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(Oh yes, spanking poetry. That just happened.)

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Doctor Knows Best, Medical Spanking Erotica

Laura was beginning to lose her temper. Doctors were so arrogant, acting as if their grand diagnosis took precedence over everything else in the world. Dr Steven Foster was particularly offensive in that respect, standing there all tall and handsome with his slashing brows and his high cheekbones which suggested some form of Slavic descent. A medical Viking, Laura thought in a burst of rare fancy. Must be the medication they were pumping into her.

“Do I get my phone back? I promise I’ll be good.” She spoke in a tone of unmistakeable sarcasm.

One of those impossibly dark and well formed brows rose in her direction. “I’m not sure you know what good is. But I’m going to trust that you won’t use this again,” he said as he handed it back. “If I catch you, you’re in for a spanking.”

Laura looked from her phone to his face, ready to laugh, but there was no humor in his expression. Maybe it was just a deadpan joke. Probably. That didn’t stop little tendrils of excitement from zipping around her nether regions. He couldn’t possibly have predicted the effect his words would have on her, but he’d managed to inadvertently press one of her deepest, darkest little buttons.

“Blip beep.” The machine to her left made a little sound.

“What’s that?”

“It’s just an indication that your heart rate rose,” Dr Foster said. Now he looked somewhat amused. Slow horror sank in as Laura realized she was, for all intents and purposes, hooked up to a lie detector.

“Can we take these sensors and whatnot off?” She frowned. “It’s pretty clear I’m not in any imminent danger.”

“Not yet,” the doctor said. “Seems you still have some irregularities in your heart rate.”

“That wasn’t an irregularity,” Laura said. “That was… never mind. I don’t want these things on me.” She plucked one from her chest and removed it. They were not hard to take off, just a bit of sticky circular plastic. The machine let out an annoyed tone and the doctor reached over plucked it from her fingers and put it back in place, massaging the sticky circle back against her skin so close to her breast that the palm of his hand brushed it accidentally. Her pulse spiked once more, prompting the machine to blip and beep all over again.

“Stop that!” Laura swatted at his hand.

Dr Foster frowned at her. “I see you’re planning on being difficult,” he observed. “Well, Ms Lewis. You’re not the first recalcitrant patient I’ve had to deal with and you won’t be the last…”

She rolled her eyes. More lecturing.

“… but you might be the first one I take over my knee if you keep giving me that attitude.”

Her heart skipped a beat, the traitorous monitor beeped again and heat suffused her face. Dear god. He was looking at her with just a hint of a smile, though his eyes were still serious. Before that gaze, Laura was laid bare. He knew.


All hours are working hours for Laura Lewis, the youngest CFO in her company’s history, and she certainly isn’t going to let some chest pains and a stay in the hospital slow her down. Unfortunately, her overbearing and irritatingly handsome physician, Dr. Steven Foster, has other ideas. He confiscates her precious phone and threatens her with a spanking if he catches her working from her bed again. Intrigued, Laura tests him and quickly discovers that Steven is a man of his word. Her bare bottom is set stinging and a thorough scolding leaves her ego bruised and her heart aflutter.

When it comes time for Laura to be released, Steven orders her to take several weeks off work. Knowing his feisty patient is unlikely to follow her doctor’s orders, he also provides his phone number and promises to check up on her. It isn’t long before he learns that she has ignored virtually every instruction he gave her, and upon returning to her apartment after lunch together, he puts her over his lap and gives her the spanking she’s been needing her whole life.

Afterwards, Steven gives Laura a choice: she can go back to pretending to be an independent woman who doesn’t need any man, or she can give herself to him and explore the submissive desires she has hidden for so long, the ones that so often resulted in her locking her office door, raising her skirt, and playing out her private fantasies during working hours.

Laura agrees to put herself under the Steven’s care once more, and she soon finds that he is just as skilled a dominant as he is a physician. Work can’t wait forever though, and Laura and Steven find their world turned inside out when her company is accused of major financial crimes and she is set up to take the fall for the misdeeds of others. Will a jail sentence tear her away from her newfound love forever? And just how far will Steven prove willing to go to protect Laura and clear her name?

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Brats, Bodyguard and Bestsellers :)

A brat so spoiled it takes a bodyguard and a bounty hunter to handle her? That’s Fiona, the heroine of The Brat, the Bodyguard and the Bounty Hunter. This tale is an erotic menage adventure first released in April 2014, but now on sale!

It’s also an All Romance Ebooks bestseller! And they gave me a little digital sticker to prove it:

(It’s like the erotica author’s version of a sticker on a star chart and I am palpably stoked.)

Want to know more? The book is now on sale for $2.99!

“Fiona!” Harris called her out of her room. “We need to talk.”

She came, swishing a gold bangle about her wrist nonchalantly. “About?” She knew what the conversation was going to be about. She also knew it wasn’t going to just be a conversation, but she was playing dumb.

“About your behavior today.”

She gave him a curious look, tilting her head to the side. “What’s there to talk about?”

Harris decided to communicate more clearly, lest they spend the evening talking in circles. “What I actually meant was, I need to spank your bottom for smashing up a hotel room.”

She looked at him as if to say hotel rooms are there to be smashed up. “I’m sure they had insurance, and they charged me, remember? No harm done.”

“That’s not the point,” Harris said firmly. “The point is, you need to respect things that do not belong to you.”

“Everything belongs to me if I want it to,” Fiona replied. “I can buy anything I like. If I break it, I bought it,” she smirked at him.

“You’re not understanding my point, Fiona,” Harris said, giving her a hard scowl. “This isn’t funny. There are some things in life that aren’t replaceable.”

“Yeah, and they’re not left in hotel rooms,” she smarted back. “They practically expect you to break something.”

Harris rolled up his shirt sleeves. This was going to be quite a spanking, especially with Fiona’s unrepentant attitude factored in.

“I suggest you rein that tongue of yours in, little lady,” Tom drawled. “Your bodyguard is fixin’ to tan your behind.”

“Oh he is not,” Fiona said blithely. “I’m being nice.”

“You’re being nice now,” Harris said. “But you weren’t being nice earlier today.” He beckoned her over. “Come on now, let’s get this over with.”

Fiona wrinkled her nose. Harris watched her pretty blue and green eyes roaming from him to Tom and him to Tom again.

“Not with him here.”

“You’ve already been spanked in front of him once,” Harris said. “And the way you behave, you’ll probably be spanked in front of him and by him a whole lot more.”


When runaway heiress Fiona Fayrefield hires bodyguard Harris Kingsley to protect her from her meddlesome father, Harris decides that his job includes putting the spoiled twenty-four-year-old brat over his knee for a long, hard spanking when he feels it necessary. For the first time in her life, Fiona discovers that doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants, is no longer an option.

After her father sends ex-military bounty hunter Tom Waters to bring her home, events take an unexpected turn and the two men soon join forces to protect Fiona, to tame her rebellious ways, and to bring her more pleasure than she ever imagined possible. But when they learn that she has more skeletons in her closet than they were counting on, will her fortune come between Fiona and the loves of her life?

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A Student Is Spanked…*FREE* Spanking Erotica

In the informal budget stuffed environment of a university common room, a young lady is bottom up over an older man’s lap. Her hair is all askew, strands escaping their ties and pins to flail with the motion of her head. Her eyes are screwed closed as she opens her mouth to yowl. The reason for her distress is clear. His hand is sweeping down toward her bare bottom, red crested cheeks awaiting the impact of his palm.

She is being spanked.

The sound of her punishment is travelling through the halls, both the plaintive cries that escape her lips and the regular clapping sounds of the swatting that is impacting her cheeks. He has her firmly in hand, one arm around her slim waist, her hips propped over the hard ridge of his thigh. Her cheeks bounce with every slap, full rounds glowing beneath the skirt which is rucked up over her behind. Lacy panties are caught betwixt her shapely thighs, hobbling her as she squirms and wriggles in place.

It might be tempting to feel sorry for her. Her cries seem to indicate that she is sorry, and the way she drums her toes on the carpet is a sure sign that the heat burning in her nether regions is reaching explosive temperatures.

What has this sweet girl done to deserve this punishment? And what will the mean man do once he has finished tanning her hide? Read on, dear reader, read on…


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Examining A Bottom… Medical Erotica Pet Play

“I don’t want to be sold,” she said, speaking her mind.

“That’s good,” Kade said. “Because you, my pet, are not for sale.”

Thoroughly confused, Sierra took a long drink of wine. It did not solve her confusion, but it did make her less concerned by it.

“If you’re not here to buy me, then what are you here for?” The wine had made her bold. It had also made her arousal spike. Something about Dr. Charles elicited an animal response in her—not the same as Kade, but equally as powerful. When she looked into his eyes, she felt something meaningful inside herself.

“I was also hoping to perform a more thorough exam this evening,” Charles said. “It’s been a long time since you received proper medical care, Sierra.”

“What does a more thorough exam mean?”

“This may embarrass you, but it means I need to examine your genitals,” Charles said. The words were clinical, but the look in his eye was not. “You’ve likely never been examined there, I imagine.”

“Kade has examined me,” Sierra said. “But I don’t think he’s a doctor.”

“No,” Charles chuckled warmly.

“Come and lie down on the couch,” Kade said, patting his lap. “Put your head here.”

Sierra bit her lower lip for a moment, then did as she was told. She was far too curious not to. The notion of Dr. Charles looking between her thighs, touching her intimately was far too appealing to pass up.

Kade stroked her hair gently as Dr. Charles’ warm, strong hands pushed her feet up toward her bottom and then spread her thighs. Her right leg was pressed against the back of the couch, her left against the cushion, her pussy and bottom spread wide for him. It was an extremely vulnerable position, one that left her without any modesty at all. Somehow that didn’t matter with Dr. Charles kneeling between her spread legs.

“Look at me,” Kade murmured.

She met his gaze, her face flushing bright red with excitement and a little embarrassment as Dr. Charles’s fingertips grazed over her inner thigh. She flinched at his touch, and in response he made a soothing sound.

“This isn’t going to hurt,” he reassured her. “Try to relax.”

Sierra was not worried about pain. She was worried about the way she was already responding to his touch. She was lying in the lap of the man she had mated with whilst another stroked her lower lips in a way that did not seem overly medically relevant. He took one outer lip and ran his thumb and forefinger gently along the length of it, then repeated the treatment on the other.

“An excellent response,” he murmured. “You’re very wet, Sierra.”

As he said the words, he let two fingers slide into her pussy. This was surely not purely a medical exam. This was a personal exploration, and Sierra was more than willing to succumb to it as Dr. Charles gently slid his fingers in and out of her hot wet channel. His thumb brushed against her clit, making her hips buck. He nodded and removed his fingers, leaving her needful and still soaked.

“Very good,” he said, the expression in his dark eyes approving and lustful. Sierra looked from Dr. Charles to Kade and saw the same expression on both their faces. Her pussy quivered as she sensed their intentions.

“Turn over,” Dr. Charles said. “I want to examine your bottom too.”

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Caged by a neglectful master, Sierra dreams of the freedom she had in the wilds, far from the city-dwellers who use women with wild genes as hunting pets. When her inept owner tires of her biting him, he brings her to Master Kade, a specialist trainer. Upon seeing her pitiful state, Kade confiscates Sierra from the fool who mistreated her and takes her as his own.

From the moment Sierra lays eyes on Kade, she’s sure of two things: the muscular, scarred man carries the same wild gene she does, and just as importantly, he is used to getting his way. Sierra has no intention of being trained without a fight, but she soon learns that her new master is more than ready to make her obey, even if that means a hard spanking on her bare bottom. As much as she resists him, Kade quickly proves he can be gentle as well as firm. Being in his arms makes Sierra feel safe, and when he takes her to his bed she finds herself satisfied in a way she has never felt before.

Her training reaches a new level when Kade allows his best friend, a doctor, to thoroughly, intimately examine his pet, leaving her blushing with shame yet helplessly aroused. Doctor Charles is everything Kade is not—debonair, educated, and a model citizen—yet Sierra finds herself irresistibly drawn to his quiet dominance. Between Kade’s wild appeal and Charles’ calm allure, Sierra isn’t sure where her future lies, until she discovers that while a pet cannot serve two masters, she can be shared by them.

A Short Leash is now available on Amazon! Click here :D

Collared and Spanked…

Sierra doesn’t want to wear her collar, but Master Kade won’t brook disobedience from his naughty pet. As much as she tests him, she finds him equal to the task of taking her in hand. This excerpt is from A Short Leash.

Over the following weeks, Sierra regained much of her strength. Frequent meals, plenty of rest and an abundance of care transformed her completely. Just one month after her arrival she had put on weight, her skin was clearer, her eyes were brighter and her hair was so shiny and healthy she couldn’t help but admire it at every opportunity.

Master Kade had kept her confined indoors, something she had not minded at first for she had not had the energy to go running about anyway, but as her strength returned, so did her native curiosity and her desire to explore his compound.

“Before we go out,” he said after she begged for the umpteenth time. “You’re going to have to wear this.” He held out a thin strap of leather with a dark circle attached to the center and a fastener on one end. She knew instantly what it was, and she did not want anything to do with it.

“No more collars,” she said, shying away.

“I know you don’t want to wear one,” Kade said with some sympathy. “But I promise you will only wear it when you’re out. The moment you come home, the collar comes off.”

“No.” Sierra was not often defiant, or stubborn, but she found both traits at her disposal when confronted with the thick black band he wanted to put around her neck. She put her hands to her neck and shook her head emphatically. “No collars.”

“Don’t be naughty, Sierra,” he said, his tone cajoling. “A collar is sometimes a necessity. If you’re wearing this and you get lost, I will be able to find you.”

“You mean if I run into the wilds you’ll be able to find me,” she said, screwing up her nose. “I don’t want to wear a collar.”

“This isn’t optional,” he informed her. “And this isn’t a collar like your old owner put on you. It’s much lighter and much more comfortable. You won’t notice it once it has been on for a few minutes.”

“No!” Sierra took further refuge in refusal.

“Well in that case,” Master Kade said. “You can go to your room and you can stay there. I wanted to take you out around the compound today, but if you’re going to be a brat, I won’t bother.”

Sierra bit her lower lip. “But I want to go out.”

“Then you have a choice. Wear the collar and go out. Or go to your room until it is time to eat.”

They had just eaten, so it was not going to be time to eat for another four hours. That meant four hours of daydreaming and napping instead of going out where the plants and the wild winds were. Or maybe… maybe she could go to her room and then go out anyway. The doors of Master Kade’s home were not locked, so far she had stayed indoors only because he told her to. She had been a good, obedient little pet, but that was going to change if he insisted on putting that collar on her.

“I can practically hear you thinking, Sierra,” he said. “Go to your room and scheme there. Perhaps this afternoon you will be in a better temper.”

Sierra went to her room as he had told her. There was little point in directly defying Kade, but indirect defiance was always an option. Once in her room she dressed in the best sneaking around clothes she had. She had long ago discarded the silk clothes the citizen had provided her with and instead wore what Kade had on hand, of which there was rather a lot. She selected a green tunic and dark underwear, eschewing pants altogether. Then she opened her door, went to her belly and began crawling across the floor. In such a fashion she could move practically silently and she did so all the way down the hall and through the living room. She did not know where Kade was, but she kept an eye and an ear out for him as she went, face pressed flat to the carpet as she listened for his steps.

“OW!” Sierra screeched as a hand came down across her bottom hard. She looked up and saw Kade towering over her. How he had moved so silently was a mystery to her, but was probably just one of his hunter tricks.

“This is not your room,” Master Kade said. “Naughty girl.”

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