A Student Is Spanked…*FREE* Spanking Erotica

In the informal budget stuffed environment of a university common room, a young lady is bottom up over an older man’s lap. Her hair is all askew, strands escaping their ties and pins to flail with the motion of her head. Her eyes are screwed closed as she opens her mouth to yowl. The reason for her distress is clear. His hand is sweeping down toward her bare bottom, red crested cheeks awaiting the impact of his palm.

She is being spanked.

The sound of her punishment is travelling through the halls, both the plaintive cries that escape her lips and the regular clapping sounds of the swatting that is impacting her cheeks. He has her firmly in hand, one arm around her slim waist, her hips propped over the hard ridge of his thigh. Her cheeks bounce with every slap, full rounds glowing beneath the skirt which is rucked up over her behind. Lacy panties are caught betwixt her shapely thighs, hobbling her as she squirms and wriggles in place.

It might be tempting to feel sorry for her. Her cries seem to indicate that she is sorry, and the way she drums her toes on the carpet is a sure sign that the heat burning in her nether regions is reaching explosive temperatures.

What has this sweet girl done to deserve this punishment? And what will the mean man do once he has finished tanning her hide? Read on, dear reader, read on…


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Federal Discipline, Spanked by the F.B.I

Case Agent Jack Harley never wanted a female rookie. He certainly didn’t want a hot little smart ass like Jamie Black. She’s devious, disrespectful – and damn good at her job, which puts Jack between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the decision of whether or not to keep her around.

If he’s going to be stuck with the young agent, Jack decides there’s one thing for it. Good sound spankings – a lot of them. He’s a dominant man and he makes no apologies for it. As their relationship deepens, that domination extends outside the realm of the purely professional and into the bedroom, the one place Jamie can actually behave herself.

When a string of murders takes place, Jack and Jamie are drawn into a dangerous underworld of cult violence. And when Jamie herself becomes a target of a murderous mastermind, it becomes imperative they crack the case before their budding relationship is cut terminally short.

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Toppiness and Spanking and Barbarians and Excellent Erotica News

“I am sorry, m’lord,” Aisling breathed.

“I don’t think you are,” Rikiar said. “You are still too wet to be sorry.” He let the pads of his fingers slide over her outer lips in a soft caress. “Look at you, spread, wet, your sheath ready for my sword, but for that pesky little bit of skin.”

Aisling hissed in a breath as his fingers once more probed inside her, finding her hymen.

“This will stay intact for the moment,” he said, sliding his fingers out again, then in a little ways, then out again, treating her to a little taste of what it would be like when his flesh speared inside her. It felt quite wonderful, so much so that Aisling was soon lifting her hips, presenting her pussy as his prize.

“You want to cum, don’t you,” Rikiar drawled in that husky voice. “You want to have your pussy played with until you clench and scream and spend yourself all over me.” A sharp slap to her bottom followed the words. “But you’ve been naughty, Aisling, and naughty princesses have their bottoms spanked.”


That was an excerpt from my latest historical erotica book, The Barbarian’s Bride, which is currently enjoying the #2 spot in Historical Erotica, as well as top 40 rankings in Amazon’s BDSM erotica and Romantic erotica categories. In other news of resounding toppiness, I’ve reached #96 in the Top 100 Erotica authors on Amazon.com for the first time, which is most exciting. Thank you to all you wonderful readers who buy the books I so very much enjoy writing!

Spanked And Squirming

Standing in the corner, she wriggles whilst remaining still.

It’s quite a trick.

Her hips sway, the curve of her cheeks moving like a metronome. Sheer mesh panties reveal the blushing of her bottom, the consequence of a palm landing repetitively across her flesh, which was the consequence of something else.

“Stand still, please.”

The order comes softly. There is no need to speak loudly, not when the penitent has already obediently slipped into the corner.

Her hips still for a moment. The ticking of a clock can be heard.




Three seconds are all she can manage before the wriggle returns, propelled by the stinging of her sensitive seat. Palm prints still burn across her bottom and the soft skin between her upper thighs where a few seemingly stray but ever so intentional swats landed.

The eyes of the spanker are on her. She feels the gaze. Knowing that she is observed in her chastened state causes the stinging and tingling to grow stronger. She blushes the full length of her body, fresh blood flow enhancing the afterglow.


The spanker draws close.

She takes a deep breath and stills herself, closing her eyes as if to ward against the possibility of more punishment.

The disciplinary hand returns, fingers curling to cup her bottom. The touch is firm, but soothing, transforming from proprietary grasp to a slow rubbing as spanker becomes soother.

She arches her back, abandoning herself to the moment as fingers travel across the crown of her cheeks then dip into the crevice between her thighs. There they find the real reason she can’t stand still. There they find heat. There they find soft, moist fabric lubricated by her desire.

The squirm returns.

A Hard Spanking

“It won’t be hard, will it?”

He looked at her solemnly and his voice made her innards tremble. “What is the point of a spanking if it is not hard?”

“But… I mean…” Her lower lip began to quiver as her doe eyes filled with watery haze.

“It will be hard, my girl,” he said, taking her by the hand and drawing her across the room to the spot where a solitary dining chair stood alone in the middle of the rug. “It will be hard when I put you across my lap,” he said, sinking to sit on the seat and pulling her between his legs so that she was trapped between his muscular thighs.

“It will be hard when I peel these sweet panties down,” he said, reaching for the waistband and slipping it down so that the curve of her bare cheeks was exposed. “It will be hard when I lay my hand across your oh so deserving bottom and…” he paused, and smiled. “It will be harder still when I sink it inside you.”

He winked at her stricken face and she let out all the air she’d been holding in a rush of disbelief. “Damn you,” she said, slapping his chest playfully. “You scared me.”

She heard him chuckle as he tipped her over his lap and the spanking began. She squirmed, feeling his cock pressing into her outer thigh as he slapped her bottom with brisk, light strokes. As he’d promised, it was hard.

You Can’t Spank Me

This was supposed to be a tiny little couple hundred word mini-post thing, but it got out of control. Even the posts around here don’t behave themselves. Something ought to be done about that.


“You can’t spank me,” she says, her eyes flashing warning.

He is not listening. He is removing the cuff-links from his shirt sleeves, methodically placing one then the other on the coffee table. He has said that she is to be spanked. He has said it as if it is the most natural and necessary thing in the world.

“Don’t you dare.” She backs towards an exit, just in case the unthinkable happens and he does actually dare.

He looks at her mildly, his intention plain as he begins rolling his shirt sleeves up over his forearms, which now seem to her to be ridiculously overdeveloped. What has he been doing that the mucles flex visibly with even the smallest movement?

A curl of his salt and pepper has fallen into his eyes, he pushes it back then beckons to her. One finger crooked. Here. Now.

She shakes her head. “No!” Her voice cracks with outrage. “No we are not doing this!”

“Come here, young lady.” His voice is steady and low.

“No,” she insists. “No. No. No. No. No.” She shakes her head, lashing her pony tail from side to side.
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I Spank You

You’ve been naughty and you know it.

I warned you over and over again. I’m not the person you want to push. I’m not the one you want to brat. But you didn’t believe me and now here we are, you’re stammering apologies as usual and I’m coming to a decision that I should have come to a long time ago.

I hold you on my lap and let you squirm. I can feel the moisture seeping through your panties. You’re wet. You’re wet because you’re a naughty little brat with a pussy that needs to be taught a lesson like the rest of you. I take hold of the front of your panties and tug them up, making them sit snugly over your clit and lips. The additional pressure is pleasant and you wriggle all the more for it.

“Are you going to spank me?” You ask the question playfully, coquettishly. You’re not taking this seriously, not yet. The tingle in your little clit is distracting you from what’s really happening here.
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