Praise (and a Warning) for Broken By Him

This story was so engrossing I almost committed mayhem when people kept interrupting me as I was reading. After I threw everyone out, it was time to enjoy Loki Renard’s wildly inventive, scorching hot, incredibly sexy novel. The ending {no spoilers, I promise} completely blew me away! To say I loved this book is a massive understatement. Another over-the-top. absolute must read of total hotness! One thing though, kick everyone out BEFORE you start reading, it’s safer for them that way.

Grabbed off the street, locked in a cell, and falsely accused of a terrible crime, Tara thought they had taken everything they could from her. But she was wrong. Terribly wrong.

They plan to take her modesty, her dignity, and her free will itself. They intend to break her.

Breaking women is Doctor Mark Kilroy’s job and he does it well. Tara will be stripped bare, thoroughly humiliated, and punished harshly for the slightest hint of disobedience. Her body will be pushed to its limits with pleasure so shameful and intense it will shatter her ability to resist his demands. When Mark is finished, he will not need to force himself on her. She will beg for it.

But Tara is not like any other woman Mark has broken. Even as her body surrenders to his mastery, her mind refuses to yield. Worse still, he finds himself yearning to cast aside protocol, abandon his duty, and claim her for himself. When the time comes for him to complete his task and put Tara’s conditioning to the test, will her defiance end in catastrophe for them both?

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She Gets Spanked And Shamed

“Six strokes,” he said, his deep voice breaking through her higher whimpers. “A traditional starting point for misbehaved brats.”

Tears were running down her cheeks, stinging her eyes. She had never, in her life, experienced such intense sensation. It was more than simple pain. Pain didn’t describe the heat, or the way it seemed to be sinking through her cheeks to the very core of her. Pain didn’t describe the way the surface of her skin was tingling at such a pitch of feeling she wanted nothing more than to reach back and rub it away. The moment she tried to move her hands though, he swatted them away, his hand keeping her pinned to the desk.

“Tsk tsk,” he tutted. “No rubbing, Isla. You can rub at the end.”

“This isn’t the end?”

“Oh we’re not done. Not by a long way. I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson, yet.”

“But it hurts so much!”

“That wasn’t the lesson.”

“Please… let me go. I’m sorry. I understand. I won’t ever do anything like this again. I won’t pledge Phi Phi Kappa. I”ll never come back to the bar. I’ll never come back to the city!” She babbled out every single promise she could think of, but none of them helped. She heard him chuckling behind her, the cool flat of the paddle returning to stroke her rear. He must have turned it over, used the other side.

“Please!” She begged again as the paddle left, then returned in one hard swat which lifted her up off her toes and would have sent her scrambling over the desk, but for the strong hand at the back of her neck, pinning her in place. “Oh god, please, sir. Please, stop!”

“Settle down,” he growled behind her. “We’re not done, and squealing isn’t going to make us done any quicker. You stole twenty five dollars, and you’re going to get a stroke for every dollar you took.”

Twenty five strokes? The seven she’d already received had taken her to the limits of what she could deal with. She knew she wouldn’t survive twenty five. She couldn’t even imagine what kind of state her rear would be in after so many strokes.

“You promised you wouldn’t kill me!”

“That’s not what’s happening here,” he snorted. “You’re not going to die from a sore ass.”

“I can’t take twenty five of anything,” she blabbered onto the desk.

“Settle down, it’s not that bad,” he said, his sympathy non-existent.

“How could you know! It’s not your butt!” She blurted the words hotly.

“No, it’s not. Because I don’t write checks my ass can’t cash,” he said, tapping her rear lightly with the paddle. “I don’t take what isn’t mine. I don’t walk into other people’s businesses and try to rip them off.”

She couldn’t think of anything to say, so she just whimpered against the desk, her tears making the wood wet beneath her cheek. He probably thought she was just saying whatever she needed to, but she really meant it. She was never going to go to a bar again, never go to the city again, and Phi Phi Kappa could burst into flames for all she cared. They’d been relentless in convincing her to go along with this plan, but nobody was helping her now she’d been caught.

The paddle rose and fell again, another stinging swat which burst across her bottom and made her yowl like a cat in a fight. Eight. Eight painful strokes and seventeen to go. She tried to push up from the desk again, but he pushed her back down the inch or two she managed to gain and swatted her with the paddle again .

“Stay,” he ordered roughly. “You’re not going anywhere yet.”

“Sir, please,” she said, sniffing furiously. “Please, I know I messed up. I know I did wrong… OW!”

“If you knew those things, you’d be willing to take your punishment,” he said. “Stop complaining and trying to escape the consequences of your actions.”

Her underwear had slipped off her legs entirely, her shoes had fallen off her feet and her bare toes were on the soft carpet. Every squirming motion had made her skirt ride up a little higher and now it was basically a belt. She had never, in her life, been naked with a man – and this was not how she had imagined it would be the first time.

The paddle was back, rubbing her bottom with slow circles. It felt somewhat soothing, but she couldn’t relax, not with her sore rear throbbing beneath the hard wood, and not with the knowledge that this ruthless man was going to keep punishing her for a long time to come.

It swept away and came back with another swat, searing her rear with a hard burst that made her say a very bad swear word she’d long ago promised she’d never say again.

His chuckle at her curse made it all the worse. How many strokes was that? Nine. Oh god. Still sixteen to go. She couldn’t. She absolutely couldn’t…

“No more! Please! I’ll do anything!”

“Never say you’ll do anything, Izzy,” he said, his voice deep and rumbling, the impromptu nick name making her squirm. It was so familiar. She didn’t even know his name and he’d already made up one for her.

“I’ll do anything,” she gasped, turning her head as best she could to look at him, managing to catch just a glimpse out of the corner of her eye. He was tall and dark and stern, and catching his eye made everything so much more intense. This wasn’t just painful, it was humiliating. This total stranger had her in the most intimate position she’d ever been in, and was intending on punishing her a lot more.


She felt the paddle rotate against her bottom, the rounded edge of the paddle running down the cleavage of her ass – and the seam of her pussy. Isla let out a hiss of surprise as she felt the warm, hard wood against her sex. It slid easily, lubricated by an unexpected source.

“You’re wet,” he said, his tone rich. “All that wailing and complaining, and you’re utterly soaked.”

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Spanked For Disobedience

“Everything comes at a price, pet,” he said, rubbing her bottom gently. She held her breath as she felt his fingers splay over her cheeks and then curl in the back of the waistband of her panties. They took hold there and then he began to ever so slowly peel them down over her cheeks. She felt the fabric leaving her skin slowly, rendering her bare and vulnerable as little by little the twin rises of her cheeks were stripped of the last vestige of propriety.

She was his. He had barely touched her yet, but she was beginning to know it in the very core of her. Only someone who owned her could do this, put her over his knee and take her panties down. Her hips began to sway back and forth, her breath catching in her throat as her panties began to travel down between her thighs. She was more exposed now, her sex bare to him. Could he see how she looked there?

“You wax, pet.”

He could.

She put both her hands over her face in a totally futile gesture, covering entirely the wrong part of her anatomy. She felt him parting her legs, and she knew he was looking. More than that, he was inspecting what he now owned. His fingers stroked her inner thigh lightly, moving toward the apex, but staying clear of her sex. He wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction, not yet. He wanted to draw the whole embarassing thing out, of course. He was enjoying this all far too much. She could only imagine how long he’d wanted to have power over her like this.

He swatted her lightly, once, twice, three times and then his fingers slid back between her thighs and found her clit, circling around it slowly. She sighed softly and stretched out on the couch. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. It had been too long since she’d been with a man, and Mav was very, very attractive. He also knew how to touch a woman, judging by the way his fingers were grazing over her pussy, teasing her into a state of aroused relaxation.

“You’re about to discover that the world is very different than you think it is,” he rumbled as he caressed her gently, taking his time. She had half expected him to ravage her, but he was clearly in no hurry to seal her undoing as a human. She laid there, taking his touch, drawing his scent into her lungs and feeling herself start to slowly melt in mind and body.

She felt his fingers between her thighs, spreading her legs even more. She cursed his long thighs as he spread her wide in a way that could only be described as lewd. His hand came down against her raised cheeks, reminding her of his ability to punish her as he saw fit. The pain bloomed again, but this time it was not so intense, nor was it entirely pain. It had become something else, something new. It made her feel warm in the very core of her belly.

He spanked her again, the slap sharper this time, more intense. She didn’t know what she’d done to deserve it but soon his palm fell again, and again, until her bottom started to tingle and sting and her hips could no longer stay still across his thighs, but instead danced, her bottom gyrating beneath his green gaze as she rutted against him, her clit finding his thigh over and over in short little motions which made her shamefully aroused.