John Safran and Domestic Discipline

Spankings on international television? Sure!
Spankings on international television? Sure!

There’s no real need for words here. Suffice to say: John Safran (who I have adored ever since his breathtaking series John Safran vs God, check out this ‘Atheist Door Knocking’ experiment to learn more) spanks the gorgeous and hilariously high pain thresholded Kristen Condon in an effort to learn about Christian domestic discipline.

The Author As Drug Dealer

I do not take drugs, I am drugs’. – Salvador Dali

From the cold perspective of subway tokens, couch covers and evening television, books don’t seem to have much in common with drugs. But a good book is nothing but a written virus that plays with your synapses and, hacking your mind with words, causes the release of the chemicals that make you feel attraction, excitement, suspense, tension, relief, lust, perhaps even love.

People who buy romance do so in copious amounts. My mother’s collection of old Mills and Boon books numbers in the many hundreds and I dare say she is not alone. All romance follows the same formula with little tweaks here and there – as does all genre fiction. Why would anyone want to read the same story not once, but thousands of times, always the same story told with slight and subtle variations? For the same reason people will consume hundreds or thousands of cups of coffee or cigarettes or other mind altering substances over their course of their lives – because it makes them feel good.

A genre is nothing more than a subset of mind virus, a particular family of specific tales that are designed to make the reader feel a certain way. And feelings are, on a base biological level, nothing more than the interplay of the chemicals upon which our minds rest. A skillful author is only different from a chemist in that instead of formulating a physical drug for you to ingest orally or otherwise,  he or she uses combinations of words to trigger the chemistry of your mind.

Spanked Because You Want It

You’re only ever spanked because you want it.
Even if you’re wriggling and squealing and begging for clemency
It’s all because you want it.
It’s because you need to feel that hard thigh beneath your hips, firm when you dip and buck against it.
The sting rising to a crescendo that makes you squeak at such a high pitch only dogs can hear it.
It sinks through your flesh, finding its way to the places that tingle for all the right reasons.
And you’re held firm, an arm wrapped around your waist trapping you in what has become
The battlefield of contrition.
But it’s not me you’re fighting. It’s not me you fight when your toes drum against the carpet and you bite
your lip to stop yourself from whimpering out loud.
It’s you.
Because you want this. You want this heat. You want this hard line
Cracking against your cheeks with a sharp report that echoes around the room.
The spanking doesn’t end when you submit to me.
It ends when you submit to you.

Here There Be Dragon (Masters), Spanking Fantasy Novel Series by Nattie Jones

I’m still on holiday, but I’ve been meaning to review some spanking novels for some time now, so it’s a good time to start with The Land of Khys series by Nattie Jones, which is, without any exaggeration, one of the very best spanking novel series I’ve ever read.


Probably one of my favorite disciplinary fantasy world makers, Nattie Jones is a serious talent. Her Land of Khys books are rich and memorable, mostly because she manages to make fantasy elements seem gritty and oh so real. Lovers of ‘Alpha Males’ will adore the Dragon Masters, men who are masterful in and out of the bedroom. There are several female protagonists in the series, each of them with well developed characters and vivid personalities. My personal favorite comes in one of the later novels, but this is a series to be devoured from start to finish.

The Khys novels are spanking romances, but there is much more to the series than that. Khys is a world in which women subjugated by their very gender (girls are put on the ‘Choosing Block’ when they come of age, much like prime cattle) make their mark on the world in spite of their relative disadvantages. I love the way the author manages to create characters who can enjoy a certain level of submission (enforced by regular and very sound spankings) yet also act independently in ways that influence the course of the kingdom.

The phrase ‘strong alpha male’ is one bandied about a lot in romantic fiction and Nattie Jones has created heroines to match, strong, smart women who are worthy mates and adversaries. Anyone looking to immerse themselves in a world where a well spanked woman is the rule rather than the exception, where queens and urchins alike can find loving discipline at the hands of masterful men and where dragons soar should step into the Land of Khys.

If you want to dip your toe into the series without making too great a commitment, there is a 99 cent prequel, but anyone who loves M/F spanking romance is probably going to end up slam bang in the thick of the main books before you can say ‘spanked by a man who rides dragons’.

Spanked by the King

In case you wondered, yes, I’m still working on the Iskendar series :)

Iskendari Rebels

“You promised!” Kai growled with fury as Lucian wrapped his leather clad arm around her waist and hefted her up from the ground.

“I am the king. Your king,” he reminded her, his dark curtain of hair obscuring them both as Kai attempted to fight his will. It was a battle she was destined to fail as his gloved hand reached between her thighs, parting them so that she could be pinned between his legs more effectively, one leg trapped underneath his armored knee whist the other flailed uselessly.
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Fatal Erection

From the department of books that probably will never be penned…

People were talking already. Mrs Williams held court in the foodcourt, shovelling french fries into her rubber lipped mouth. “Did you see what Karen and Michael were doing in the park?” She nodded with satisfaction whilst maintaining a sneer of disgust. “It was huge… and so thick. You could barely wrap your hands around it.”

Michael and Karen are your average everyday couple. They pay their taxes, take their pet poodle to the groomers and show up to work on time. But on the weekends they enter a darker world. A world where the lights go off and their cute suburbanite clothes are swapped for rougher material that chafes in all the right places.

Like many other middle American couples hiding their real selves from the world, Michael and Karen belong to a largely misunderstood and thrilling subculture that places rigorous demands on their bodies and minds. Michael and Karen are secretly Amish and they’re ready to raise barns and break all the rules – the zoning rules, that is.

What these two amateurs don’t know is that they’re playing a dangerous game. There’s a new building inspector in town and he don’t take kindly to unplanned erections on his watch.

Will Michael and Karen capitulate to his demands for documentation? Or will one thrilling afternoon in the council planning department change all of their lives forever?