Leashed by the Dragons *NEW DRAGON PET PLAY*

The hottest new standalone in the popular dragon brides pet play series is out now!

Nineteen-year-old orphan Brianna Packard learned quite a bit about getting out of tough situations over many years spent fending for herself, but nothing could have prepared her for the moment she is grabbed off the street by two powerful dragon shifters intent on bringing her back to their world, training her as a pet, and then selling her to the highest bidder.

Though Valkimer and Chak expected that taming a human female would be a simple task, Brianna turns out to be as clever as she is beautiful, and when she escapes it is no small feat to recapture her. Determined to master their feisty little captive, they waste no time in stripping her bare and spanking her soundly, but that is only the beginning of her punishment.

When she continues to defy her new owners, Brianna soon finds herself bound and on display, with her bottom on fire both inside and out and her naked body teased until she is quivering with helpless, desperate desire. By the time her captors are convinced she has learned her lesson, she is all but begging them to take her in any way they please, and when the two handsome warriors claim her at last the pleasure is more intense than she would have thought possible.

It isn’t long before Brianna is blushing crimson as she is fitted with a collar and tail, and as her training begins in earnest over the coming days she begins to realize how thoroughly her masters plan to enjoy their new pet. More shameful still, though she promises herself that she’ll continue looking for an opportunity to escape, part of her isn’t even sure she wants to…

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“Pet! Come here, now!”

Valkimer’s roar made her stomach burst into butterflies as he slammed through the door behind her. She ran, but only a few more steps. His large hand caught her by the back of the neck and she stopped instantly, his other hand on her arm, releasing her neck as he turned her and picked her up, under her armpits as he drew her close and held her dangling before him, their noses pressed together as his gaze bored into hers.

“That was a mistake, pet,” he snarled. “A very big mistake.”

“Lighten up,” she said, wriggling in his grasp. “That was fun.”

“It was not fun, you hellion,” Valkimer snarled. “You could have killed yourself falling off the roof.”

“You would have caught me.”

“I did catch you. And now I am going to make it very clear to you why you will never, ever do anything as stupid as that again.”

She looked between them and a heavy hollow feeling established itself in her belly. They didn’t seem to find this even a little bit funny or fun. Chak had come to them by now and even he wasn’t smiling. It was strange to see him be stern. His eyes were usually always laughing, even if his mouth wasn’t. He had a warmth to him that always made her feel safe and cozy, but right now all that had faded. He looked angry, just like Valkimer. An angry Chak was about the scariest thing she had ever seen. He hadn’t even said a word when she started stammering her apologies.

They took her back to the bedroom where she had been imprisoned and tossed her face down on the bed.

“Okay, okay, I am sorry, seriously,” she whimpered. “I thought it would be—ow!”

Their palms both landed on separate cheeks hard enough to make her squeal and jump in place.

“I don’t care what you thought,” Valkimer snarled. “You obey us, pet. You do not think up dangerous ways to get our attention.”

“It’s boring in here, you keep me in one room, I had to break out or I would literally go crazy!”

“You need to go out, you talk to us. You don’t climb out a window a hundred feet up and start clambering around on the roof,” Chak lectured, swatting her firmly over and over.

“Stop that,” Valkimer said suddenly. “This silly slapping is doing nothing. We must teach her a proper lesson.”

He left the room and Brianna attempted to beg Chak for mercy. “I was only kidding,” she said. “It was just a bit of fun.”

“You almost killing yourself is not a joke. Not to either of us,” he said firmly.

In a minute, Valkimer was back. He was pushing the strangest piece of furniture Brianna had ever seen, and holding a bag that seemed weighted with heavy objects. She had no idea what was happening until she was pulled up and then pushed over what was effectively a pommel horse, a short padded bench that she bent over, her head down, her bottom high in the air. There were shackles at both hands and feet and in very short order her ankles and wrists were attached to the piece of equipment. She was trapped very effectively, her bottom and pussy on vulnerable display.
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