From my WIP, Twilight Cowboy, Book Two:

Red zombies should be outlawed, really they should. All zombies have the power to be dangerous, but red zombies have a reputation for a particularly fearsome disposition – not to mention a ‘lock-jaw’ that means they don’t just bite you and infect you with festering bacteria, they bite you and infect you with festering bacteria and don’t let go. Ever. There are stories of people who have been let go from their jobs after being bitten by a red zombie because the zombie was scaring the customers.

What makes a zombie a red zombie? Some say they have wider heads and bigger jaws than other zombies. Some say they were originally been created by master vampires to fight other zombies. Most people couldn’t pick a red zombie out of a line-up of zombies, cabbage-patch dolls, and cans of tuna, but everybody knows that they are the most dangerous zombies in all the world, and that they should be shot on sight.

(Twilight Cowboy, Book One is here.)