The Alien’s Leash

Lord Kyren Cirrus has spent years collecting unique and interesting creatures from across the galaxy, but the moment twenty-year-old Tara Dyrek is delivered to him he knows she will not be just another specimen to study. This beautiful, feisty little human will be much more than that. She will be his pet.

Tara is none too pleased to have been captured, caged like an animal, and taken to a far-off world, but her protests are ignored and soon enough she is blushing crimson as she is thoroughly and intimately examined, then brought to a shameful climax by Kyren’s skillful ministrations.

Her new master makes it clear that he will expect obedience from his pet, and when she attempts an escape he quickly proves more than willing to bare her bottom for a painful, embarrassing spanking. The strict punishment leaves Tara burning with need, and Kyren wastes no time in claiming her and mastering her body completely.

It isn’t long before Tara begins to enjoy her new life, but when she catches the eye of a powerful government official and he tries to take her for himself, will Kyren do whatever is necessary to keep his beloved pet?


“Gitoff me!” Tara cursed and squirmed as she was grabbed by impossibly large hands.

She’d been stuffed in a cramped container for what felt like forever, pushed into the confined quarters by two men who had materialized behind her while she had been foraging for food in the woods outside her village. Tara was used to all sorts of dangers out in the forest, but big men in armored suits weren’t among them. They hauled her out of the crate and held her between them as she tossed her head, her bright red hair flailing along with the rest of her as she glared with spitting green eyes at her captors.

“Who are you? What do you want?” The questions tumbled out of Tara’s mouth until the signals from her eyes managed to bang their way into her brain and she noticed that she wasn’t anywhere even vaguely familiar. The room she found herself in was pure white, the walls and floor and ceiling a seamless plane of material she did not recognize. It was lit without any obvious source of light. No candles. No lamps. Just a light coming from nowhere and everywhere all at once.

“Where am I?”

She continued to glare at her captors, two blond men whose muscles were rippling with the effort it took to keep her in their arms. She was much smaller than they were, but her struggles for escape were making it difficult to keep her under control.

They took her from the white room, carrying her past a window along the way. The view revealed a vast black nothingness, and below that, a bauble of blue and gray and green. Somehow—she did not know how—they were floating high above a planet. A planet that was not Earth. She knew what her planet looked like thanks to the old books stored in the library. The planet below was deeply alien. Even without knowing what Earth looked like, she would have known she was no longer near the planet she had been born on. There was a hollow feeling in her stomach, a feeling of pure distance that was echoed in what she saw outside the window.

“Who are you? Where is this?”

They still didn’t answer her. They didn’t even seem to notice that she was talking, which was odd. Everything had been odd since they’d pulled her from the forest. They’d given her something before they’d put her in the box. Something that made her feel all dreamy. They had poked and prodded her with all sorts of things, making her alternately uncomfortable and sleepy, and now that she was roused… angry.

They carried her into a smaller room and locked her inside it. It had another window, one she glued herself to, her hands on either side of it as it began to move. They were descending toward the planet below. It was a stunning sight, but a frightening one too. How could any of this be possible? The world she had grown up in was one of crumbled long lost technologies. There were records, here and there, of long lost wonders, but Tara had never thought she would see one. She definitely didn’t think she would be captured inside one.

Her attention was pulled from the window as the door behind her opened and her captors appeared once more. They were dressed strangely, in dark suits that were skin tight and made of some kind of material unlike any she’d seen woven by the seamstresses in her village. It was light and strong and she knew it could deflect a sharp blade because she’d tried to stab one of them with her gathering knife when they had taken her and it had slid off as if it were made of dull wood, not the sharpest steel the smith had in his forge.

“This one’s a fighter,” one man grunted to the other as he tossed Tara over his shoulder. “Fresh off-planet. He will be pleased.”

“I hope so,” his companion said. “If we fail him again that will be the end of us.”

“Who is he?” Tara snapped the question again. Again, they ignored her, and she wondered if maybe they couldn’t understand her. That was strange, as she could understand them perfectly well.
“Put the hood on her,” the other man said as Tara lashed out with an open mouth. “It’ll stop her biting and might settle her down.”

“Sure,” the other snorted. “I don’t know how you settle one like this, but I don’t think a hood is going to do it when half our stock of sedatives didn’t.”

They were talking about her like she was a horse that needed to be blinkered. She tossed her head around as they tried to put the hood on, but they got their way as they had before and soon the world went dark.

As one of them had predicted, the hood didn’t stop her fighting in the slightest, but it did stop her from seeing the world around her. She was carried through some space into another space and then she was placed on a soft surface, which did settle her slightly as it was the first comfortable thing she’d encountered since being taken. And then she waited. She didn’t know what she was waiting for, but nothing happened for a very long time. Every time she tried to stand up, she was pushed back down into a seated position. They still didn’t talk to her.

“He’s coming,” one man finally said to the other in the darkness.

“Shhh,” the other replied.

They fell silent as a door opened, then erupted into panicked sounding greetings.

“Lord Kyren!”


Tara heard a deep rumbling voice that was much more powerful than those of the captors, as if it belonged to a creature greater than either of them.

There was a pause and even with a bag over her head, Tara could feel the tension in the room rise. The masculine growl came again, deep with displeasure. “I paid for a six-month expedition and you bring me one specimen?”

The excuses began immediately, tumbling out of the big men’s mouths. “It’s a difficult planet to get anything from. And this one was a difficult catch. She fought us. Almost escaped. We couldn’t let her warn the others. We had to hunt her.”

“And?” The question was delivered in a low, unimpressed growl.

“I… it took time, my lord.”

The captors’ voices were becoming shakier and more concerned with every passing moment. It also sounded to Tara as though they were coming from closer to the floor, as if the men were cowering before their displeased lord.

There was a disappointed sigh. “Well, let me see what you’ve got. Bipedal, I see. I don’t have much capacity for bipeds—as you well know.”

The hood was pulled off swiftly and Tara found herself looking into the face of the most magnetically attractive man she’d ever beheld. He had eyes of bright nebula blue, slightly narrow in aspect as if he were perpetually examining everything around him. His face was long, and his jaw was quite square. Dark hair descended across his forehead and fell about his ears.
He was human, she was almost sure of it. Or maybe not. There was something super-human about him, both in terms of scale and energy. His skin was a healthy tan, as though he had been basking in the light of multiple suns. The hue of his skin made his eyes seem all the brighter and more piercing, ringed with dark lashes and punctuated by dark pupils, which expanded as he inspected her. He was much larger than she was, much larger than the men who had captured her. He must have been at least eight feet tall, and broad as well. Tara felt a quiver of fear deep in her belly as she looked at him and her skin tingled all over, goosebumps rising down her neck and arms. He was the strangest thing she had ever seen, attractive and yet also somehow fearsome.
His gaze had been angry when it first fell on her, but the longer he looked, the more the little lines around his eyes creased into marks of a smile.

“I send you across six galaxies and you return with one female.” His voice didn’t sound angry anymore. “Fortunately for you,” he said as a smile spread over his lips, “you’ve managed an exquisite and rare specimen. She is an original human, I take it. From Earth?”

“Yes, sir,” one of the groveling men said.

Kyren’s eyes lit up at the confirmation. “Have you treated her for radiation poisoning?”

“Yes, sir,” the man said. “Three injections, all delivered in the buttocks. She has been well throughout the journey. Our monitoring indicates that she is as healthy as can be expected.”

“Mhm.” Kyren put his hands on Tara, clamping her by the hips and lifting her as if she weighed nothing at all. He turned her over onto her stomach and Tara let out a little squeak as she was upended, her backside examined by the large man with the regal bearing. Her thighs were pressed apart, her sex parted by his fingers that were clearly practiced.

“And a virgin,” he said. “Very interesting. Have you given her the language implant?”

“Yes, sir,” the handler said. “The implant is set to input only. She understands us, but she cannot speak our language.”

“Is there a reason for that?” Kyren held her in place, his fingers still on her downy lower lips as he questioned his men.

“We set the implant to two-way communication, but she only had unpleasant things to say,” the handler replied. “We thought it best to deactivate the speech functions before presenting her.”
“Ah, so this one is a handful,” Kyren said, his tone somewhat affectionate. He seemed pleased by the revelation. “I do enjoy a spirited pet.”

“She will not accept her fate easily, sir,” the handler said. “That I can promise.”

“You will be paid your full fee,” Kyren said abruptly. “Leave us now. I want to be alone with my new pet.”

The men scuttled out of the room looking glad and relieved. Tara was left with her bottom in the air, the simple shift dress she had sewn herself floating about her armpits. It was perfectly suited for easy movement through the ravaged forests. It was not at all suited for providing any kind of modesty from hulking great alien men.

The man who now seemed to think he owned her ran his fingers over her bottom to the soft skin where her left cheek met her thigh and pressed against something there. She felt a soft click, as if he had manipulated something under her skin.

“There,” he said. “Now you can tell me your name.”

Tara didn’t say a word; instead she tried to squirm out of his grasp. It didn’t work. He gripped her easily, one large hand around her hip, the other around her thigh.

“Easy, pet,” he drawled. “There’s nowhere to run.”

His words turned out to be true. He held her in place and began to speak as he continued his examination of her sex, his fingers stroking her outer labia with a gentle touch.

“You are a fine specimen,” he murmured. “Unlike many creatures from your planet, or women on this one, you are fertile twelve times a lunar year and able to become aroused at any time. In fact, unlike the women of this planet, whose cycles are linked to a slower sun and who only become interested in intercourse once in a very rare while, you are hyper-sexed. Before the tragedies which befell Earth, it is almost certain you would have been mated well over a hundred times by now, likely by several partners.”

He spoke in scientific terms, but there was nothing scientific about his touch. It was animal and it made her feel more animal too.

“You must be so frustrated,” he murmured. “To be in the bloom of your womanhood and to have never been touched this way before. It’s not fair, is it.”

“I have touched… myself.” She used her words for the first time to make the admission.

He chuckled softly. “I imagine you have. I imagine you have rutted against everything you could, pushed toys inside yourself perhaps, but nothing as wide or as satisfying as the hard male flesh you need to spear between these lips.”

Tara let out a little moan, her legs spreading for his touch.

“You need to be played with, don’t you, pet?” His large hand stayed between her thighs, two thick fingers brushing lightly over her lower lips, coaxing the liquid of desire out from within her. It was a gentle and skillful stimulation that did not overwhelm, but rather enticed her toward further arousal. His words were like a song, delivered in a soft growl that put her into an erotic haze as his fingers found the little button at the apex of her lips and began to roll softly around it. She was wet, and he was using her juices to pleasure her.

“Some pets can be left for a long time without much in the way of attention. But not you. You need to be mated often. You need to reach climax daily to truly blossom. And you need to be filled here…” His index and ring finger parted her lower lips and the pad of his middle finger found the wet entrance to her body.

Tara let out a soft little moan. He was discussing her needs in what sounded like a dispassionate way, but there was an intensity to his voice, something in the way he held her that made her respond to him with increasing excitement. This was a man who knew precisely what she needed, right down to the smallest detail. He proved such by circling his middle finger just at the entrance of her body, then sliding it away, leaving her wanting more.

“Tell me your name, pet,” he urged as his fingers stroked higher, avoiding her pussy. “I need to get to know you before we go any further. I never take a woman before knowing her name.”
Woman, or pet? What was she? Both, perhaps? There was no choice but to talk to him. She wanted to. Had to.

“My name is Tara Dyrek,” Tara said, continuing to squirm as much as she could, though now her motion was no longer intended to get away, but to try to move his fingers back toward her pussy. “Who are you?”

“I am Kyren Cirrus,” her pleasurer said. “I am a lord of this planet and many things besides. Most relevant to you… I am a collector and curator of alien life. You are my latest acquisition.”

Tara squirmed around enough to look at him. There were a few lords on earth as well, men she’d never met, but had heard terrible things about. Most men did not survive on Earth, thanks to a virus that twisted them at conception. The ones who were strong enough to withstand the sickness and the radiated wilds were not usually good or kind.

“You can’t collect people,” she said. “That’s not right.”

He smiled at her, those stellar eyes gleaming.

“I do as I please, Tara,” he said. “And I take what I please. You please me.”