Tamed by the Bear

When twenty-one-year-old Riley Reynolds decides to take a year off from college to study grizzlies, she chooses Black Falls, Wyoming as her base of operations. But after the local sheriff, Ethan Stone, hears about her plans, the handsome lawman warns her sternly that if he catches her anywhere near a bear she’ll be in for a long, hard spanking she won’t soon forget.

Not taking the sheriff’s threat seriously, Riley sets out into the nearby national forest to get started, but when she stumbles upon a mama grizzly and her cub she finds herself in terrible danger. Her life is saved by the arrival of an even larger, more fearsome bear, but to her shock the massive beast transforms in front of her eyes and moments later Ethan stands before her.

The shifter sheriff tosses Riley over his shoulder and wastes no time in bringing her back to his den, where he promptly strips her naked and chastises her thoroughly for her foolishness. A painful, embarrassing spanking is only the beginning of her punishment, however, and soon enough Riley is blushing crimson and quivering with desire as Ethan takes her harder and more fiercely than she would have ever thought possible.

Now that he has claimed her as his mate, Riley quickly discovers that Ethan will expect her complete submission, yet even as she rebels against his strict rules she cannot deny her body’s response to his skillful, dominant lovemaking. But with a vicious poacher prowling the woods and killing for sport, can Ethan tame his feisty mate before her disobedience gets them both hurt or killed?


“You’re a brat,” he said flatly. “A disobedient, spoiled, headstrong brat. I told you what would happen if you disobeyed me.”

He sat down next to her, grabbed a thick handful of damp hair and pulled her over his thighs. The blanket stayed where it was, her naked, flailing form ending up bare across his lap. There was no warning before the first hard slap fell, echoing around the cave like a gun shot. Riley let out a little scream even before she felt the searing heat which followed the swat, and then she let out a wail which only got louder as his large palm landed again and again and again, swift slaps whacking the generous rounds of her bottom.

Riley had never been spanked before. Not once in her entire privileged life had she ever been physically chastised. It came as a painful shock to be held down over his hard thighs, his strong arm wrapped tightly around her waist, pinning her against his hard abdominal plane as his hand rose and fell time and time again.

The pain was growing and growing. Riley didn’t know how hot her ass could get or how much it could hurt, but she knew she didn’t want to find out. The sheriff was strong enough to tear her ass up, and she knew it. Less than a minute into the spanking, she began to beg for mercy.

“I’m sorry!” She squealed at the top of her voice. “I didn’t know!”

“I told you all you needed to know,” Ethan growled down at her, not pausing in his discipline at all. “You baited me out here and then you damn near got yourself killed trying to prove a point. Well, hows that point being proved now, little girl?”

“I don’t have a point! I never had a point! It was a mistake! I just wanted to get a head start on my next college course. I want to study… I mean, get back to studying wildlife management! I want…”

She was blathering and she knew it, but she was desperate for some kind of reprieve from the burning, swelling pain.

“You’re not going to make it back to college if you don’t learn to listen to those who know about the environment you’re going into…” he said, running his palm over her bottom in a slow caress.

Finally. He was talking to her. That was good. That meant he wasn’t… “OWWW!” Riley squealed as the spanking started again, harder and faster than before. She had no idea how a palm could be so hard and unyielding, how it could burn her butt and make her skin tingle to a peak of sensation she’d never experienced before.

“You need to learn obedience, Riley,” Ethan lectured her. “You need to learn to do as you’re told. You need to learn that disobeying me isn’t cute. It’s dangerous. Do you understand?”

“Yes!” Riley wailed at the top of her voice. “I promise I’ll be good. I’ll never, ever not listen to you again. I’ll get right back in my car and I’ll go home and I’ll never go near another forest as long as I live if you’ll just stop spanking me.”

“Nobody said anything about sending you home, Riley,” he said, taking another break from the thrashing he was giving her poor, sore bottom. “Let’s start with you doing as you’re told, following directions.”

“Yes!” Riley agreed as he squeezed her cheeks. “I’ll do whatever you say!”

He let out a little snort. “Your bottom is bright red,” he said, patting her cheeks lightly. “And I reckon you’d promise anything right now if you thought it would stop me from tanning your hide, wouldn’t you, girl?”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

“Hmm,” he murmured, almost to himself. She felt his large hands on her cheeks, spreading them. Then she felt a long fingertip tracing down the middle of her pussy. To Riley’s shock and embarrassment, she was wet. Very wet. She’d not noticed it in her painful writhing, but somehow the heat in her ass had translated to ample lubrication of arousal flowing between her lips, coating Ethan’s fingers as he played a second one along with the first, stroking her wet mound.

She let out a little moan, almost afraid to express that it felt good. He was pleasuring her gently, and she was not sure why. She definitely didn’t think he was done with her just yet. A moment later, his finger spread her lips and found the glistening entrance of her body. Riley felt her lower stomach muscles contract as Ethan’s finger slid slowly inside her, her inner walls clasping him eagerly as he stirred the juices of her desire and then drew them out.

“Let’s see how obedient my girl can be,” he murmured, presenting his fingers to her mouth. “Lick them. Clean my fingers.”