The Alien’s Collar

After she is taken captive and forced aboard an alien ship, twenty-five-year-old Kelly Kennedy wastes no time in attempting an escape, but her efforts merely bring her to the attention of one of the alien commanders, and the huge, roughly-handsome warrior chases her down, binds and gags her, and puts his collar around her neck.

Though Rake is not used to defiance from the human women he is tasked with capturing for future breeding, the thought of mastering a headstrong female like Kelly appeals to him, and he decides to take her as his pet. He has no doubt that taming her will require a firm hand, however, and her sharp tongue quickly earns her a painful, humiliating spanking on her bare bottom.

In spite of her fury at being treated in such a shameful manner, Rake’s strict correction arouses Kelly deeply, and soon she is writhing in ecstasy as she is brought to one quivering climax after another. Over the coming days, she learns what it means to be utterly and completely claimed by a stern, dominant alien warrior. But when the time comes for Kelly to perform in a trial of obedience to prove that she has been properly trained, will she do her owner proud?


“I can’t… it’s too much… please…”

A blonde mewled desperate words, her throat raw with the effort of crying both her desire for and rebellion against the alien who held her prisoner. The only thing she was more afraid of than what he was about to do, was the possibility that he might not do it. She tipped her head back, her face lifted to his, her eyes locked in a pleading gaze as she simultaneously begged for and writhed in fear of what he would bring out of her.

She had been a modern woman. She had owned a smart phone and sipped iced coffee through a straw and sent little snippets of video filtered with panda bear ears through to her friends who replied with glittering abbreviated phrases. She had spent hours lifting her phone up to just the right angle and looking at herself in various digital lights until she found a version of herself that was good enough to share.

Now she was naked under the glow of a thousand stars, the curves of her body displayed in an arch against the masculine frame that made hers seem so soft, so small, so very tender and vulnerable. The alien male who held her was nearly twice her size, his large hands roaming her body, cupping her breasts, finding the plane of her stomach and rounding the curve of her hip to clasp her bottom.

She was stripped of everything. Her clothes, all the trappings of the world from which she had been taken, her very sense of what it meant to be woman. He had taken everything and left her with nothing but the elemental truth of her animal nature.

His cock pushed between her legs, the shaft finding the wet line of the seam of her swollen lower lips. His rod was so thick and so hard that it practically acted as a fulcrum on which she perched, her pussy gliding against him in an instinctual rut. There could be no denying what her body wanted. Her abundant juices made him slick as she moved over that hot ridge, her clit grazing against the head of him over and over again as he took hold of her hips and began to guide her motion, stoking the need that threatened to make her mad with desire.

Her curves were fuller now than they had been back where there was such a thing as a dress size. She felt no shame for that. He ran his hand over the curve of her belly and let out an animal growl. “You’ll soon be growing here, pet.”

Before him her sex life had been one long parade of pills and little foil packets, obsession over ensuring latex barriers remained unbroken. There was no protection now. Her pussy was bare and there was nothing stopping the hyper virile alien man who owned her from filling her a hundred times over.

“Ask me nicely, pet.”

The command shattered the last illusion of her resistance. He would make her complicit in her own erotic undoing. She would have to ask for her ravishment, or be teased until she could no longer stand the ache.
The necessary word left her lips in a whisper.


The alien’s arms flexed as he lifted her up and impaled her on his cock, his thick rod plunging deep inside her clenching sex, the head of his member pulsing against the neck of her womb. Her cries began as whimpers but rose to shrieks of ecstasy as she was taken, trained, and bred.