Buying Trouble, PT 7: Naughty Girl On Public Display

“Ohhhhhhwww!” Eris complained as her master’s palm beat a brisk tattoo across her butt. This was nothing like when the gross slaver had spanked her. Everything about it felt different, the hard lines of his mercenary frame in particular. As she squirmed back against him in an effort to use his body to shield her butt from his palm, she felt a hard ridge pressing against her hip. If that was his cock, he was exceptionally endowed. Her eyes widened and she turned her head to look back at him, still crying out with every slap he dealt to her cheeks.


He ground the word out, his voice deep and resonant and commanding.

“Sorry!” Eris squeaked. It didn’t feel as though she’d had any choice in the matter. When this man wanted something – it happened.

He kept a hold of her, pinning her back against her body as she squirmed her hot bottom. He had not spanked her long, but he had spanked her hard enough to make her skin sting with a hot blush of heat. Her skirt had ridden up over her waist, exposing her red bare cheeks and the mound between them. She was wet. And not just because he had spanked her and made her half naked before throngs of people. She had been getting progressively wetter since she met him. He had a kind of attractiveness she’d never encountered before, a quiet, intense, powerful kind which made her want to know him, and made her want him to know her.

The mercenary’s palm remained on her bottom, then slid around and down. His fingers found her dewy slit and Eris gasped as he ran the pad of his middle finger across the dripping seam of her lips.

“Not in front of everybody,” she moaned.

“You wouldn’t be this wet if everybody wasn’t here.”

Gods! Why did he think that?! And was it true?

He grasped her by the back of her neck, holding her in place as helpless as a kitten as his finger traced the seam of her lips, back and forth, lightly circling around the bud of her clit. He was using her body against her, stroking the slick fluids around her sex until she could barely stand it.

“Everybody’s looking!”

His eyes closed slightly in a smile. “Are they?”

Eris tore her gaze away from him and looked around. To her great surprise, nobody was looking. And not in a way which suggested they were deliberately averting their gazes. It was just like he had been in the bar. People were flowing around them, but when they looked at the space where Eris and her master were standing, their gazes somehow just slid over them to the next object.

The mercenary toyed her clit, holding her in place as she panted with increasing arousal.

“How do you do this?” She panted the question, squirming and moaning.

He leaned forward and answered her question in a rough whisper just as he slipped a finger into her soaking wet pussy.



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