Leashed By The Dragon

Kate was humiliated and so damn angry. She wished she was a hundred feet tall and she could squash Vilka like a bug. But she wasn’t. She was 5’4 and totally at the mercy of the commanding dragon. She couldn’t do anything about her predicament this time either. Being tied spreadeagled on the bed left her totally vulnerable and made it impossible to escape.

She did not know how long he left her there, but it was long enough for her body to calm itself and her tension and struggles against the binds, even the small ones, to cease. She was caught. Totally and utterly and she couldn’t do anything about it.

The door creaked as it opened and her mood lifted as Vilka entered the room. She didn’t want to be happy to see him, she just was. She couldn’t help it, even though it made her feel like a chained up puppy wagging its tail desperately upon her master’s return.

“You’re still here,” Vilka observed, wearing a triumphant smile. “Good. Simple ties can best your ability to disappear from a locked room. Fortunately for you, I have an alternative to having you tied to the bed for years.”

“I’m not feeling fortunate,” Kate said, squirming. She hated the way the position left her sex spread, the bright copper down covering her lips failing to hide the way her body responded to restraint. Just looking at him made her react, her clit tingling as she started to get wet. Her nipples were two taut little buds atop her breasts as well, her belly rising and falling with the faster breaths she couldn’t help but take in her aroused state. Keep reading…