Leashed by the Dragons

Nineteen-year-old orphan Brianna Packard learned quite a bit about getting out of tough situations over many years spent fending for herself, but nothing could have prepared her for the moment she is grabbed off the street by two powerful dragon shifters intent on bringing her back to their world, training her as a pet, and then selling her to the highest bidder.

Though Valkimer and Chak expected that taming a human female would be a simple task, Brianna turns out to be as clever as she is beautiful, and when she escapes it is no small feat to recapture her. Determined to master their feisty little captive, they waste no time in stripping her bare and spanking her soundly, but that is only the beginning of her punishment.

When she continues to defy her new owners, Brianna soon finds herself bound and on display, with her bottom on fire both inside and out and her naked body teased until she is quivering with helpless, desperate desire. By the time her captors are convinced she has learned her lesson, she is all but begging them to take her in any way they please, and when the two handsome warriors claim her at last the pleasure is more intense than she would have thought possible.

It isn’t long before Brianna is blushing crimson as she is fitted with a collar and tail, and as her training begins in earnest over the coming days she begins to realize how thoroughly her masters plan to enjoy their new pet. More shameful still, though she promises herself that she’ll continue looking for an opportunity to escape, part of her isn’t even sure she wants to…


“Pet! Come here, now!”

Valkimer’s roar made her stomach burst into butterflies as he slammed through the door behind her. She ran, but only a few more steps. His large hand caught her by the back of the neck and she stopped instantly, his other hand on her arm, releasing her neck as he turned her and picked her up, under her armpits as he drew her close and held her dangling before him, their noses pressed together as his gaze bored into hers.

“That was a mistake, pet,” he snarled. “A very big mistake.”

“Lighten up,” she said, wriggling in his grasp. “That was fun.”

“It was not fun, you hellion,” Valkimer snarled. “You could have killed yourself falling off the roof.”

“You would have caught me.”

“I did catch you. And now I am going to make it very clear to you why you will never, ever do anything as stupid as that again.”

She looked between them and a heavy hollow feeling established itself in her belly. They didn’t seem to find this even a little bit funny or fun. Chak had come to them by now and even he wasn’t smiling. It was strange to see him be stern. His eyes were usually always laughing, even if his mouth wasn’t. He had a warmth to him that always made her feel safe and cozy, but right now all that had faded. He looked angry, just like Valkimer. An angry Chak was about the scariest thing she had ever seen. He hadn’t even said a word when she started stammering her apologies.

They took her back to the bedroom where she had been imprisoned and tossed her face down on the bed.

“Okay, okay, I am sorry, seriously,” she whimpered. “I thought it would be—ow!”

Their palms both landed on separate cheeks hard enough to make her squeal and jump in place.

“I don’t care what you thought,” Valkimer snarled. “You obey us, pet. You do not think up dangerous ways to get our attention.”

“It’s boring in here, you keep me in one room, I had to break out or I would literally go crazy!”

“You need to go out, you talk to us. You don’t climb out a window a hundred feet up and start clambering around on the roof,” Chak lectured, swatting her firmly over and over.

“Stop that,” Valkimer said suddenly. “This silly slapping is doing nothing. We must teach her a proper lesson.”

He left the room and Brianna attempted to beg Chak for mercy. “I was only kidding,” she said. “It was just a bit of fun.”

“You almost killing yourself is not a joke. Not to either of us,” he said firmly.

In a minute, Valkimer was back. He was pushing the strangest piece of furniture Brianna had ever seen, and holding a bag that seemed weighted with heavy objects. She had no idea what was happening until she was pulled up and then pushed over what was effectively a pommel horse, a short padded bench that she bent over, her head down, her bottom high in the air. There were shackles at both hands and feet and in very short order her ankles and wrists were attached to the piece of equipment. She was trapped very effectively, her bottom and pussy on vulnerable display.

“Not going anywhere now, are you, pet?” Valkimer snapped a leather strap, pulled from the heavy bag, across her bottom, leaving a blazing sensation in its wake.


“It’s time for the tail,” Chak said. “I thought it was too much, but obviously there isn’t too much when it comes to this disobedient pet.”

“Chak! I’m sorry, I was just teasing, really…” she gasped and whimpered. “Wait… what do you mean… tail?”

“This is a special piece of equipment we crafted just for you,” Valkimer said, showing her their newest instrument of control. It looked literally like a ponytail, a short but thick fall of dark hair that matched her own quite closely. It was gathered together at one end by a thick plug-type apparatus, which was clearly designed to go where nothing should ever go, and yet where men of all species seemed to have an intense interest in being.

She couldn’t tell what material the plug was made of, but it didn’t look like rubber and it didn’t look soft and it wasn’t exactly small.

“You’re not going to make me wear a tail?”

“Oh, we absolutely are,” Chak replied. He stood in front of her, looking down at her with those stern dark eyes as Valkimer walked around behind her, where her bottom was raised high and where she could not see him.

She felt him though, his large hands spreading her cheeks to examine her tight little hole. She could feel her anus squeezing and squirming in front of him for long moments where it felt like all he was doing was looking at that tender, vulnerable little place that used to remain unexamined by all eyes.

A second later, his fingers pressed against that same little bud with a dollop of the dragon lubricant, which was much thicker and more viscous than her own natural juices ever could have been. He was preparing her for the tail, a fact that made her face blush furiously.

“At least it’s not a root,” she moaned, more to herself than anyone else.

“You’ll be begging for the Cadentis root,” Valkimer promised her as he thrust his finger into her bottom and swirled thick, greasy lubricant around her tight little hole.

“Oh, god!” The sudden intrusion didn’t hurt. They had played with her bottom too much for her to still make the mistake of tensing and resisting when the dragon’s fingers came close, but it was still a shock to be handled with so little reluctance. From the beginning, Valkimer’s total control of her body had been incredible.

And now Chak was pulling the fly of his pants open where the bulge of his dragon cock was starting to make itself obvious. She could smell him, the thick musk of the male that made her blood run hot. It was his semen, little beads of it gathering on the head of his cock as his arousal stoked hers chemically.

Valkimer kept fingering her bottom as she feasted her eyes on the thick head of Chak’s cock as it came into view, springing from his clothing and making its rampant entrance. She licked her lips and looked up at him hopefully. God, oh god, why did she want to suck him so badly? It was an erotic comfort reaction, something that would fill her mouth and soothe her nerves and maybe make it easier to take what was going to spread her bottom any moment now.

She was so helpless between them, always had been and yet that moment brought it to her more clearly than ever. He hadn’t taken her yet, but she knew he would. She hoped he would. She craved him so much her moans grew even louder, propelled both by the now vigorous fingering of her tight anus and the withholding of Chak’s cock.

It was almost a relief when Valkimer’s fingers slid from her ass and she felt the tip of the plug being pressed to her hole, smooth and cool and very, very hard. There was a slight flexibility to it, but her bottom had to give way to the plug as the tip of it slipped past the ring of muscle protecting her rear and sank in deeper, growing wider and wider until her fingers curled against the wood of the legs of the horse over which she was bent.

The sound that emitted from her lips was more like a groan than a moan. It was an effort to take this punishment. The plug was large and unyielding, just like the man who wielded it, and though he had prepared her for it first, there was still discomfort, both physical and emotional in actually being stretched around it.

“No! Okay! I promise I won’t be… oooooo, god…” Her gasped promise to be good fled. Valkimer reached underneath her body and pinched her clit at the same time as Chak cut off the rest of her complaints by taking her head and sliding his thick, hard cock right between her lips and into her mouth after the fashion of a gag.

She mumbled and moaned around his flesh as the plug sank inside her, propelled by Valkimer’s fingers deep into her bottom, inch after inch. Finally it found its stopping point at the flared base.

Brianna gasped and panted, unable to believe how full her bottom was. It felt so very strange to be filled so much, and then even stranger to feel the tail brushing against her upper thighs. She hadn’t realized how embarrassing it would be to have those soft strands hanging there, making her more like an animal.

The Alien’s Collar

After she is taken captive and forced aboard an alien ship, twenty-five-year-old Kelly Kennedy wastes no time in attempting an escape, but her efforts merely bring her to the attention of one of the alien commanders, and the huge, roughly-handsome warrior chases her down, binds and gags her, and puts his collar around her neck.

Though Rake is not used to defiance from the human women he is tasked with capturing for future breeding, the thought of mastering a headstrong female like Kelly appeals to him, and he decides to take her as his pet. He has no doubt that taming her will require a firm hand, however, and her sharp tongue quickly earns her a painful, humiliating spanking on her bare bottom.

In spite of her fury at being treated in such a shameful manner, Rake’s strict correction arouses Kelly deeply, and soon she is writhing in ecstasy as she is brought to one quivering climax after another. Over the coming days, she learns what it means to be utterly and completely claimed by a stern, dominant alien warrior. But when the time comes for Kelly to perform in a trial of obedience to prove that she has been properly trained, will she do her owner proud?


“I can’t… it’s too much… please…”

A blonde mewled desperate words, her throat raw with the effort of crying both her desire for and rebellion against the alien who held her prisoner. The only thing she was more afraid of than what he was about to do, was the possibility that he might not do it. She tipped her head back, her face lifted to his, her eyes locked in a pleading gaze as she simultaneously begged for and writhed in fear of what he would bring out of her.

She had been a modern woman. She had owned a smart phone and sipped iced coffee through a straw and sent little snippets of video filtered with panda bear ears through to her friends who replied with glittering abbreviated phrases. She had spent hours lifting her phone up to just the right angle and looking at herself in various digital lights until she found a version of herself that was good enough to share.

Now she was naked under the glow of a thousand stars, the curves of her body displayed in an arch against the masculine frame that made hers seem so soft, so small, so very tender and vulnerable. The alien male who held her was nearly twice her size, his large hands roaming her body, cupping her breasts, finding the plane of her stomach and rounding the curve of her hip to clasp her bottom.

She was stripped of everything. Her clothes, all the trappings of the world from which she had been taken, her very sense of what it meant to be woman. He had taken everything and left her with nothing but the elemental truth of her animal nature.

His cock pushed between her legs, the shaft finding the wet line of the seam of her swollen lower lips. His rod was so thick and so hard that it practically acted as a fulcrum on which she perched, her pussy gliding against him in an instinctual rut. There could be no denying what her body wanted. Her abundant juices made him slick as she moved over that hot ridge, her clit grazing against the head of him over and over again as he took hold of her hips and began to guide her motion, stoking the need that threatened to make her mad with desire.

Her curves were fuller now than they had been back where there was such a thing as a dress size. She felt no shame for that. He ran his hand over the curve of her belly and let out an animal growl. “You’ll soon be growing here, pet.”

Before him her sex life had been one long parade of pills and little foil packets, obsession over ensuring latex barriers remained unbroken. There was no protection now. Her pussy was bare and there was nothing stopping the hyper virile alien man who owned her from filling her a hundred times over.

“Ask me nicely, pet.”

The command shattered the last illusion of her resistance. He would make her complicit in her own erotic undoing. She would have to ask for her ravishment, or be teased until she could no longer stand the ache.
The necessary word left her lips in a whisper.


The alien’s arms flexed as he lifted her up and impaled her on his cock, his thick rod plunging deep inside her clenching sex, the head of his member pulsing against the neck of her womb. Her cries began as whimpers but rose to shrieks of ecstasy as she was taken, trained, and bred.

Taken By The Alphas

After an unexpected snowstorm buries her campsite, twenty-five-year-old wildlife researcher Addie Spencer is left scrambling for survival in a remote valley in the Alaskan wilderness. Exhausted and desperate, she takes shelter in a cave, only to witness a series of events so unbelievable that she promptly writes them off as a dream.

Addie awakens in the home of a man who introduces himself as Adam. Her handsome rescuer explains that since the snowfall has made the journey out of the valley impossible, she will need to stay with him until spring. Irritated by his commanding tone, Addie responds rudely to Adam, but to her shock he pulls her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom soundly.

Despite her fury at being punished in such a shameful fashion, Adam’s dominance ignites desires in Addie that she never would have expected, and soon she is begging for more as he takes her long and hard. Addie’s situation becomes far more complicated, however, when a huge, ruggedly attractive brute of a man named Armel confronts Adam and attempts to claim Addie for himself.

As events unfold around her, it eventually becomes clear to Addie that what she saw back in the cave was no dream. Adam and Armel are both shifters, one a wolf and the other a bear, and they both want her as their own. Will Addie be forced to choose between them, or can the two fiercely dominant beasts find a way to share their headstrong little human?


“You don’t have any right to do this!”

“I have every right,” he replied. “I’ve taken you in, girl. You were stray in the wilds, on the verge of death. You’re in my territory now, and you will follow my rules. Respect is first among them. You’re a rude little girl.”

Addie blushed brightly. She was so vulnerable to him and his superior strength and his dominant handling was making her feel like the girl he said she was – until his touch made her feel entirely woman.

His hand slid over her bottom and cupped the lower part of her cheeks, the tips of his fingers less than half an inch away from her slit. Her hips and thighs grew tense with anticipation, her bottom rising a little in a silent encouragement of the caress. Her legs parted a fraction, and then a little more as his hand continued to reward her with slow rubbing which lulled her further into arousal.

“Look at you,” he murmured, his voice getting softer but more husky. “Such a good girl when you want to be, presenting yourself to me.”

She wanted to mutter a denial, but what denial could there be when he could see the state of her body.

“I can scent you,” he said, his fingers drifting ever closer to the core of her sex and yet avoiding touching her where she so badly wanted to feel him. “Do you understand now, Addie? Will you be a good girl for me?”

His voice was like silk and there was some part of her which wanted to say yes and surrender herself to the handsome man who was taking control of her body, but the little spark of rebellion still burned in her heart.

“I don’t hear you, my girl,” Adam continued to inquire.

“Maybe?” Her answer came in a soft moan as his fingers circled around her sex, drifting over the back of her thighs, dipping between them, then rising up the other side to the low rise of her cheeks over and over again.

“Maybe,” he repeated. “That’s not the answer I wanted to hear.”

“Well, you don’t always get what you want,” she said with another nervous little giggle.

A sharp slap to her bottom reminded her that this was punishment. The shock of being spanked again caught her by surprise and made indignation rise. She didn’t want to be spanked. She wanted to be touched sexually. She wanted to feel him rubbing on her pussy and sliding inside, and… “OW!”

The spanking began again in earnest, sharp slaps zipping against her bottom over and over again with a quick staccato that made her arch her back and kick her heels and wail her complaints to the unfeeling walls.

“Oh god!” She cried out again as the spanking stopped as abruptly as it had started and two fingers pushed deep inside her pussy in one rough, possessive stroke.

Adam held her in place, one hand clutching a handful of the hair at the back of her head, the other plundering her cunt with hard, short thrusts that spread her pussy open and replaced the sounds of spanking with the wet sounds of a needy pussy being fingered hard. It was sudden and rough, but somehow he’d known she was ready for it.

She gasped and wriggled on his fingers, as much as he would allow. The hand in her hair was keeping her mostly immobile, but she could still buck her hips and try to ride his fingers.

“You’re a hungry one,” he growled, his voice thick with desire. “You’ve never been taken, have you, Addie?”

She was not a virgin, but he was making her feel like one. “I’ve… mnnhhh… had sex before….”

“I’m sure you have, horny little thing,” he laughed, pulling his fingers out and slapping her bottom hard. “But I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about being fucked and claimed and marked so you know who you belong to.”

His words, matched with his two fingers sliding roughly back inside her almost made her cum all over him. He must have felt the tremors of her pussy around his fingers, as he leaned down and murmured in her ear. “Not. Yet.”

The Alpha’s Captive

Hannah has always been fascinated by the mysterious diary left by her great, great aunt before she disappeared over a hundred years ago, and at the age of nineteen she sets out for the remote corner of England where her distant relative was last seen. Upon reaching her destination, Hannah is overwhelmed by the rugged beauty and primal power of the place, and before she knows it she has had way too many drinks in a village pub.

Lorcan Wallace has no patience for silly females out looking for adventure, and when a drunk American girl creates a disturbance in his local pub he takes matters into his own hands. Hannah is unceremoniously tossed over his shoulder and carried back to his nearby mansion to sleep off the alcohol before he teaches her a lesson she will never forget.

Upon waking up, Hannah faces first a stern scolding and then a painful, humiliating bare-bottom spanking from a darkly handsome giant of a man whose bold dominance sets her blood racing. The strict chastisement leaves her burning with desire, and after her punishment is over she surrenders herself willingly as Lorcan takes her long and hard.

Despite Lorcan’s warnings, however, it isn’t long before Hannah’s persistence in prying into the shadows of the past leads her to discover the truth about the man who punished and claimed her. Lorcan is not only a werewolf, he is the alpha of a pack, and now that she knows his secret he is left with no choice but to keep her as both his mate and his prisoner. Hannah cannot deny her body’s response to his savage lovemaking, but can she accept her new life as the alpha’s captive?

The Alpha’s Pet

When troublemaker Sacha Wallace is banished after plotting against her brother, the alpha of one of England’s oldest packs, she’s deposited in front of the mansion of the powerful Russian alpha Alexei Chernov. Though she is both aroused and intimidated by the dominant wolf’s stern demeanor and formidable presence, Sacha does her best to be as difficult as possible.

Alexei has no qualms about stripping a troublesome female bare and punishing her thoroughly, and Sacha’s prideful defiance earns her one painful, embarrassing spanking after another. Determined to tame her, Alexei sets out to make Sacha his pet, and soon she is blushing crimson as she is taught to obey his every instruction, eat from his hand, and kneel at his feet wearing nothing but her collar.

Though submission does not come easily for Sacha, being made to bend to Alexei’s will excites her in a way nothing ever has before, and his masterful lovemaking sets her blood on fire. But when Sacha’s presence leads to turmoil within the pack, will Alexei cast her out or claim her irrevocably as his mate?


She was arrogant, the little Englishwoman. And she was completely out of place and out of luck. Alexei had no patience for insubordination in his pack. It was a pity that he would have to be harsh with her. True shifters, born shifters, they were becoming increasingly rare. Laying eyes on Sacha was a true pleasure. She was much more beautiful than her picture had suggested. Her dark hair framed a face of utterly captivating features. Her nose was long and straight, her cheekbones were high, her lips were thinned with the effort of anger, but even so she had a unique beauty, her pale skin and strong features suiting her haughty demeanor perfectly. She almost seemed immune to her situation, but her eyes betrayed the set of her lips and the cocky lift of her chin. They were brown and filled with more emotion than she should be able to contain. Anger. Fear. Pride. Desire. All were locked in that silent gaze which drew him in and did not let him go.

He was quite stunned, truth be told. His pack was full of appealing women, but none of them were like this one. There was no doubt about it. The English alpha had made him a valuable gift. Sacha was a precious jewel, beautiful and proud. He was exceedingly pleased with her, but it would do her no good to know that.

“You are right,” he said, watching her eyes brighten for a moment. “A room full of whelps is not a suitable place for you. You are less than a whelp. Our pups are better behaved than you. You should be put in the nursery, where you might learn some manners.”

She bristled before him, but in addition to the rage gleaming in her eye, he also saw the blush which ran to the very roots of her hair. His words had excited her. It was often that way. Females who thought themselves dominant were more entranced by submission than even the lowest ranking omega. She did not know it yet, but she would soon beg for both his lash and his domination.

As he watched her react to his words with a silent cacophony of physical response Alexei felt a spark of excitement which he had not experienced in a very long time. There was a particular pleasure to be found in taking a proud woman and making her see what she really was deep inside. The one standing in front of him reminded Alexei of another young woman, one he had lost many years ago. She now slept in the ice bound ground outside the mausoleum. Outside it because she never did like to be caged or contained, and because that had been the very last thing he could do for her.

For a brief moment, Katya’s face swam before his eyes. She looked nothing like the woman standing before him, and yet, for a second, he saw her in Sacha’s eyes. Katya had never been one for obedience either.

With some effort, Alexei forced himself to focus on the matter and the woman at hand. Sacha was not Katya. She was a stranger in what must seem to her to be a very strange land. She was looking to establish herself. Now he thought about it, putting her with the single women was probably a bad idea. She would do her best to dominate them, and either she would fail – probably in bloody fashion, or she would succeed and be on her way to climbing the ranks. That he did not want. She could not be allowed to unsettle the pack, and he did not want to see any of his charges harmed.

“I will not put you with the other single women,” he said. “You would be nothing but a bad influence.”

She smiled a dark smile, white teeth and canines flashing at him. “You may count on that,” she agreed. “You will soon see what this pup is capable of.”

Though she was much smaller than him in both stature and bulk, Sacha did an admirable job of staring him down. Through her bravado he could scent her fear. She was doing such a good job of hiding it that it would have been missed by anyone who did not have the senses of a shifter. Unfortunately for the newest, most reluctant member of his back, both Alexei and Vladimir had excellent senses. For all she postured and spoke in those cultured English tones, her scent meant that she may as well have been cowering with her tail between her legs. A frightened wolf could be dangerous, and this one had already proved herself to be too much for one pack. Alexei knew he would have to handle her with care.

He exchanged a glance with Vladimir. His second in command looked at him with a raised brow, thoroughly unimpressed with her. Alexei knew Vladimir well enough to know that he was probably already mentally picking out the cane he intended on using on her. Vladimir was known as the house disciplinarian. Truth be told, he enjoyed the task. There was perhaps a drop of the sadist in his character, though he was scrupulously fair and never gave a punishment which wasn’t deserved. Unfortunately for Sacha, she already deserved some kind of discipline. Her tone was utterly unacceptable, and her attitude would not be tolerated.


Standing between the two men, Sacha tried her best not to be frightened. Either one of them would have been intimidating alone. Together, they not only had her outnumbered, the imbalance of power was palpable. It was not going to be as easy to assert herself as she had imagined. Her bold words were lacking bite, and that would not do.

The alpha’s eyes were still locked on her. They had not left her since she’d turned to face him. He had the gaze of a dominant animal. Sacha had used the same technique on her own pack members, maintain eye contact until they began to squirm and were forced to break it. She had not been on the receiving end of it to this extent before. It was quite a novel experience, to feel as though she was shrinking before Alexei, becoming smaller and smaller by the second.

She could feel Vladimir behind her too, his dour energy matching Alexei’s in intensity. She did not know how a man could be so reserved and yet so intimidating.

“Be careful with your words, pup,” Alexei drawled. “And be even more careful with your actions. We believe in consequences here. This is not a permissive pack, as you will soon discover if you do not learn to display appropriate behavior.”

“And what is appropriate behavior? Belly-crawling to you?” She snapped the words before she really had time to consider them.

Almost the moment they left her lips, a sound like a gunshot rang out and a second later her left cheek burned fiercely. Vladimir had spanked her on the bottom, his large hand catching the entirety of her cheek.

Sacha turned on him, her lip lifted in a snarl, her anger flaring. Before she could open her mouth to address him, another hard slap landed from behind, delivered by the alpha directly to her right cheek. Alexei’s swat sent her up onto her toes and forced her to scuttle out of the middle of them, both her hands fastened on her rear.

“I think its time our newest member learned what being part of this pack means,” he said, rubbing his large palms together as he advanced on Sacha. She backed away from him, finding herself up against the wall which she slid along until she backed herself in a corner in which she was quickly trapped by both alpha and beta.

They were going to punish her. They did not say a word about it, but she knew that things were about to go very, very badly for her. Both men were looking at her with a particular dominant determination which she knew was focused on one thing: her submission.

She would not give it. Sacha had not submitted ever in her life, and she was not going to begin because the scenery had changed, or because she was confronted with two dominant males. The problem was that physically she was much smaller than they. Alexei outweighed her by eighty pounds at least, and though he was less powerfully built, Vladimir was still taller and stronger than her. Either one of them would have had an advantage alone. Together, they were almost certain to get the better of her.

Sacha was left with just one choice – to shift. It happened almost without planning or thought. Her anger and her fear took animal form, her clothes sheared from her body by the force of her transformation. In seconds the slim woman was gone, and in her place was a snarling she-wolf, lips pulled back from sharp canines. She knew they could shift too, of course. In their wolf forms they could roll her over and pin her, they could fasten their jaws on her throat if they desired, they could even bite her, but they could not impart any of the humiliating punishments given to humans. As a wolf she was safe from the tumult of fear and anticipation which flooded her human body.

Tamed by the Bear

When twenty-one-year-old Riley Reynolds decides to take a year off from college to study grizzlies, she chooses Black Falls, Wyoming as her base of operations. But after the local sheriff, Ethan Stone, hears about her plans, the handsome lawman warns her sternly that if he catches her anywhere near a bear she’ll be in for a long, hard spanking she won’t soon forget.

Not taking the sheriff’s threat seriously, Riley sets out into the nearby national forest to get started, but when she stumbles upon a mama grizzly and her cub she finds herself in terrible danger. Her life is saved by the arrival of an even larger, more fearsome bear, but to her shock the massive beast transforms in front of her eyes and moments later Ethan stands before her.

The shifter sheriff tosses Riley over his shoulder and wastes no time in bringing her back to his den, where he promptly strips her naked and chastises her thoroughly for her foolishness. A painful, embarrassing spanking is only the beginning of her punishment, however, and soon enough Riley is blushing crimson and quivering with desire as Ethan takes her harder and more fiercely than she would have ever thought possible.

Now that he has claimed her as his mate, Riley quickly discovers that Ethan will expect her complete submission, yet even as she rebels against his strict rules she cannot deny her body’s response to his skillful, dominant lovemaking. But with a vicious poacher prowling the woods and killing for sport, can Ethan tame his feisty mate before her disobedience gets them both hurt or killed?


“You’re a brat,” he said flatly. “A disobedient, spoiled, headstrong brat. I told you what would happen if you disobeyed me.”

He sat down next to her, grabbed a thick handful of damp hair and pulled her over his thighs. The blanket stayed where it was, her naked, flailing form ending up bare across his lap. There was no warning before the first hard slap fell, echoing around the cave like a gun shot. Riley let out a little scream even before she felt the searing heat which followed the swat, and then she let out a wail which only got louder as his large palm landed again and again and again, swift slaps whacking the generous rounds of her bottom.

Riley had never been spanked before. Not once in her entire privileged life had she ever been physically chastised. It came as a painful shock to be held down over his hard thighs, his strong arm wrapped tightly around her waist, pinning her against his hard abdominal plane as his hand rose and fell time and time again.

The pain was growing and growing. Riley didn’t know how hot her ass could get or how much it could hurt, but she knew she didn’t want to find out. The sheriff was strong enough to tear her ass up, and she knew it. Less than a minute into the spanking, she began to beg for mercy.

“I’m sorry!” She squealed at the top of her voice. “I didn’t know!”

“I told you all you needed to know,” Ethan growled down at her, not pausing in his discipline at all. “You baited me out here and then you damn near got yourself killed trying to prove a point. Well, hows that point being proved now, little girl?”

“I don’t have a point! I never had a point! It was a mistake! I just wanted to get a head start on my next college course. I want to study… I mean, get back to studying wildlife management! I want…”

She was blathering and she knew it, but she was desperate for some kind of reprieve from the burning, swelling pain.

“You’re not going to make it back to college if you don’t learn to listen to those who know about the environment you’re going into…” he said, running his palm over her bottom in a slow caress.

Finally. He was talking to her. That was good. That meant he wasn’t… “OWWW!” Riley squealed as the spanking started again, harder and faster than before. She had no idea how a palm could be so hard and unyielding, how it could burn her butt and make her skin tingle to a peak of sensation she’d never experienced before.

“You need to learn obedience, Riley,” Ethan lectured her. “You need to learn to do as you’re told. You need to learn that disobeying me isn’t cute. It’s dangerous. Do you understand?”

“Yes!” Riley wailed at the top of her voice. “I promise I’ll be good. I’ll never, ever not listen to you again. I’ll get right back in my car and I’ll go home and I’ll never go near another forest as long as I live if you’ll just stop spanking me.”

“Nobody said anything about sending you home, Riley,” he said, taking another break from the thrashing he was giving her poor, sore bottom. “Let’s start with you doing as you’re told, following directions.”

“Yes!” Riley agreed as he squeezed her cheeks. “I’ll do whatever you say!”

He let out a little snort. “Your bottom is bright red,” he said, patting her cheeks lightly. “And I reckon you’d promise anything right now if you thought it would stop me from tanning your hide, wouldn’t you, girl?”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

“Hmm,” he murmured, almost to himself. She felt his large hands on her cheeks, spreading them. Then she felt a long fingertip tracing down the middle of her pussy. To Riley’s shock and embarrassment, she was wet. Very wet. She’d not noticed it in her painful writhing, but somehow the heat in her ass had translated to ample lubrication of arousal flowing between her lips, coating Ethan’s fingers as he played a second one along with the first, stroking her wet mound.

She let out a little moan, almost afraid to express that it felt good. He was pleasuring her gently, and she was not sure why. She definitely didn’t think he was done with her just yet. A moment later, his finger spread her lips and found the glistening entrance of her body. Riley felt her lower stomach muscles contract as Ethan’s finger slid slowly inside her, her inner walls clasping him eagerly as he stirred the juices of her desire and then drew them out.

“Let’s see how obedient my girl can be,” he murmured, presenting his fingers to her mouth. “Lick them. Clean my fingers.”