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“Who sent you here, Kate?”

“I sent myself here.”

The lash trailed down her stomach and dipped between her thighs, the leather running along the slit of her sex.

“You insist on that lie,” he said. “But nobody can create a rift between the worlds on their own.”

“I can,” she said, her hips squirming as she looked into his eyes with a desperate gaze. “I’ve been working on it for a long time. The physics was settled before the war. It was just a matter of containing a smaller, more controlled reaction.”

His brows quirked and the tip of the leather performed a circle around her clit. “Why?”

It was almost impossible to remember, to concentrate, to form words, but she had to or she knew that the lash would return, possibly harder.

“I… ummmm… needed to see this place for myself.”


The lash slid lower, drifting over her inner thighs, back and forth like a sensual pendulum.

“I just had to,” she moaned. “I don’t… I can’t explain it. Please… you have to believe me.”

Perhaps it was the note of desperation in her voice that made the dragon drop the lash, but not the leash. He kept the latter firmly in his hand as he crouched down on the bed, his fingers tracing down her belly and stopping just short of her soft mound.

“You have come a very long way for something you can’t explain,” he murmured, caressing her prone body with a gentle, appreciative touch. He wasn’t giving up his line of questioning, she realized. He was just changing tactics. He had denied her all modesty physically, and he seemed to be just as intent on laying her mind bare as well.

She squirmed and moaned as his hand moved down further and cupped her sex, handling her with a mastery that left her weak to his charms. It was as though he had total claim to her body, his fingers tracing a gentle path between her lips, the folds of her sex flowering with the dew of her juices as he began to tease her, the lash in his other hand and now trailing across the underside of her breasts.

“I can’t think when you do that,” she murmured.

“I don’t want you thinking,” he replied. “I want you telling me the truth.”

“I have,” she moaned as he massaged her pussy, his middle finger finding the wet entrance of her body. “Oh, god… I have.”

“Hmm,” he mused, sliding his thick digit in slowly until it met the barrier of her hymen. “What is this, you are closed…”

“I haven’t been with a man before.”

The finger slid away and he looked at her with an expression of wonder and concern. “But you are mature…”


“How could you be untouched?”

“Not every woman has a partner,” Kate said, her hips arching almost instinctively toward his hand even though it was no longer between her legs.


“Because I had my work… making the portal. I had no time for men.”

“No time for men. And what of the men, they had no time for you? Such a beauty?”

“I’m…” Kate lowered her eyes. “I am not a beauty.”

The dragon’s brows lowered over his magnetic golden gaze and he ran his hand from beneath her breast, over the curve of her waist and hip.

“You are soft, you are curvy, you have delicate skin and lips which pout deliciously when you are unhappy. You are beautiful, Kate. Your men must be blind not to see that.”

“I’m usually wearing clothes too,” she said. “I don’t exactly dress to be noticed.”

“Not with me,” he said. “With me your body will rarely, if ever, be covered. I want to have your beauty on display.”

His hand slid back between her legs and she let out an appreciative little sigh. What had begun as an interrogation was turning into a slow seduction as the dragon lowered his head and began to explore her tied and leashed form with his lips and tongue, the former of which left traces of warm fire across her skin.

“I can’t stay,” she moaned. “I have to go back. You have to let me go.”

“That is out of the question.” His lips captured her nipple, his tongue playing against the pink bud as his fingertip plunged back between her lower lips, toying with the virginal entrance of her body with a sure touch.

“Please, you don’t understand…”

“I am a dragon, Kate,” he growled. “When I discover treasure, I keep it.”

His Pet Is Put In Her Place

“I think you have forgotten your place. I think it has made you anxious and guilty. I think I need to take some time to remind you. On your knees, pet.”


He pointed at the floor in front of the chair, and when she did not move, he reached out, took a big handful of hair at the nape of her neck and scruffed her down to the floor. In spite of her misery, a little smile appeared on her face. Vitomir’s handling always made her feel small, contained. He was right, she needed that now more than anything. He grasped her chin to make her look up at him, his golden eyes focused on her with dominant determination.


“But nothing. I don’t want your mind on anything or anyone beside me,” he said, keeping her chin firmly between his fingers. “Worry about pleasing me. Nothing else. Understand?”

His hand slid between her thighs, found her pussy and laid a light slap across her lower lips. “You’ve been quite the rebellious little thing lately. Punishment is in order.”

His fingers landed harder against her soft slit and she gasped, reaching down to grab his wrist.

“Uh uh, pet,” he chastised her. “Move your hand.”


“Move it.”

She whimpered and let his hand go. He pushed her legs further apart, rubbed her slit, then spanked her pussy again, his eyes fixed on hers as he punished her sex with swift little slaps that made her pussy swell with damp arousal.

“No matter what happens, you’re my pet,” he reminded her. “You are under my protection and I will not allow any harm to come to you.”

“I almost got shot out of the sky today,” she reminded him. “You can’t stop harm coming to me.”

“That’s true,” he admitted. “No matter how much I try to protect you from others, if you run into danger, I can’t stop it. Obviously I haven’t made enough of an impression on you about obedience.”

With that, Vitomir swept her legs up into the air and landed a slap on her bottom, holding her in a very embarrassing position with her knees almost at her chest as his palm whipped her cheeks.

“Okay! Okay!” she gasped and wriggled, though the position didn’t really allow for any movement at all. “I’m sorry, I am!”

“You’re sorry because I’m thrashing your bottom,” he said, his palm landing all the harder on her soft cheeks.

“I was sorry already! I promise! I was!”

Her cries did nothing. He had not punished her so thoroughly in a very long time, and Lilly had almost forgotten what it felt like to be pinned down and simply spanked like a naughty girl. Vitomir was thorough, covering every part of her bottom and even painting the backs of her upper thighs with swift punishing slaps.

“Owwwwwwwieee!” she gasped. “I’m sorry! I get it! I should have… owww!”

The spanking left her skin very hot and tight and sore, but the more he spanked, the more the little chalice between her raised thighs grew wet. She could feel her juices start to spill over the little dams of her lips and run down the crevice of her bottom and coat her inner thighs as she squirmed under his punishing hand.

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My Book Is Outside The Environment

Amazon’s been having some issues with their Kindle publisher’s platform, more specifically, their Author Central pages, where some books are in a sort of un-editable limbo. This won’t affect 99% of pretty much anybody, but having them deal with the issue, or rather, not so much deal with the issue has put me in mind of a certain Clarke and Dawe sketch

Author: “This issue with this book I’m having…”

Amazon: “You mean the one where you can’t change any of the details in Author Central? That’s not very typical, I’d like to make that quite clear.”

Author: “How isn’t it typical?”

Amazon: “Well, there’s a lot of these books being published all the time, and very seldom does anything like this happen. We don’t want people thinking our platform is unreliable and broken.”

Author: “Was it reliable on this occasion?”

Amazon: “I was more talking about the other occasions.”

Author: “The occasions where it works.”

Amazon: “Yes. The ones where it works.”

Author: “But why didn’t it work on this occasion?

Amazon: “Well, we’ve been trying new code, and the code broke the site.”

Author: “Is that unusual?”

Amazon: “Oh yeah. Pushing code to a live site without warning causing issues? Chance in a million!”

Author: “So the accusations that you’re breaking your site without regard for authors and publishers are ludicrous.”

Amazon: “Oh, absolutely ludicrous. This is a very reliable publishing platform.”

Author: “So what happened on this occasion?”

Amazon: “Well, it didn’t work on this occasion, by all means – but it’s very unusual.”

Author: “What are you doing to prevent further issues?”

Amazon: “We have very strict standards as to how code is implemented on our site.”

Author: “What kind of standards?”

Amazon: “Well, it has to be computer code, for starters. No Morse code, for instance. That’s right out. No smoke signals. No pigeon post. We’re very stringent.”

Author: “So when will this issue be fixed?”

Amazon: “One to two days at most. Four days. Maybe a week. Or two. In the meantime, your book has been towed outside the environment.”

Unrepentant Lady Meets Dominant Man

The walls of Englred were coming into view when Lady Varys hissed a curse word and pulled her mount to the side of the road. There were plenty of people and horses and carts milling around the outer bridges, but out of their number came a man on a black horse, riding like an arrow toward them with an intentionality that was apparent even over the mile or so between them.

Kelsie was sure that the rider was about to receive a bolt of lighting or some such elemental punishment, but instead Victoria allowed him to ride up to them without question, his horse skidding to a halt on four hooves with a well practiced quick stop.

“Madame Varys,” the man growled.

Victoria raised a delicately shaped brow at “Madame”.

“Leo Falkroy,” she said. “What do you want, boy?”

Kelsie had never seen anyone less like a boy than Leo Falkroy. He was a man, a tall broad man with steel gray eyes and thick black hair shorn close to his head. There was a light touch of gray at his temples, but he was not old by any means. He was in the prime of life. He wore toughened black leather armor studded with plate across the arms and shoulders, leggings to match, and tall plated boots that rose up to his knee. There was a tattoo on the back of his left hand, a regent’s falcon, wings spread. She couldn’t help but stare at it and wonder if he had any other markings on his strong body. The very thought made her blush and avert her eyes.

“You shouldn’t be here, Victoria.”

“There is nowhere I should not be,” the lady replied haughtily. “A sorceress does not ask permission to enter her own city.”

“Maybe not at the best of times, but this isn’t the best of times. There’s a warrant for your arrest and a bounty on your head.”


He shifted in his seat and rested his arm on the pommel, leaning forward to look her dead in the eyes with his steel gaze. When he spoke his voice was gruff.

“King Eldroy and his Queen Annabelle are furious with you. Especially Annabelle.”


“Ah? That is all you have to say, Victoria?”

“Do not lecture me, Leo,” she said waspishly. “We will go on to Velderton and I will attend to matters there.”

“I wouldn’t,” he said. “There are riders out looking for you. I’d turn back.”

“There’s nothing but shanties and wrecks from where we’ve come. And plenty of creatures I’d rather not subject myself to twice.”

“Annabelle has said she will have your head.”

Victoria made an annoyed sound. “I will go and speak with her.”

“I don’t think that’s wise.”

“Did I ask what you thought? Come with me if you are so concerned, and lend your sword if necessary. Otherwise, go on your way after whatever criminal you seek.”

His horse nickered and stepped in place, tail swishing with impatience. “You’re not understanding me, Victoria. You’re the criminal I seek.”

“You will not arrest me, Leo.”

“I will,” he said. “But I’ll give you a head start before I do.”

A playful smile appeared on Victoria’s lips. “I don’t have time for one of our games, Leo. Can’t you see I have a charge to attend to?”

He hadn’t seen Kelsie, any more than he had seen the broken fence post or the muddy ditch. She was part of the dirty background of the world, nothing compared to the beauty on horseback. Kelsie lowered her head so she couldn’t see him looking at her, if that’s what he was doing.

“This isn’t a game. The cuffs will be real this time,” he said gruffly. “Not illusions you can bat away when you decide you’re done being bound.”


At eighteen years of age, Kelsie of Kinleigh has nothing but a short and miserable life of poverty to look forward to. She is a peasant looked down on by the other peasants, clothed in rags and fed from the scraps of pigs.

Kelsie’s fortunes undergo a marked change when she is plucked from her little village by the sorceress Lady Victoria Varys. Victoria has plans for the innocent peasant girl – plans which are abruptly interrupted when an assassin named Leo Falkroy tracks them down with the intention of arresting Lady Victoria.

Lord Falkroy is a dangerous man. With a sword in his hand, he is second to none. He leads a life of rigorous discipline, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring that everything in his domain is firmly under control. He is educated, dominant and deadly – just as well, because Lady Varys is about to lead all of them into very big trouble.

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The Dragon Punishes His Pet

“Eyes on me, pet.”

She lifted her eyes to him and everything got a lot more simple. His golden gaze held her as he extended his fingers, another little morsel for her stomach. She took it without teeth and swallowed it down, still looking at him.

She needed him. He was like magnetic north, giving her some way to orient herself in this strange world where she was an enemy of the state. It was too big a burden for an eighteen-year-old to bear on her own. If not for him, she would have crumbled. She could never have stood being imprisoned alone for years. She could never have managed the solitude and isolation. His taking her had been a mercy of sorts, one she couldn’t yet bring herself to thank him for, but one she knew she owed him for.

“I won’t bite again,” she promised softly.

He quirked a brow and wiped his fingers on a napkin. “We will see, pet. Come up here.”

She slid up onto the bed, emitting a soft whimper as he took hold of her and guided her to lay face down across the soft coverlet. His hand ran down her back, over her lower cheeks and slapped her lightly. He seemed to be waiting for something, though she really didn’t know what. For long minutes, he spanked her gently, making her rear sting without making it really hurt.

A knock at the door drew Vitomir from the bed. There was some quiet murmuring at the door and then he returned, his hand full of leather straps with silver buckles and something else she couldn’t quite make out.

“Stay face down, pet,” he ordered. “Eyes front.”

She felt him move her hair out of the way, and then begin to apply the straps to her body, buckling them together so that they formed a lattice across her naked form. He rolled her from her front over to her back, lacing the straps around her breasts after the fashion of a very minimalist bra. When all was done, straps ran from her head and shoulders, around her breasts, down her stomach between her legs, and up the crevice of her rear. Every sensitive erogenous zone was touched by the harness, which culminated in a strap that ran between her teeth, effectively gagging her.

“That will keep my boots safe,” he murmured, tightening the straps until she felt held very snugly and secure. It was not clothing in any sense of the word, it did not cover, and as she squirmed beneath his touch, she felt the subtle way it rubbed her swollen pussy, the leather straps around her breasts holding them high, putting her pink nipples on display.

He toyed with them a little, teasing them into erectness before adding a little extra surprise—two little clamps that clipped over the buds, holding them quite firmly. She let out a gasp through the gag and put her hands up to stop him, but Vitomir tutted and swatted her hands away.

“Hands and knees,” he ordered. “Knees spread.”

Lilly took up the position with another little whimper of complaint. She did not know what was in store for her, but she knew it was unlikely to be pleasant. He had some twisted plan in mind; that much was obvious.

The straps across her bottom were pulled apart in such a way that they contrived to hold her cheeks spread open. She let out a groan through the gag as she felt the air on her sore pussy and the tight little bud of her ass.

“Look at that pussy,” he murmured. “You will need a day or so to recover, I think, pet. I’ve ravaged you quite thoroughly.”
His apparent mercy did not stop him from running his fingertip lightly over her clit, tapping it, then returning to his task. He took something from a drawer and a moment later, Lilly felt something cool and slippery slide against her bottom hole.

She was not sheltered. She knew what anal sex was. A tremor ran through her at the idea of taking a dragon there. He was far too big and she had never… she whimpered and pulled her hips away, only to be yanked back firmly by one of the straps, her bottom slapped firmly.

“Stay still,” he growled.

It was almost impossible to stay still as he started to work his finger against her bottom, pushing the lubricating oil against the tight muscle. Whenever she squirmed, he growled at her, spanked her butt, and returned to the task. It took several long minutes for him to breach the ring of muscle, at which point Lilly let out a loud whine and jerked away, unwilling to submit easily to this intrusion.

“It will only hurt if you stay so tense,” he said, spanking her again. “This is one finger. You will take much more than this. Breathe deep and relax your bottom.”

She growled and pulled harder away from him, attempting an escape across the bed. Not because it hurt, but because feeling her bottom hole being played with made her feel utterly and totally helpless. Did he truly think she would hold herself there and quietly let him just take her ass? There was nothing dirtier or more embarrassing than that.

Vitomir caught her by the harness and pulled her back down again. Now she was flat against the bed, her clamped nipples pressed against the coverlet as Vitomir pinned her by the back of the neck and spanked her in earnest, whipping her leather harnessed bottom hard and fast until she cried hot tears.

As she started to sob, he pulled the gag from her mouth and glowered down at her. “What is it, pet? Speak!”

“It hurts,” she whimpered.

“It hurts because you’ve been bucking and resisting and acting like a little brat,” he said. “What I was doing can feel very good if you don’t clench and flail.”

“You’re lying.”

“I have no reason to lie to you,” he growled. “You’re being disobedient.”

“You’re putting things in my butt!”

“I am,” he said, shaking his head as he held her firmly in place. “And you deserve every bit of it.”


When eighteen-year-old Lilly enters the Dragon Realm for the first time after years of training under the watchful eye of her outcast father, she immediately seeks vengeance against the ruler who banished him. To her shock and dismay, however, her plan is easily thwarted by the king’s most trusted ally, High Lord Vitomir, and Lilly soon finds herself stripped bare and helplessly restrained as she is interrogated and punished by her stern, handsome captor.

To atone for her crime, Lilly is given to Vitomir to be corrected and trained, and he quickly sets about teaching his new pet her place. She is made to wear a collar and tail, kept naked and on display in a cage, and punished in the most shameful ways imaginable whenever she dares to defy her new master. But despite everything, Lilly cannot deny her body’s response to Vitomir’s firm-handed dominance, and when he claims her at last she is left utterly spent and satisfied.

As she learns the truth about her father’s treachery, Lilly begins to realize the extent to which she has been lied to throughout her life. But when his scheming threatens to reignite the war between men and dragons, will Lilly be prepared to do whatever is necessary to stop him?

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The Ward of Falkroy

At eighteen years of age, Kelsie of Kinleigh has nothing but a short and miserable life of poverty to look forward to. She is a peasant looked down on by the other peasants, clothed in rags and fed from the scraps of pigs.

Kelsie’s fortunes undergo a marked change when she is plucked from her little village by the sorceress Lady Victoria Varys. Victoria has plans for the innocent peasant girl – plans which are abruptly interrupted when an assassin named Leo Falkroy tracks them down with the intention of arresting Lady Victoria.

Lord Falkroy is a dangerous man. With a sword in his hand, he is second to none. He leads a life of rigorous discipline, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring that everything in his domain is firmly under control. He is educated, dominant and deadly – just as well, because Lady Varys is about to lead all of them into very big trouble.

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