The Alien’s Pet

When an injured stranger breaks into her small-town veterinary clinic late at night and demands that she assist in treating his wounds, Serena Spiers knows right away that something is amiss. Though he is undoubtedly handsome, the intruder’s oddly colored eyes and extraordinary height leave no doubt in her mind that he is not of this world.

Seeking to escape her predicament, she treats his wounds and then does her best to discretely sedate him, but a tranquilizer shot proves far less effective than she had hoped. Her captor is none too pleased by her attempt at subterfuge, and before she knows it Serena is blushing crimson as she is held firmly across his muscular thighs, completely naked, while her bare bottom is soundly spanked.

Serena’s ordeal is just beginning, however. It turns out that her alien visitor is a high-ranking commander among his people, and when he realizes that the discovery of her encounter with him could put Serena in grave danger, he takes it upon himself to ensure her safety by bringing her along as he leaves Earth behind. But his people have very specific rules about transporting primitive species aboard their ships, and she will not be treated as his guest or even as his prisoner, but as his pet.

She will be expected to submit to him completely, and any defiance will earn her a painful, humiliating punishment. Yet despite her fury at the indignity of it all, Serena cannot help reacting with shameful, helpless arousal as she is stripped bare, thoroughly examined, and then claimed in any way her new master pleases, sometimes in full view of the ship’s crew. Can she learn to yield to the pleasure that results from his conquest of her body, or will she spend the entire voyage with her bottom sore both inside and out?


Humans always seemed so frail to Zed. This one was no exception. Her curved, lithe body was very pleasing to look upon, but he could feel her fragility too. She writhed and gasped under his palm, the lightest of slaps causing her skin to blush brightly as her vaginal walls gripped his fingers tightly.

Serena was very, very pleasing. Her red brown hair gleamed under the light in a way which was very appealing. The range of human hair colors had always been of interest to him, the way a single head could contain many varied hues. As she threw herself this way and that her long hair reflected light in a range of delicate and appealing earth tones. He was almost entranced enough to suspend her punishment. After all, she had not known any better. She was a simple earth girl doing what came naturally to most of them – behaving in a headstrong, reckless fashion.

No. He could not be merciful. Not yet. She needed a lesson. If he could do nothing else for her, he could teach her not to cross strange men twice her size – to respect her physiological betters. It was foolish, to attempt to restrain a creature such as him. If she had tried that on any others of his species she could very well have found herself atomized.

With that thought in mind, he pulled his fingers from her vagina and spanked her bottom with swift slaps, bringing a fresh blush of pink to her buttocks. Serena whimpered with feminine complaint, but she was still very much aroused. Her soft scent was most alluring, the slow flow of her fluids a sure signal that she needed more than a spanking. She needed to orgasm, to submit entirely to his discipline until every nerve in her body quivered and she was left with nothing but the certainty that she was his.

Zed was not normally given to such ardent acts of conquest, but something about this red headed human demanded it. His cock was already hardening in response to her hot squirming curves and sweet scent. All that stopped him from throwing her down on her bed and taking her tight feminine channel was the knowledge that to do so would be to break protocol – and he had already broken enough protocols for one night.

“You will orgasm while I punish your bottom,” he informed her. “Your climax will be your apology.”

He swatted her bottom again, then thrust his fingers back inside her. She was wetter still, if such a thing were possible. If he were reading her eager body language correctly, she seemed more than willing to orgasm for him, in fact, her hips were moving back, impaling her cunt on his fingers.

Most females of his species would have blushed and begged for anything besides forced orgasm, but human women were different – this one especially so. Serena seemed to be a particularly headstrong and wanton woman, if he had not known better he would have thought that she was just as keen to climax as he was for her to.

What kind of punishment was it if she wanted to reach the point of release? Zed held his fingers still and noted that Serena kept moving, her hot red bottom squirming back and forth as she ground her wet pussy over the hard intrusion.

She was in heat. She needed to be mated.

To hell with it. As one of the first commanders, he’d written half the protocols in the first place. They could be unwritten.

Zed swept Serena off his lap and tossed her onto her bed, pinning her on her back. She did not have time to react other than to gasp as he pulled her slim legs up, spread her thighs wide, and tossed her ankles over his shoulders, then lined the thick length of his cock up against the pouting, wet lips which guarded her vaginal canal.

Serena’s eyes opened wide as he pressed in, giving her the first taste of his cock. He knew he was thicker and longer than most human males, but all the sexual stimulation and her copious lubrication eased the passage of the flared head of his member into her body.

“Zed! No! Zed…. Yes….” She moaned helpless little refusals followed by agreement. Her body was covered in a blush of excitement, her nipples hard like two little pink pebbles as he pressed further forward, slowly sinking almost all of his ten inches inside her.

Her gasping breaths grew shorter and her squeals more plaintive the deeper he went. It was certain she had never been penetrated like this before, he could feel her quivering cunt clenching at him, drawing him deeper with greedy muscle contractions