Buying Trouble, PT 5: The Mystery of her Master

Eris’ new master led her through the crowds of the city, not looking back once to see if she was still there. Eris saw a thousand opportunities for escape, and about two thousand for mischief, but her master’s confusing confidence in his possession of her made her ignore all of them in favor of catching up to him and trying to look up into his face as he strode along, his hat low over his eyes as he moved like a shade through the crowds. Unlike Eris, who had to dart back and forth and dodge this way and that to avoid being stood on or outright ran over, people melted out of her master’s way. Where he walked, they simply were not. It was the strangest thing to watch, and it meant that his wake was a fairly safe place to be.

“Hey! Where are we going?”

If he answered her, she didn’t hear it. He just kept walking, his long legs setting a pace which made Eris struggle to keep up with him.


When he still failed to respond, she reached out and tugged at the back of his dark robe. “HEY!”

“What is it?”

He stopped and turned to her, addressing her with an even expression. If he was irritated at being badgered, it didn’t show on his hard features, which sent a fresh chill right through Eris as she took them in. It wasn’t that he looked hostile or threatening, it was that something about him made her feel quivery all over, deep in the most secret places of her body.

“Uhm, just wondering where you were taking me? And, maybe, if you could get this off me?” She held up her wrist with the shackle still attached. The wood had fallen off some ways back, but the metal circled still remained on her wrist.

Her master took hold of her wrist, his hands large compared to her small frame. She watched as his thumb stroked the skin of her inner wrist for just a moment, the casual touch sending a bolt of excitement through to the very core of her.

“Be still,” he warned.

She watched him curiously as he took the shackle between thumb and forefinger and twisted the two digits. There was a loud PING! as the metal gave way and then the shackle fell from her arm to the ground below. She was free!

“Thanks,” Eris grinned, rubbing her reddened skin where the cuff had rested. “That feels a lot better. So, where are we going? What are you going to do with me?”

“Does it matter?”

“Well, sure, a little,” she said. “I mean, are you going to sell me to someone else? Are you going to let me free? You’re not very… owner-y.”

The slight flicker of expression across his lips passed for a smile. “You are very owned.”

Eris felt herself blush, though she wasn’t sure why. Maybe it was because this handsome, mysterious man was somehow making her crave his mastery simply by being his powerful, contained self. She had definitely never met anyone like this before. She looked into his face, her big blue eyes focused on his mouth. She wondered what it would be like to be kissed by those lips… or to be caressed by those hands which were so strong he could snap metal with his fingers. A thought occurred to her as she took his robes, his hat, his restrained behavior into account.

“Are you a monk, or something?”

His reply made her blush again, given as it was after his dark gaze had pointedly roamed her body from head to toe.

“Absolutely not.”