Taken By The Alphas

After an unexpected snowstorm buries her campsite, twenty-five-year-old wildlife researcher Addie Spencer is left scrambling for survival in a remote valley in the Alaskan wilderness. Exhausted and desperate, she takes shelter in a cave, only to witness a series of events so unbelievable that she promptly writes them off as a dream.

Addie awakens in the home of a man who introduces himself as Adam. Her handsome rescuer explains that since the snowfall has made the journey out of the valley impossible, she will need to stay with him until spring. Irritated by his commanding tone, Addie responds rudely to Adam, but to her shock he pulls her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom soundly.

Despite her fury at being punished in such a shameful fashion, Adam’s dominance ignites desires in Addie that she never would have expected, and soon she is begging for more as he takes her long and hard. Addie’s situation becomes far more complicated, however, when a huge, ruggedly attractive brute of a man named Armel confronts Adam and attempts to claim Addie for himself.

As events unfold around her, it eventually becomes clear to Addie that what she saw back in the cave was no dream. Adam and Armel are both shifters, one a wolf and the other a bear, and they both want her as their own. Will Addie be forced to choose between them, or can the two fiercely dominant beasts find a way to share their headstrong little human?


“You don’t have any right to do this!”

“I have every right,” he replied. “I’ve taken you in, girl. You were stray in the wilds, on the verge of death. You’re in my territory now, and you will follow my rules. Respect is first among them. You’re a rude little girl.”

Addie blushed brightly. She was so vulnerable to him and his superior strength and his dominant handling was making her feel like the girl he said she was – until his touch made her feel entirely woman.

His hand slid over her bottom and cupped the lower part of her cheeks, the tips of his fingers less than half an inch away from her slit. Her hips and thighs grew tense with anticipation, her bottom rising a little in a silent encouragement of the caress. Her legs parted a fraction, and then a little more as his hand continued to reward her with slow rubbing which lulled her further into arousal.

“Look at you,” he murmured, his voice getting softer but more husky. “Such a good girl when you want to be, presenting yourself to me.”

She wanted to mutter a denial, but what denial could there be when he could see the state of her body.

“I can scent you,” he said, his fingers drifting ever closer to the core of her sex and yet avoiding touching her where she so badly wanted to feel him. “Do you understand now, Addie? Will you be a good girl for me?”

His voice was like silk and there was some part of her which wanted to say yes and surrender herself to the handsome man who was taking control of her body, but the little spark of rebellion still burned in her heart.

“I don’t hear you, my girl,” Adam continued to inquire.

“Maybe?” Her answer came in a soft moan as his fingers circled around her sex, drifting over the back of her thighs, dipping between them, then rising up the other side to the low rise of her cheeks over and over again.

“Maybe,” he repeated. “That’s not the answer I wanted to hear.”

“Well, you don’t always get what you want,” she said with another nervous little giggle.

A sharp slap to her bottom reminded her that this was punishment. The shock of being spanked again caught her by surprise and made indignation rise. She didn’t want to be spanked. She wanted to be touched sexually. She wanted to feel him rubbing on her pussy and sliding inside, and… “OW!”

The spanking began again in earnest, sharp slaps zipping against her bottom over and over again with a quick staccato that made her arch her back and kick her heels and wail her complaints to the unfeeling walls.

“Oh god!” She cried out again as the spanking stopped as abruptly as it had started and two fingers pushed deep inside her pussy in one rough, possessive stroke.

Adam held her in place, one hand clutching a handful of the hair at the back of her head, the other plundering her cunt with hard, short thrusts that spread her pussy open and replaced the sounds of spanking with the wet sounds of a needy pussy being fingered hard. It was sudden and rough, but somehow he’d known she was ready for it.

She gasped and wriggled on his fingers, as much as he would allow. The hand in her hair was keeping her mostly immobile, but she could still buck her hips and try to ride his fingers.

“You’re a hungry one,” he growled, his voice thick with desire. “You’ve never been taken, have you, Addie?”

She was not a virgin, but he was making her feel like one. “I’ve… mnnhhh… had sex before….”

“I’m sure you have, horny little thing,” he laughed, pulling his fingers out and slapping her bottom hard. “But I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about being fucked and claimed and marked so you know who you belong to.”

His words, matched with his two fingers sliding roughly back inside her almost made her cum all over him. He must have felt the tremors of her pussy around his fingers, as he leaned down and murmured in her ear. “Not. Yet.”