The Alpha’s Pet

When troublemaker Sacha Wallace is banished after plotting against her brother, the alpha of one of England’s oldest packs, she’s deposited in front of the mansion of the powerful Russian alpha Alexei Chernov. Though she is both aroused and intimidated by the dominant wolf’s stern demeanor and formidable presence, Sacha does her best to be as difficult as possible.

Alexei has no qualms about stripping a troublesome female bare and punishing her thoroughly, and Sacha’s prideful defiance earns her one painful, embarrassing spanking after another. Determined to tame her, Alexei sets out to make Sacha his pet, and soon she is blushing crimson as she is taught to obey his every instruction, eat from his hand, and kneel at his feet wearing nothing but her collar.

Though submission does not come easily for Sacha, being made to bend to Alexei’s will excites her in a way nothing ever has before, and his masterful lovemaking sets her blood on fire. But when Sacha’s presence leads to turmoil within the pack, will Alexei cast her out or claim her irrevocably as his mate?


She was arrogant, the little Englishwoman. And she was completely out of place and out of luck. Alexei had no patience for insubordination in his pack. It was a pity that he would have to be harsh with her. True shifters, born shifters, they were becoming increasingly rare. Laying eyes on Sacha was a true pleasure. She was much more beautiful than her picture had suggested. Her dark hair framed a face of utterly captivating features. Her nose was long and straight, her cheekbones were high, her lips were thinned with the effort of anger, but even so she had a unique beauty, her pale skin and strong features suiting her haughty demeanor perfectly. She almost seemed immune to her situation, but her eyes betrayed the set of her lips and the cocky lift of her chin. They were brown and filled with more emotion than she should be able to contain. Anger. Fear. Pride. Desire. All were locked in that silent gaze which drew him in and did not let him go.

He was quite stunned, truth be told. His pack was full of appealing women, but none of them were like this one. There was no doubt about it. The English alpha had made him a valuable gift. Sacha was a precious jewel, beautiful and proud. He was exceedingly pleased with her, but it would do her no good to know that.

“You are right,” he said, watching her eyes brighten for a moment. “A room full of whelps is not a suitable place for you. You are less than a whelp. Our pups are better behaved than you. You should be put in the nursery, where you might learn some manners.”

She bristled before him, but in addition to the rage gleaming in her eye, he also saw the blush which ran to the very roots of her hair. His words had excited her. It was often that way. Females who thought themselves dominant were more entranced by submission than even the lowest ranking omega. She did not know it yet, but she would soon beg for both his lash and his domination.

As he watched her react to his words with a silent cacophony of physical response Alexei felt a spark of excitement which he had not experienced in a very long time. There was a particular pleasure to be found in taking a proud woman and making her see what she really was deep inside. The one standing in front of him reminded Alexei of another young woman, one he had lost many years ago. She now slept in the ice bound ground outside the mausoleum. Outside it because she never did like to be caged or contained, and because that had been the very last thing he could do for her.

For a brief moment, Katya’s face swam before his eyes. She looked nothing like the woman standing before him, and yet, for a second, he saw her in Sacha’s eyes. Katya had never been one for obedience either.

With some effort, Alexei forced himself to focus on the matter and the woman at hand. Sacha was not Katya. She was a stranger in what must seem to her to be a very strange land. She was looking to establish herself. Now he thought about it, putting her with the single women was probably a bad idea. She would do her best to dominate them, and either she would fail – probably in bloody fashion, or she would succeed and be on her way to climbing the ranks. That he did not want. She could not be allowed to unsettle the pack, and he did not want to see any of his charges harmed.

“I will not put you with the other single women,” he said. “You would be nothing but a bad influence.”

She smiled a dark smile, white teeth and canines flashing at him. “You may count on that,” she agreed. “You will soon see what this pup is capable of.”

Though she was much smaller than him in both stature and bulk, Sacha did an admirable job of staring him down. Through her bravado he could scent her fear. She was doing such a good job of hiding it that it would have been missed by anyone who did not have the senses of a shifter. Unfortunately for the newest, most reluctant member of his back, both Alexei and Vladimir had excellent senses. For all she postured and spoke in those cultured English tones, her scent meant that she may as well have been cowering with her tail between her legs. A frightened wolf could be dangerous, and this one had already proved herself to be too much for one pack. Alexei knew he would have to handle her with care.

He exchanged a glance with Vladimir. His second in command looked at him with a raised brow, thoroughly unimpressed with her. Alexei knew Vladimir well enough to know that he was probably already mentally picking out the cane he intended on using on her. Vladimir was known as the house disciplinarian. Truth be told, he enjoyed the task. There was perhaps a drop of the sadist in his character, though he was scrupulously fair and never gave a punishment which wasn’t deserved. Unfortunately for Sacha, she already deserved some kind of discipline. Her tone was utterly unacceptable, and her attitude would not be tolerated.


Standing between the two men, Sacha tried her best not to be frightened. Either one of them would have been intimidating alone. Together, they not only had her outnumbered, the imbalance of power was palpable. It was not going to be as easy to assert herself as she had imagined. Her bold words were lacking bite, and that would not do.

The alpha’s eyes were still locked on her. They had not left her since she’d turned to face him. He had the gaze of a dominant animal. Sacha had used the same technique on her own pack members, maintain eye contact until they began to squirm and were forced to break it. She had not been on the receiving end of it to this extent before. It was quite a novel experience, to feel as though she was shrinking before Alexei, becoming smaller and smaller by the second.

She could feel Vladimir behind her too, his dour energy matching Alexei’s in intensity. She did not know how a man could be so reserved and yet so intimidating.

“Be careful with your words, pup,” Alexei drawled. “And be even more careful with your actions. We believe in consequences here. This is not a permissive pack, as you will soon discover if you do not learn to display appropriate behavior.”

“And what is appropriate behavior? Belly-crawling to you?” She snapped the words before she really had time to consider them.

Almost the moment they left her lips, a sound like a gunshot rang out and a second later her left cheek burned fiercely. Vladimir had spanked her on the bottom, his large hand catching the entirety of her cheek.

Sacha turned on him, her lip lifted in a snarl, her anger flaring. Before she could open her mouth to address him, another hard slap landed from behind, delivered by the alpha directly to her right cheek. Alexei’s swat sent her up onto her toes and forced her to scuttle out of the middle of them, both her hands fastened on her rear.

“I think its time our newest member learned what being part of this pack means,” he said, rubbing his large palms together as he advanced on Sacha. She backed away from him, finding herself up against the wall which she slid along until she backed herself in a corner in which she was quickly trapped by both alpha and beta.

They were going to punish her. They did not say a word about it, but she knew that things were about to go very, very badly for her. Both men were looking at her with a particular dominant determination which she knew was focused on one thing: her submission.

She would not give it. Sacha had not submitted ever in her life, and she was not going to begin because the scenery had changed, or because she was confronted with two dominant males. The problem was that physically she was much smaller than they. Alexei outweighed her by eighty pounds at least, and though he was less powerfully built, Vladimir was still taller and stronger than her. Either one of them would have had an advantage alone. Together, they were almost certain to get the better of her.

Sacha was left with just one choice – to shift. It happened almost without planning or thought. Her anger and her fear took animal form, her clothes sheared from her body by the force of her transformation. In seconds the slim woman was gone, and in her place was a snarling she-wolf, lips pulled back from sharp canines. She knew they could shift too, of course. In their wolf forms they could roll her over and pin her, they could fasten their jaws on her throat if they desired, they could even bite her, but they could not impart any of the humiliating punishments given to humans. As a wolf she was safe from the tumult of fear and anticipation which flooded her human body.