Buying Trouble, PT 6: Publicly Spanked

Eris squirmed in place, wishing she could know more about this man who now owned her. There was a hunger in his eyes, but it was mysterious and confusing to her, though she enjoyed the way his gaze made her feel. There was some kind of promise in it which made images of disrobing him fly into her head. What would he look like naked? How would it feel to kiss him? To be touched by him in a sensual way?

“Come. We will be late.”

“Late for what?”

He did not answer the question, simply turned and strode off through the crowds again, leaving her to follow after him. She did, of course, harnessed as firmly to him by sheer curiosity as she could ever have been by a leash or chain.

In spite of her excitement, Eris’ stomach was beginning to grumble. Fortunately, the markets were full of foodstuffs. As they passed a fruit seller, Eris reached out and snagged an apple. She put it to her mouth and was about to bite into it, anticipating the juicy flesh, when it was suddenly snatched from her.


She looked up, her mouth open, to see her master looking down at her, the apple in his large hand.

“What the hell?! You weren’t even looking!?” Eris complained, reaching out for the fruit. “The seller didn’t even see me take that.”

“But I did.”

“You have eyes in the back of your hat or something?

His lips quirked at her and he shook his head.

“Gimme,” Eris demanded. “I’m hungry.”

“You stole this.”

“Yeah, and you stole me, technically. I’m hungry! Give it back!”

He looked at her impassively, then tossed the apple in the air. About a foot above his head, it disappeared in thin air in some kind of weird magic trick which only served to annoy her.


“See now we’re going to have our first fight,” Eris announced. “Unless you give me something to eat. Now.”

The tall man whose name was still a mystery looked down at her, his lips pressed together in what was probably annoyance. Eris didn’t care. Her stomach was rumbling and as far as she was concerned taking her food was an act of war.

The seconds ticked by and no food was forthcoming. That was not acceptable to Eris.

“Fine,” she said. “I’m going to get another one, and you’re not going to stop me.”

She turned on her heel and started to storm off toward the fruit seller. He had plenty more fruit to purloin, and her master couldn’t possibly make them all disappear.

Two steps into her storming, she stopped moving forward. Her legs still moved, her feet still slapped on the ground, but fingers in the back of her skimpy top prevented her from going anywhere.

“Let me go!” She glowered at him over her shoulder.

He pulled back on her top with a quick jerk which sent her flying toward him, her back pressed against his body. One of his arms wrapped around her shoulders and chest, the other pulled back and came forward in a hard sweeping slap which caught her cheek in a smack so hard she yowled at the very top of her lungs.

“Ow! To hell with you!” She cursed him roundly. He kept a hold of her, his large hand cupping her under her right breast as he wrangled her easily. His palm landed again, catching exactly the same spot. Eris swore furiously as her ass blazed hot, aching so badly she could barely stand it.

All around them, people were starting to notice what was happening. Curious eyes settled on the squirming barely clad young lady wriggling furiously against the hard, unyielding body of a mercenary as he branded her bottom with his big, hard palm. In spite of the pain, Eris felt her body responding. Her nipples were hardening underneath the scant fabric, her butt squirming against his body in response to the hard slaps which made her dance in place.