The slapping of his hand against my posterior was not pleasant, but it was not entirely painful. I suspected it could really hurt, if he wanted it to.

“Why are you doing this?”

“I told you why I’m doing this,” he said, his voice gravel above me. “You’re not listening to me, and you’re not obeying me. You need to do both, for your own safety. These vampires aren’t low level hunters looking for a snack. These vampires are old. Smart. Political.”

He punctuated every one of the adjectives with a slap to my backside that made it jiggle and sting.

“Kaine, you’re mad if you think you can spank me into doing what you want… OW!”

His hand landed with a swift, stinging impact.

“This doesn’t have to be very painful,” he said, “but if you insist on giving me attitude, it will be.”

He was becoming increasingly serious, and my bottom was becoming increasingly sore. He whacked away with the insistent stroke of a man who wanted to make an impression and I was left in the unfortunately reactive position of squeaking with every hard slap. The heat was soon seeping through my knickers and settling deep in the flesh of my bottom.

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Twilight Cowboy Reviewed :D

We have the first review for Twilight Cowboy, thank you, Sparrow!

A really fun read! At first I thought it was a zany tale told by a modern day British ex-patriot vampire slayer fending off Texas vampires and seeking to end her lot as a virgin spinster from the moment she sets eyes on the hot local cowboy lawman. Annie is soon revealed to be another Renard heroine with a mind of her own, the coolness of Emma Peel, and the commitment of Buffy the Slayer. Indeed, the cowboy lawman has the uncanny knack for showing up in the nick of time like Steed. He seems a bit of a Dudley Doright with the ethics of Clark Kent. Love this guy!

Twilight Cowboy -Western Paranormal Romance, In Time For Halloween!

I’m excited, and it’s on account of this book. Twilight Cowboy is my latest story, fresh off the authorly presses. It blends paranormal vampire themes with a little bit of contemporary Western flavor.

Annie Ring is an almost thirty year old virgin, a quiet homebody with a penchant for pastels and knitted cardigans who spends most of her time looking after her aged parents. Her world is as small and plain as she imagines herself to be. But Annie isn’t as boring as she’s convinced herself she is. She has a secret talent, one she can never share with the world at large. Annie Ring is an adept slayer of vampires. It’s a talent born of necessity, for her family is languishing under a curse that makes them the target of repeated attacks.

Our heroine’s life is forever disrupted when Sheriff Kaine Scoresby of AVC, a federal agency for the protection and control of the undead, shows up on her doorstep asking questions about missing vampires. Kaine is handsome. Kaine is persistent. Kaine is devastatingly old fashioned, especially when it comes to protecting damsels who insist they wouldn’t be in distress if only they were allowed to go stake something. Keeping Annie in line turns out to be more difficult than Kaine expected, but he and his firm hand prove to be more than equal to the task, much to Annie’s alternating delight and dismay.

Unfortunately for the would-be lovers, Kaine Scoresby isn’t the only one who is starting to pay attention to her. There are other, powerful, deadly, vicious entities who have her and her family in their sights. When the local vampire lord decides to exact revenge, Kaine and Annie find themselves fighting for their love – and their lives.

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The Sheriff and The Kid, A Spanking New Western!

There’s a new sheriff in town – and he’s ready to spank! This is my newest spanking Western, sizzling hot off the presses.

Sheriff Slade is one of the most fearsome lawmen south of the Santa Fe trail. Hot on the heels of a notorious bandit, Three Hand Jones, and a new accomplice known as ‘The Kid’, he’s ready to send two more bandits to the gallows.

When the trap he has planned for the law-breakers goes horribly wrong, Bill Slade is left not with two devious, faceless outlaws on his hands, but a dying father and his wild daughter.

Tawny Jones, aka ‘The Kid’ is completely undomesticated, a motherless tearaway who can outlaw with the best of them – but her criminal days are over if Bill has anything to say about it. And if she won’t listen, well then he’ll just spank her lawless bottom until she does.

Check the book out on Blushing Books, and read a sample chapter!

The Sourcerer’s Apprentice | Spanky Magic from Devlin O’Neill

The Sourcerer’s Apprentice represents another step into the world of Neverwasnia, a fantasy realm very much like our own, save for being inhabited by witches and pixies and werewolves and other mythical creatures that make themselves altogether a little too at home in what seems to be an otherwise mundane world.

This tale of magic and spanking from Devlin O’Neill not only distinguishes itself by merit of his fantastic modern fairy tale writing style and brilliant world building, but by containing one of the most interesting top figures in all spankydom in the form of Mother Hibbard – a sourceress to be reckoned with.

But that’s not all! There’s also a temperamental artist with a talent for capturing a girl’s bottom along with her soul, a dastardly doctor with a plan for bringing down Mother Hibbard and all her apprentices and Tabitha, dear, sweet, innocent apprentice Tabitha. What ever shall become of her and her little squirrel familiar?

Hot bottoms, warmed hearts and surprises aplenty lie in store for all those who dare peek inside to find out just what Mother Hibbard has in her cipboard, er, cupboard.

There’s no witches without itches, but this book scratches all of them.

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A Skittish Spankee

An excerpt from, yes, Corporate Discipline.

Matters came to a head when Ryan visited the bathroom and discovered two other employees, Melissa and Cecilia, already present. That in itself was not particularly odd or disturbing. But the fact that Melissa had her skirt raised to her waist and Cecilia was gawking at her bare bottom was quite disconcerting. Ryan gasped when she saw the state of the displayed bottom. There were bright red stripes laid across the middle of the young woman’s cheeks, and the entirety of her backside was cherry toned.

“What happened to you?”

“Benedict happened,” Melissa said ruefully. “I was late with the quarterlies.”

“How… what did he do?”

“Those are cane lines,” Cecilia informed her with the tone of one who has known such treatment before.

“He caned you? Where are we? Singapore?” Ryan did not attempt to hide her outrage. “That man has to be stopped.” Keep reading…

Reviewing Corporate Discipline

Devlin wrote this very telling, but not at all  spoilering, review of my latest ebook, Corporate Discipline. It is a lovely review. Lovely!

None of Loki Renard’s heroines want to be spanked. Most of mine don’t either, come to that, but Renard’s are even more adamant about the issue than most. This episode by Renard is one of the longest lead ups to a spanking I remember reading of hers, though quite worth the journey. Ryan Reese, the ever so reluctant recipient of the inevitable comeuppance, does everything she can think of to avoid having her bottom spanked – except quit her job. Yes, everyone needs a job nowadays, more than ever, but Renard brings us right into Ryan’s head and shows us, in great and sometimes harrowing detail, the turmoil, the upheaval, the angst that the girl goes through in fighting off the inevitable. She does not literally fight, however, as some of Renard’s heroines do – tooth and nail and cheap shots to the goodies included – but those are different people.

Ryan is a girl who wears flannel jammies with teddy bears on them, and knickers decorated with cupcakes. How long can a girl like that stand up to a kindly but powerful boss who is determined to have those knickers down and sort the girl out, the way he does every other female in his brokerage firm? Long enough for readers to get a very good insight into the workings of both these characters’ minds, I will say, thanks to Renard’s deft pen.

Thanks, Loki. Well done, indeed.

Thank you, Mr O’Neill.

Corporate Discipline | The Girl From A.S.S

All ladies need a good spanking.”

Ryan Rees is the third best broker at Associated Synergy Syndicates, a company listed on the NASDAQ as ASS. ASS is no typical brokerage. It is run by a singular man, Mr Charles Benedict, a man who puts his success in the corporate world down to employee discipline. This discipline takes many forms, but in the case of female associates is usually given in the form of spankings, typically delivered over the CEO’s knee.

Ryan doesn’t understand why Mr Benedict insists on spanking his employees and for the past three years she’s gone out of her way to avoid his disciplinary attentions – but her luck is about to run out.

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