A Princess Sold… A Barbarian’s Bride

“Tonight we sell a princess!”

A rough laugh went up among the crowd. Thanks to a torch held by the slaver, casting a circle of light beyond which darkness fell thick, Aisling could not see beyond the first row of men, but she sensed there were many dozens of people waiting to purchase female flesh.

“The bidding starts at a hundred gold pieces, which will earn you not just the virginity of Claddaugh’s only princess, but her father’s ire—and claim to his kingdom should you sire a son.”

A nasty, carnal roar emerged from the bidders.

“She’s a pretty one, nicely submissive, not inclined to give you trouble.” The slaver turned her about, lifted what remained of her skirts and exposed her behind to the crowd. “A pretty rump to boot,” he said, slapping her as if she were a filly at market. Aisling squeaked and the crowd rumbled with predatory glee like a pack of wolves waiting for her tender flesh.

“A hundred gold pieces!” A rough voice called out.

“Two hundred!” Another male voice sounded in the darkness.

“Three hundred!”

The bidding was fast and furious, but it came to an abrupt end when a voice that had not spoken before rang out with a clear baritone.

“Three thousand.”

The crowd fell silent. Aisling saw the slaver’s eyes glitter with greed.

“Sold!” he cried out. “Sold to Chief Rikiar Ravenblack!”

Grumbling with jealousy, the crowd parted to allow a strange party of men through. They were all tall and broad with long dark braided hair and flashing eyes, save for one whose hair was red. Each of their faces was daubed blue and gold and they wore animal hides and furs instead of cloth, which to Aisling’s tired, hysterical gaze made them seem more like beasts than men.

Aisling shrank away from them in fear, but the slaver cut his lash against her thigh and drove her forward into the arms of her new owners…


After she is kidnapped by her father’s enemies and sold to the barbarian chief Rikiar, Princess Aisling finds that life as a barbarian’s bride is quite different than the one to which she was previously accustomed. To her dismay, the once pampered princess soon learns that the barbarian chief is not to be trifled with and any disobedience will earn her a sound spanking on her bare bottom. 

Her days are certainly less boring than when she was cooped up behind castle walls, and since her warrior husband’s fierce lovemaking is beyond anything the virgin princess ever imagined, her nights are far more exciting as well. Though much is expected of her—she must both satisfy Rikiar’s voracious appetites in the bedroom and train to wield a sword—Aisling perseveres and before long she feels a strength growing in her heart which makes her proud. 

But when Aisling’s father demands her return and wages war against Rikiar and his people, she fears for Rikiar’s life. Can she trust her judgment and her courage to protect her newfound people, save her husband, and safeguard their love from those who wish to destroy it? 

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A Quiet Little Domestic Discipline Town…

In a town where everybody practices domestic discipline, a girl needs to be careful about who she tests…

Annika hesitated in the hallway. She’d put a skirt on and she was glad she had, for in the interim someone new had arrived. She only saw the back of his head and his shoulders, but she already didn’t like him. He was too broad, too wide, too fat, and American. Like the man she’d come to meet, the man who’d turned out to be nothing like he’d pretended to be online.

The man Annika was supposed to meet was twenty-eight years old, a professional with his own home and a sports car. In his pictures he’d looked handsome. A man with a full head of dark hair and brown eyes. A lot like Steven Soames actually looked. She’d become quite fond of the man who sent her the nice emails, who told her how much he was looking forward to making her his wife and how happy she would be with him. For months, Annika had built up a picture of the life she would lead when she reached America, and the man who was rescuing her from her drab, dour, and deprived existence in Russia.

It had all fallen apart the moment she set foot on US soil. The man who had met her at the airport was at least fifty, three hundred pounds, and smelled of cheese. He owned a mid-sized sedan and lived in a noisy, rented apartment. He was a liar. A liar who stole her passport, told her to ‘get over it’ and wanted to have sex within hours of meeting. He was grabby and greasy and she’d only barely fought him off before running away.

“Annika?” Steven stepped around the corner and gave her a reassuring smile. “We’re about to eat, but first, come meet John. He’s Mary’s husband.”

Hearing their conversation, the man named John stood up and turned around. She realized she’d made a mistake in judging him so quickly. He was nothing like the man Annika had come to marry. He wasn’t fat, he was just… huge.

“Hello, Annika.”

He didn’t smile. Neither did she. He was looking at her with an analytical gaze, taking her apart piece by piece. She was doing the same. She reached her conclusion before he did.

“Police,” she said. “You are police.”
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Mail Order Brat, Traditional Domestic Discipline Spanking Romance

Sweetville is a traditional little town, a place where domestic discipline is as much a part of the social fabric as the church, the women’s society and apple pie. It’s about to gain a new citizen, one who may not be ready for Sweetville just as much as Sweetville may not be ready for her.

Soon after leaving her native Russia to marry an American, Annika discovers that her husband-to-be is a liar and a cheat. Rather than return home, she runs away and begins living on the streets. When she is caught by Pastor Steven Soames while breaking into his car looking for a place to sleep, she expects the worst—arrest and deportation—but instead the handsome preacher invites her to his house for a warm meal.

Steven’s kindness impresses Annika and she is excited when he offers to let her stay in the guestroom at the parsonage in little town of Sweetville, even after he informs her that while under his roof proper behavior will be expected and defiance will earn her a sound spanking.

Steven is a widower, and he’s never been interested in another woman in his town until meeting Annika. Though she has a penchant for flagrant disobedience—something Steven knows will need to be cured with a firm hand applied to her bare bottom—he admires her spirit and is drawn to her strong will.

Annika finds trouble quickly and often, forcing Steven to chastise her ever more firmly, but the small-town preacher and the feisty Russian brat soon find themselves falling in love in spite of—or perhaps because of—her need to be taken in hand. But when Steven proposes, Annika cannot help but worry that he is only offering marriage out of pity in order to let her stay in America. Can she bring herself to put aside her fears and trust the man who has claimed her heart?

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Vampire’s Little Pet | Paranormal Erotic Spanking

“You’re mine.”

Words borne on cold breath sent a chill down my spine. Black leather wrapped around my wrists, thick bands of restraint which left me in no doubt as to who owned me.

I was doubly reflected in a gilt-edged mirror which faced another, creating an infinite series of he and I. My green eyes were wide with lust and perhaps a little bit of fear, partially obscured by long curling blonde locks. My pale body looked fragile under the strong hand of the vampire who held me in his sway. I was small compared to his muscled bulk, my mature curves accentuated by the hard lines of his frame.

“You’re mine and you’re going to feel it in every part of you,” he growled, slapping my bare bottom. His hand left a blooming red print in the shape of his fingers and palm, marking me. I cried out and his eyes flashed with victory.


Annie is a pretty girl, a brave girl and a very, very naughty girl. Her poor life choices have managed to land her behind bars with the rest of Small City’s female miscreants – but she has not been forsaken. Kaine Scoresby, fledgling vampire and heir to an ancient vampire lord intends on taking her and making her his own.

Annie and Kaine are betrothed, or at least, they were once. But vampires cannot legally marry humans, and even if they could, vampires don’t see humans as equals. A human can be only one thing to a vampire: a pet. Kaine has no difficulty with that idea. Annie was always destined to be his, how she becomes his is a matter of semantics and spankings.

There’s only one problem. Annie. She’s never been obedient, let alone submissive, and behaving herself has never been her forte. But obedience has become more than a matter of pleasing Kaine, it has become necessary for her very survival. The worst place in the world for a bratty slayer with a penchant for staking vampires is the private home of a vampire clan where danger lurks around every corner, and perilous secrets abound – but that’s where she has to live.

If she’s to stay safe, Miss Annie Ring is going to to have to learn her lesson and learn it well, whether it be over Kaine’s knee, under the vampire’s lash, or ultimately at the hands of the powerful lord who rules them all.

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Military Discipline Book Three, Savage’s Woman *OUT NOW*

Over the past few years, smart mouthed savant Zora Matthews has been kidnapped, incarcerated, soundly spanked, and forced to work for both the government and rogue mercenary forces alike. It’s been a rough ride for the independent and oh so rebellious brat who bows to no man – save one.

Now she’s free, and finally with the hard nosed military man who started the whole troublesome saga by snatching her out of her life and putting her firmly over his knee. As long as they keep their heads down, they can live a normal life – or so they think.

It turns out that being normal is much more difficult than either Zora or Savage anticipated. When the military discovers their location and Zora and Savage must leave their simple life go on the run one last time, she can’t help but notice that he doesn’t seem to mind too much. Whilst hiding, Zora has to face the issues they’ve both been avoiding. Can they ever run far enough to escape the government? And does Savage really want to?

In the fast paced, hard hitting conclusion to the Military Discipline series, Zora and Savage must face the ultimate obstacles to their love – themselves.

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Full of adventure, great characters, snappy dialogue, and a great plot, this book will have you begging for more Loki! Once you get your first taste, you’ll be hooked, so buy your copy today!


“The world is changing, Martin.”

“The world is not changing. We are. Soon you will be married and I will be married and we will have families of our own.”

“Yes,” she said softly. Soon he would be married, to a second cousin from Cheshire. The marriage had been arranged when he was but four years of age. Now that he was three and twenty, it would take place in the coming year.

As a child, Mary had once wished that she and Martin could marry one another, but Martin had never spoken of such sentiments and as time passed she had stopped her innocent declarations of love. Now there was only the silence between them to be shared, the touch that soothed but could not satisfy.

“Soon you will be married and have a brood. Soon you will have a pot belly and a thick beard with meat stuffed into graying pelt, and soon you will have gout in your big toe,” she laughed with merriment at her own jests.

Martin’s lips twisted slightly. “Your imagination will get you into trouble, sweet Mary.”

“Will it? I think not.” She turned her back to the balcony and looked sidelong at him. “Will you wear double breeches to stop the sagging of your manhood?”

“Mary!” Martin snapped her name. He had always been given to censure, and she to teasing.
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